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im not liking it where I live, freaking cockroaches :( kinda still cold for me, but I rather live in a diy shelter in the woods right now :)
Cockroaches, United Airlines, and Verizon are my enemies. For cockroaches, mix some sweetened condensed milk (from a can) with powdered borax. Get it to where it's crumbly and sprinkle that shit wherever those bastards hang out. They'll take it home and almost all will die within a week. Canned milk and borax are cheap and you should be able to get both at the dollar store. Make sure the borax isn't some blend of other chemicals. Good luck!!!
Loaded 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a rat onto a Cadillac grainer outta Kirby yesterday. Yeeehaw! NOLA bound. Anyone with info outta Englewood Yd. In Houston would be much appreciated*
Looking for someone or a group to travel with and show me the ropes. Total newbie
Matt Derrick
Matt Derrick
Welcome to the community! There's a lot to learn here, so do your research, and don't forget the search engine! If that fails you ask the community and we'll do our best to help you!