1. Batsy

    Guide to the Bay Area DIY music scene

    I’ve been involved with the Bay Area (CA) scene for almost 10 years now. I’ve sent the following info to a number of friends in the past as they’ve visited and asked where to find shows, so I figured I’d make one big post here for anyone looking to get involved with the scene or at least catch...
  2. BlackJack

    Guide / Tutorial Knot Making

    Took an educated guess on where to post this and landed here. Forgive me if this is the wrong place. If you're a visual learner, like myself, here is a useful website that shows you how to tie a wide variety of knots. The best part is that it's all gif videos, which is extremely helpful...
  3. marymemarryme

    Book Steal This Book (v3) Throughout the 1960's and 70's, Abbie Hoffman criss-crossed the country, ferreting out alternative ways of getting by in America—some illegal and all radical. Causing scandals with its advice on how to Survive!, Fight!, and Liberate! in the “prison that...
  4. hedgehoggey

    Squatting Guide 2023 (Netherlands/General)

    Hello! I feel there is a lack of information on how to squat in Europe so here is a valuable guide for free. Much like France and Belgium, the Netherlands has vibrant squatting culture. There are "cultural freezones" aka squats that are sort of recognised by the government (but also not...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Website Updates The website rules have been completely rebuilt, including a guide for new users!

    Hey folks, so I've consolidated all our rules, terms of service, and community guidelines into one page located here: Going forward, this will be the one spot everyone need to look at to understand what's expected of our...
  6. Matt Derrick

    Seeking Help Seeking Community Input on the 2nd Edition of the Anarchist's Guide To Travel

    Update 04-07-2022: Hey folks, just a quick note to let you all know that while my job really threw a wrench into getting this book done, I've resumed editing and chapters 1-5 (out of 13) are finished. I'm shooting for a finish date of July 1st 2022. Thank you to everyone that has helped with...
  7. Kikin

    Question How does the anarchist's guide to travel compare to the vagabond bible?

    Has anybody bought Matt’s book an anarchists guide to travel and if so is it worth using over the Vagabond Bible 2018?
  8. Ceannairc

    Featured A Vagabond Travel Punk Guide to Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has a population of about 500,000. It’s a perennially popular tourist attraction, with visitors drawn by the city’s dramatic architecture, its vibrant cultural life and fascinating history. The city is home to the famous Fringe Festival, loads of cool...
  9. Matt Derrick

    My guide to Austin, Texas

    Austin Texas is another one of those cities I never thought I would have spent as much time in as I have, but overall I'm glad I did. It's a great town overall that's easy to find work in, making it a great place to save up money between travels. Unfortunately there's not a lot of punks or other...
  10. MatatuPuncher

    Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care

    @MatatuPuncher submitted a new file to the library: Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care - Field Guide to First Aid Click here for more info!
  11. MatatuPuncher

    Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

    @MatatuPuncher submitted a new file to the library: Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival - Wilderness survival Click here for more info!
  12. Bobbyeves

    Me: a comprehensive guide

    I’m Bobby or Robert , 33. I did a lot of dwelling and train hopping back in the day and kind of hung it up and went to the normal world until a really cool opportunity arose which I couldn’t refuse. now I travel the east coast from top to bottom and soon to be entire country running antiques...
  13. Matt Derrick

    #06 - Matt Derrick & Cornelius Vango

    Link: Previous guest Cornelius Vango turns the tables and this time it's my turn to answer the questions on this week's episode of the StP podcast! I cover a host of subjects, including my book, future plans for StP related projects (including the Dirty Scouts...
  14. croc

    Featured The Anarchist's Guide To Travel... ing with a rat

    In April I rescued a baby rat with the intention of finding her another home. I've had rats while housed up but traveling with one seemed like more responsibility than I'd prefer. Rats typically do best in pairs or groups but since she was a baby and with me 24/7 she adjusted just fine. Within a...
  15. ChaoticallyCrazed

    Featured A Quick Guide to Faking a Service Dog

    So I totally posted this elsewhere before, but I've not seen much of anything like this here, and I've seen several questions by people asking about how to make it seem like their dog is a service dog, so here you go. It's edited a bit, if you've seen this before. Now before I start off, I'd...
  16. Dameon

    Featured From Zero to Sailor: A Quick Guide

    5 years ago, everything I had fit in a pack. I decided I was tired of hopping trains and hitching, and wanted to become a sailor. Practically everybody told me it was impossible (except, ironically enough, actual sailors). I had never set foot on a sailboat in my life. I had no money, and boats...
  17. Matt Derrick

    "The Anarchist's Guide to Travel" is now available!

    If you've been curious about unplugging from normal society and seeing what it's like to travel the open road, you probably did some searching and somehow or another ended up here on the Squat the Planet (StP) website. This website has a ton of useful information; if you're willing to dig long...
  18. blue ant

    On-ramp Responses: a Smartass's Guide

    Herein lies an attempt to catalog the various reactions a driver projects through their windshield as they encounter a hitchhiker on their favorite on-ramp. I'll probably expand this, if you guys don't do the job for me. Might also add drawings, if it's fun enough to draw. The "Resting Bitch...
  19. A

    Wheatpaste Tutorial

    Looks like I may be taking my art to the street soon so I wanted to share this info I found over at bombing science. Its an art website just to be clear. There s no actual bombs. So, you wanna know all about wheatpasting huh? Well heres how it is....wheatpaste is pretty much a glue made by...
  20. S

    guide to traveling in the uk

    INFO FOR TRAVELING IN THE UK .RAVE SCENE Quite big in the UK even if you are not into techno it's worth checking it out. How to get involved go to legal raves make friends / conections quite a lot of legal ravers go to illegal raves aswell . Facebook message closed techno groups in the UK...
  21. Matt Derrick

    Featured The StP guide to Bike Touring

    I'm posting this guide with the hopes that those reading it will give me input to make it better and point out flaws and gaps in the guide. Please see the first reply for more info! What is Bike Touring? Bike punk is just the clever name we’ve given to bike culture as it relates to the punk...
  22. Koala

    Melbourne Squatting Guide 2010

    From Melbourne Squatters Guide Melbourne Squatters Guide 2010 What Is Squatting? Squatting is the act of making use of disused and abandoned property. It allows people who cannot otherwise afford to rent or purchase a house or building to put an empty one...
  23. D

    this wasn't covered in the hitchhikers guide

    Hey fellow miscreants. I'm out wandering the galaxy with no friends and only a mild idea of what I'm doing. looking for friends, love, fun, purpose, answers, a destination, and advice. the best the best I have ever gotten is "it's a tough universe, if you're going to survive out here you need...
  24. Slingshot Collective

    MIT Guide to Lockpicking

    Slingshot Collective submitted a new file to the StP library: MIT Guide to Lockpicking - By Ted the Tool Click here for more information on this file.
  25. gracius

    Some Squatting resources

    Here are some zines and resources you may have come across but they should be on here! 1) Its Vacant Take it! The San Francisco 'Homes not Jails' squat manual. Useful techniques and methodology but with research resources somewhat specific to SF...
  26. Slingshot Collective

    Ours: Homes Not Jails Building and Land Occupation Guide

    Slingshot Collective submitted a new file to the StP library: Ours: Homes Not Jails Building and Land Occupation Guide - squatting Click here for more information on this file.
  27. Matt Derrick

    7 Hitchhiking Tips to Get You On the Road

    I thought this might be helpful for some of the people out there that are new to the idea of hitchhiking.
  28. Matt Derrick

    Things I Wish I Knew | Hitchhiking Tips & Advice

    Some great hitchhiking advice from @HippieGangster; It's nice to see more StP'ers making videos!
  29. Matt Derrick

    Featured Squat the Planet's Ultimate Gear Guide

    The following article was taken directly from my book, The Anarchist's Guide to Travel. If you enjoy it, check out the book for more information that will help to you live a nomadic lifestyle. Gearing Up What you take on a journey depends on two things. How you plan on getting to your...
  30. Matt Derrick

    Guide / Tutorial The Vagabond's Guide to Buying Shit Online

    So, before anyone gets on my case for writing about how to shop online, I want to make it clear that this article addresses something we've all had to do at some point in our lives, it's simply the reality of our generation. I am not advocating for consumer culture; in fact I am discouraging the...
  31. landpirate

    A guide to communal living in Britain

    I had totally forgotten about this website until i just rediscovered it. Diggers and Dreamers is a website with information about intentional communities, volunteering opportunities and housing co-ops all around Britain, that are looking for new members.
  32. DoctorApocalypse

    Bushcraft: The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness

    boyofmetal submitted a new file to the downloads area: Bushcraft - The Ultimate Guide to Survival in the Wilderness - A wilderness survival guide. Click here to learn more about this file...
  33. kecleon

    What to pack - Guide & photos

    This isn't especially relevant to train hopping, but its the basics that work for most situations. I'm in Europe. I've traveled through most all of western southern and eastern Europe, some of Russia and Mongoliaa, Turkey a little of north Africa all by hitch hiking, fare dodging, a lot of...
  34. landpirate

    MIT Guide to Picking Locks

    landpirate submitted a new file to the downloads area: MIT Guide to Picking Locks - An indepth guide on how to pick locks Click here to learn more about this file...
  35. Traveler

    The Woodwright's Guide

    Traveler submitted a new file to the downloads area: The Woodwright's Guide - A how-to guide for woodworking. Click here to learn more about this file...
  36. Traveler

    Edible Wild Plants - A North American Field Guide

    Traveler submitted a new file to the downloads area: Edible Wild Plants - A North American Field Guide - Edible Wild Plants - A North American Field Guide Click here to learn more about this file...
  37. Traveler

    Field Guide to Freshwater Fish

    Traveler submitted a new file to the downloads area: Field Guide to Freshwater Fish - Field Guide to Freshwater Fish Click here to learn more about this file...
  38. Raging Bird

    John McAfee's Guide to Third World Travel

    John McAfee designed the McAfee Anti-Virus Software that comes on all laptops before going batshit crazy, murdering someone in Belize, and fleeing a protracted manhunt to settle in the Montreal Art Scene. Here is his guide to third world travel:
  39. E

    Free shit (SAS Survival Guide, Survive!)

    Giving away my extra copies of these books. Both are great for basic wilderness survival skills in any climate. Pick em up in Toledo before I move out in the next week or so. Wont accept any money or barter for them. Just don't want to lug them around anymore since I've read the shit out of...
  40. Weston

    InfoSecurity Tek: Complete True Crypt Tutorial by Verto

    This is an article re-posted from the deep-web - I simply cut and pasted it and it is not my original work. Credit goes to Hannibal for writing and Verto for making public - if you find Verto's lair in the deep web much respect to you. I covered up parts talking about what type of crime this...
  41. A

    Dirt bagging it: Traveling on the cheap, A simple guide.

    To start off with, I will let you in on a few hiker secrets: 1. Your gear doesn’t get you to Katahdin. Of course if you aren’t going to Katahdin, the same rule still applies for wherever you are going. Your motivation and determination get you there. Don’t sweat the gear as much as those two...
  42. Z

    Edible plants guide?

    does anyone have any reccommendations for a comprehensive guide to wild plants that can be eaten/used to make coffee, cereals, teas, etc? there's one by peterson that covers the eastern US that was very thorough but are there any that cover all of the us?
  43. Matt Derrick

    Read This First! The Complete Guide to Using StP

    Welcome! Hey there! I'm Matt Derrick, the creator of StP. I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Squat the Planet website and thank you for taking the time to sign up and join our community. There's a fantastic amount of information available here, so I've designed this...
  44. happyearthhomes

    cheap wind turbine how to guide

    Dont know if this has been posted or seen b4 but i thought it was cool an informative it can even be portable with a van or rv
  45. 1

    Free Wild Edibles Field Guide!

    Printable and pocket-sized! Just 2.print out on oneside, turn over in printer and print on backside. 3.cut and bind! These guides are the same size as a credit card and are meant to be traded as an alternative currency...InfoCurrency!
  46. crampicide

    handy herbal-remedy guide

    In my travels and just use in general, i find herbal remedies to be much more effective and healthy way to remedy pretty much any and all aliments. they are also inexpensive, and if you live in certain areas, they grow wild. ill work on adding more info on that too. (: Here are just a few very...
  47. E

    Visual Guide: US Budget 2009

    I first saw one of these done for the US 2004 Budget, I really like these sorts of things, when you have the stupidly large numbers such as only economics can produce then a sense of scale is great. By the way this image is 2MB and 3500 × 2334 pixels so some PC's may chug abit when opening it...
  48. U

    What is the US equivalent to Canadian Trackside Guide

    I searched all through this website and did not find any thing about trackside guide or other rail way books. Does any one use either trackside guide, or the US one "cant find the title. If so any real comments on it. It list all the mile markers, stations, wheel detector, axil count detectors...
  49. Dameon

    Hitchiking Guide

    From a man with a whole 2000 miles under his belt! Always carry $100 and bank cards with you, and remember, never ever get in a car that smells like weed!
  50. C

    SAS survival guide this is a download link for the british special air service wilderness survival manual. it's got emergency survival tips for all sorts of scenarios. enjoy.