1. Daisy sits in an abandoned passenger train car filled with graffiti

    Daisy sits in an abandoned passenger train car filled with graffiti

    I took this picture of Daisy after we hiked out to this set of abandoned train cars out in the mountains of southern California.
  2. Matt Derrick sit in an abandoned passenger train car

    Matt Derrick sit in an abandoned passenger train car

    @Daisy took this picture of me after we hiked out to this set of abandoned train cars out in the mountains of southern California.
  3. Coywolf

    All California National Forests Closed - Worst Fire Season on Record

    InciWeb - Fire Incident map Forests Closed - LA Times All National Forests in CA are currently closed to to an un-fucking-precidented fire season. I'm a Firefighter, and this shit is terrifying. DO NOT HAVE FIRES in the woods right now. I cant stress that enough. The country is *literally*...
  4. existnchill

    Overnight Parking In California? COVID 2020

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where one could stay in California while covid 19 safety precautions are in order. Are any parks or campgrounds open in Los Angeles or anywhere is Southern California? Has anyone gone to the beach lately? I know there are many vanlifers in Cali...
  5. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 5)Photos 

    I awoke at around 7am in the basement of a house that my friend Tiff had been renting. It was almost cozy enough to fight off the call of another day on the road. Almost. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I super didn't want to take a fucking bus all the way to Las Vegas. I...
  6. sgtpickles

    My PCT Thru Hike ExperienceFeatured 

    (INTRO) --- I posted a thread in the trainhopping forum last week and mentioned my experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail introducing me to this community of vagabonds, travelers, wanderers, and free spirits. Several hours later I got a response from a fellow member recommending me to...
  7. PaperTea

    Appalachian traveling western America - Hello!

    I am new here and still kind of new to traveling on my own. I was born in Tennessee and spent most of my life there. I am traveling with a wheeled luggage bag for my laptop, my cameras, etc. And a shoulder bag with a few shirts and a coat. I've couchsurfed, stayed in hostels and airbnb, slept...
  8. Taming the Tiger

    Fastest/Best Routes, Chico to Los Angeles?

    Hey folks. Well, I’m coming close to the end of my first ever hitching trip. It’s been a hell of a ride; I went up the west coast from Palm Springs through Santa Barbara, SLO, Big Sur, the Bay, Arcata, Coos Bay on the 1 and 101, then up to Portland, back down to Eugene, Roseburg, Dunsmuir, and...
  9. Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    So, after a few days stuck in Fresno, CA. this idea came to me. It worked! Don't expect much love on I-5 between Bakersfield and Sacramento. Ya gotta get creative! Made the ticket money and a bit extra before the cops ran me off.
  10. Old Sacramento

    Old Sacramento

    Met up with some online buddies and they showed me around Old Sacramento.
  11. Needles, California

    Needles, California

    Nothing special to most people. I was just excited because Needles and Barstow are mentioned in a song by the band CLUTCH. After being stuck a few days, a truck driver actually gave me my next Barstow! Ha!
  12. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  13. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  14. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  15. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  16. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful
  17. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful.
  18. Cabazon Dinosaurs in California

    Cabazon Dinosaurs in California

    On my way to Joshua Tree, I stopped in here to see the famous Dinosaurs!
  19. Cabazon Dinosaurs in California

    Cabazon Dinosaurs in California

    On my way to Joshua Tree, I stopped in here to see the famous Dinosaurs!
  20. keystone

    traveling the west coast, hitching Washington, Oregon and Cali

    any advice, tips, possible meetups for traveling this time of year? heading south, I'm a 22 year old newbie. -thanks, peace and love
  21. rando

    My First Hop (Where my Real Travels Began) Part One

    After attempting to walk to the furthest east edge of Bakersfield from downtown, about a ten mile walk, I awoke the next morning in an undeveloped lot. The previous night was cold but I was certainly warm between my fluffy dog and heavy, zero degree sleeping bag. The morning sun woke me, an...
  22. cherryb0mb


    So we’re stuck in Oklahoma. Our Explorer is in the shitter and needs $800 worth of repairs plus the $700 we already put in that shit shoe. We keep the Explorer for sleeping space which is very helpful traveling with our two furry kiddos. BUT winter is almost passed and we need to get the fuck...
  23. thegrapsman

    Gas bikes in Cali?

    So I've never actually traveled but I'm currently couch surfing in the city and am absolutely sick of it, I was thinking about getting a gas bike and touring through California. I know some gas bikes arent street legal but some are? I also read that if it doesn't go more than 20mph you don't...
  24. Josh Rogue Carden

    Time to get on the road.

    Me and my girl are tired of florida and all the shit that goes on here. We are looking to travel. Destination is Cali but we also want to enjoy the journey. I am new to this and so is she so we want to travel with a group that we can learn from. We are both fun, crazy (the good kind) and weird...
  25. Matt Derrick

    #08 - Adventures in Squatting with Homes Not Jails

    Link: This week we'll be speaking with Wren and Stix as they recall some of their previous work opening abandoned buildings for squatters in the San Francisco bay area. The StP podcast is a weekly series discussing various topics related to underground travel and...
  26. beginnavagabond

    Best places to visit in California during the winter

    I'm working in the Colorado Rockies until Mid-November and I was planning on visiting NorCal in the winter and I wandered what were some good places for travellers to check out. I've wanted to see Monterey, Eureka, and Arcata but I would love some more suggestions. I will be mostly hitching. Thanks!
  27. beginnavagabond

    Living alone in wilderness but nearby civilisation

    I've heard all about how if you decide to go to the wild you should partner up with people to ensure survival which I totally agree with. If I were to do it alone, is there a place I can live nearby a town just in case I need outside help and would that be a good idea? I was wondering about...
  28. CreatureOftheNight

    Hullo celestial fellows & girls & beings!

    Howdy howdy! I'm creature, I'm a young & awkward son of a h*ck, I'm looking to find a road dog. I'm pretty new to traveling, I've only ever traveled on foot. I'd like to find a mellow fellow with a van or somethin to head up north with. I'm currently in Oceanside California. Let me know if you'd...
  29. mathelsom

    Developing homestead in NorCal looking to expand our community

    This is my first original post on STP and I'm very much looking forward to the responses i might get. I'll start off by saying a little bit about myself, ill keep this short. I'm a 26 year old female originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. I've spent most of my adult life (after dropping out of college...
  30. junomoon


    I met a guy named Shay (went by Odin online) in Joplin MO a few years back. We spent about a month and a half helping each other with food and cigarettes even thought about getting a place together with his girl and my guy. He worked at McDonald's for a while and was dating a girl named...
  31. Lowcardd23

    Looking for hitch buddy

    Head out of Lexington ky. Looking for a hitch hike buddy to hit California with. Or if you're in California, I can catch bus there, and we can hitch hike from there
  32. ElderGreen9

    Hitching virgin (hi)

    Hey all! I'm a big traveler but never hitchhiked before. Looking to explore the free traveling world more so I was thinking I'd hitch up the coast (in LA right now) to SF or even NorCal as a little sampler. I'm a big backpacker/ naturalist so I have all the gear. The only thing I feel a little...
  33. T

    Heading out on my summer voyage soon.

    I made this profile a year or so ago, and I never actually ended up going anywhere. Now, I'm finally doing it. I've got the opportunity, I'm getting my car fixed up, and its summer. I'm here in the introduction section in order to hopefully build friendships with other dwellers and people who...
  34. XlilyX

    cops and hitchhiking in affluent areas- San Diego

    Thought id share my recent hitchhiking experience. Was trying to go from Carmel Valley (had been there to say hi to relatives) to Carlsbad- like 20 miles up the five or something. This was my first experience dealing with cops while hitchhiking (aside from one that drove by and used his speaker...
  35. Matt Derrick

    Visiting the Slab City Golf Course!Video 

    A few days ago some friends of mine from Los Angeles came out to visit me in Slab City, so I decided to show them the Slab City golf course. It's been around for quite some time, but it was only recently that I took the time to explore it. Its a completely legitimate golf course and the person...
  36. DeanBean93

    Another twenty something with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

    My name is Dean, 23 and I have no idea what the fuck I am going to do. Wasted the last six years of my life doing nothing but drinking, doing drugs and living in my imagination. Thought about moving out to California and joining a militia but someone made me realize how dumb that is. I'd...
  37. Matt Derrick

    Slab City Living: Town run for suppliesVideo 

    Hey folks, I'm playing around with a few ideas for doing a video travel blog, so here's something I filmed and edited using nothing but my cell phone. I just covered my day running to town to get supplies for the Slab City library, so take a look and let me know what you think.
  38. europeiantramp


    hey everyone, this is my introduction. i'm Loke, just got to the states from sweden where i grew up. have been moving around all my life, been homeless for 3 years, busking alot around europe. i play banjo and guitars. last year i've been living in south of sweden working, living in an...
  39. Bourgeois and Bored

    SoCal camping

    Looking for a good area in so cal that is a good town for travelers and not to far from good areas out of town for camping out? I like to be out away from many folks but not too far that I can't get into town to hang out some.
  40. SuneeShines

    Begining My Grand Vagabond Adventure

    Hey Everyone Name is SuneeShines. I have been reading STP for a few months because travel and adventure is just really interesting to me. I don't really have any qualms with working my dead end jobs (as long as I can start in the Afternoon). I don't have a wanderlust that can only be...
  41. fcknpoet


    Hey. New here. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm 28, traveled from the west coast to the east cost -where I'm currently residing. Proud owner of a crazy little awesome dog named Riot. Art, music, poetry, traveling, urban exploration, etc... = shit I fucking love. I struggle with...
  42. Van Mads

    How to get to Slab City during the heart of Summer

    I'll explain my situation. I don't have vehicle. I don't have anyone to rely on for transportation. I have funds; enough to at least buy bus and train tickets to get near the Salton Sea and for necessary supplies to last awhile. I want to get to get to Slab City and set up before the fall...
  43. Matt Derrick

    INDECLINE: Largest Graffiti Mural In the WorldVideo 

    it totally baffels me that this video only has 70,000 views. i'm definitely adding this to my list of places to visit one day. Created by AWARE. Directed by Ryen McPherson Aerial Coverage by SWIFT AERO
  44. rowleyshelby

    Hey there!

    While searching the web for different sites to use to find travellers like myself wanting to head west, I found this lovely site. In general, me and my partner are stuck in Ohio (worst place to be stuck, mind you) and headed to California! Looking for people that may also be headed that way, or...
  45. dabtime710

    19 yrs old and packin my bags. Best yards in California?

    Hey everybody first let me just thank you for all the information ive already been able to get ahold of just as a lurker. this and the r/vagabond community on reddit have been awesome and i love both communities, so thanks again! now let me apologize beforehand for how friggin long this post is...
  46. RovingGale

    Tips for Traveling While TransFeatured 

    Alright, so I was going to post this as a reply on another thread, but then it got really long and I didn't want to bump a 5 year old thread with this info, so here ya go kids – some basic tips and tricks for traveling while newly out as trans, or newly traveling while out as trans, or both...
  47. Matt Derrick

    How To Travel From Los Angeles To San Diego Via Public Transit

    I'm not a fan of Los Angeles. It takes forever to get anywhere, it's hard to find a place to camp, and the people there generally have a bad attitude. No offense to people in LA, maybe it's great if you know people there, but I prefer to bypass that area of the country as fast as possible...