rainbow gathering

  1. Slnk

    Northeast/Maine Gathering

    I've decided not to head to Nationals this year in order to extensively explore the northeast region of the U.S and am curious if there is any information on the gatherings in the Northeast region. Trying to get in the woods with some folks and kick it for a short bit. Thanks homies.
  2. Grungebabi

    Help toad bond out of jail and reunite with his dog!

    https://www.gofundme.com/help-bond-toad-out *** his Username is @Toadandspur Toad was helping set up for nationals in Lumpkin County area of Georgia and the cops were trying to break it up essentially and gave him bullshit misdemeanor tickets for tags, no license. If you know anything about...
  3. spiritflowering

    Washington Regional September 2017

    West coast family! Two sisters one cat traveling through Washington right now hoping to find some info on washingtons regionals this september. My road dog said something about it being postponed and we cant find any current information online. Any help is appreciated I'm sure there are other...
  4. rhummer92

    Looking for Rainbow Gathering info Aug/Sep/Oct 2016

    In Florida , looking for information on event locations and ranges on dates, in Florida , US currently. Looking for family . Thanks