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Website Rules

This is a public website and while we encourage the free flow of information and ideas, we also ask that you follow a few basic rules. By viewing or participating on this website, you agree to the rules as stated herin.

  • Search Before Posting - Details on how to search for content before creating a thread about that subject.
  • No Hate Speech - Here you'll find our hate speech policy for the community.
  • No Flaming or Trolling - An explanation of what constitutes flaming and trolling on StP.
  • No Sexual Harassment - Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on StP. If you feel you've been the victim of this kind of harassment please contact the staff and we will deal with the offender as quickly as possible.
  • No Posting Spam - What happens when you post content that is purposefully wasteful of the community's time.
  • Read All Sticky Threads - Why you should read the sticky threads in each forum area before posting.
  • Multiple Accounts - Instead of creating multiple accounts, we ask that you edit your current account instead. If you need assistance changing your username, email, etc please contact a staff member.
  • Three Strikes Policy - This page explains how our warning system works when you break the website rules.
Your Account

This is where you can find information about editing your account information and preferences.

Using the Forums

This is where you'll find information on using the website to participate in the community.

  • Using the Search - This page describes how to use the various search options so you can find the content you're looking for.
  • User Tagging - How to tag other users so they will receive an alert notifying them of the content they were tagged in.
  • Username Colors - Explains what the different username colors represent.
  • Reporting Content - This page describes how to report content that may be violating our community guidelines.
  • Posting Videos - How to place videos in your posts so they automatically embed for easy viewing.
  • Posting Photos - Here you can learn the various ways of placing photos in your posts.
  • Thread Prefixes - How to add tabs to the threads you're creating to let users know what kind of content it contains.
  • Editing Your Content - How to edit or remove content you've posted previously.
  • Smilies - This shows a full list of the smilies you can insert when posting a message.
  • BB Codes - The list of BB codes you can use to spice up the look of your messages and add content like pictures, embed video, etc. This page shows a list of all BB codes that are available.
Private Messages

How to use the private messaging system we have here on StP.

  • Starting a Conversation - How to send private messages to other users of the website.
  • Inviting Others - How to invite other users to a conversation you've already started with someone else.
  • Marking Items Read/Unread - How to mark messages read or unread without having to click on them to view the content.
  • Message Participants - How to tell who's been invited to a private conversation you're participating in.
  • Message Viewed - How to tell when someone has viewed the message you've sent them.
  • Kicking Users - How to kick someone out of a conversation you're having. Kicked users are blocked from replying.
  • Deleting Conversations - How to delete conversations in your inbox.
Chat Room

How to use the various functions available in our live chat room.

  • Chat Sounds - How to turn the chat room sounds on and off.
  • Chat Position - How to change where the live chat room appears on the website.
  • Chat Options - How to change the various chat room settings and what each setting does.
File Library

How to upload files to the file library here on StP.

Privacy & Your Content

Our privacy goals and how we treat content you've posted on the website.

  • Our Privacy Policy - This is our policy on the privacy of our users and their data.
  • Cookie Usage - This page explains how this site uses cookies.
  • Search Engines - Details on what parts of the website are indexed by search engines, and which are not.
  • Content Removal Policy - This page describes our content removal policy and who to contact in the event you need something removed from this website.
  • Warrant Canary - Our warrant canary statement.