1. crimethunc7

    Ride Offered Leaving Spokane, WA heading to Nevada City, CA

    I am moving to back to my home town in Cali and have space for one, I have too much shit.... Anywho if anyone wants a ride I know this is last minute but I just discovered this site haha.
  2. The Dirty Scouts Jamboree

    The Dirty Scouts Jamboree

    The Dirty Scouts Jamboree is the tongue-and-cheek name we've given to the annual meetup of misfit travelers from the online community Squat the Planet. This event is an excellent opportunity for both veteran and newbie travelers alike to hang out in real life, learn from each other's...
  3. thegrapsman

    Gas bikes in Cali?

    So I've never actually traveled but I'm currently couch surfing in the city and am absolutely sick of it, I was thinking about getting a gas bike and touring through California. I know some gas bikes arent street legal but some are? I also read that if it doesn't go more than 20mph you don't...
  4. Slab City Library

    Slab City Library

    This library is located in the infamous squatter town of Slab City, a former military base turned into a free camping area located about 2-3 hours east of San Diego. The library itself is open to the public, but visitors should keep in mind that it is also a residence, so please be respectful...
  5. Josh Rogue Carden

    Time to get on the road.

    Me and my girl are tired of florida and all the shit that goes on here. We are looking to travel. Destination is Cali but we also want to enjoy the journey. I am new to this and so is she so we want to travel with a group that we can learn from. We are both fun, crazy (the good kind) and weird...
  6. Matt Derrick

    Episode #08 - Adventures in Squatting with Homes Not Jails

    Link: This week we'll be speaking with Wren and Stix as they recall some of their previous work opening abandoned buildings for squatters in the San Francisco bay area. The StP podcast is a weekly series discussing various topics related to underground travel and...
  7. Joeyjo

    Seeking Ride Looking to get out of south florida

    seeking a ride out of florida, can't help with gas money but i can with ciggs if you smoke, dont care about stops or how long no rush, end goal is socal
  8. Benji91

    Seeking Couch Couch or Off-Street Parking in Bay Area

    Hey lovely people, I'm planning to be around the Bay Area for a few days at the start of November (approx. Nov 1-4). Chasing a couch or a driveway/yard/garage where I can park/sleep in my camper. Always happy to repay favors like this with anything I can help out with. Cheers
  9. beginnavagabond

    Best places to visit in California during the winter

    I'm working in the Colorado Rockies until Mid-November and I was planning on visiting NorCal in the winter and I wandered what were some good places for travellers to check out. I've wanted to see Monterey, Eureka, and Arcata but I would love some more suggestions. I will be mostly hitching. Thanks!
  10. beginnavagabond

    Living alone in wilderness but nearby civilisation

    I've heard all about how if you decide to go to the wild you should partner up with people to ensure survival which I totally agree with. If I were to do it alone, is there a place I can live nearby a town just in case I need outside help and would that be a good idea? I was wondering about...
  11. jay513

    Seeking Couch Looking for a place to crash in Redding

    Been stuck in Redding for awhile hopefully meet so people and find a good spot to crash.
  12. CreatureOftheNight

    Hullo celestial fellows & girls & beings!

    Howdy howdy! I'm creature, I'm a young & awkward son of a h*ck, I'm looking to find a road dog. I'm pretty new to traveling, I've only ever traveled on foot. I'd like to find a mellow fellow with a van or somethin to head up north with. I'm currently in Oceanside California. Let me know if you'd...
  13. Kaine

    Any fellow aspiring naturalists want to meet up in NorCal?

    New to the area, I am looking for people that are willing to get down and dirty with attempts at wilderness living, pursuing true freedom by seeking natural self sufficiency. While dumpsters and spanging certainly yield survival, in a SHTF scenario, we can not guarantee it to be indefinitely...
  14. mathelsom

    Developing homestead in NorCal looking to expand our community

    This is my first original post on STP and I'm very much looking forward to the responses i might get. I'll start off by saying a little bit about myself, ill keep this short. I'm a 26 year old female originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. I've spent most of my adult life (after dropping out of college...
  15. nowherebaby

    Meet up in LA?

    been on the road for about a month now with my road dawg. Bless his heart I just quit smoking cigs too. Anyway! I'm just looking for cool people who are down to earth, and can have a good time doing a whole lot of nothing. So if you wanna meet up sometime for a smoke I'm anywhere from LA to Long...
  16. ToadStuff

    Seeking Ride Anywhere South of Portland

    Hello, I'm headed South to California trying to get outta the rain and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can give me a ride outta Portland/Vancouver..
  17. junomoon


    I met a guy named Shay (went by Odin online) in Joplin MO a few years back. We spent about a month and a half helping each other with food and cigarettes even thought about getting a place together with his girl and my guy. He worked at McDonald's for a while and was dating a girl named...
  18. Tall Sam Jones

    West Coast

    Hello friends. I am a traveling musician. I hitch hike and hop around the Western US, busking on my saxophone to make a living. Today I am leaving Walla Walla, WA for Portland, OR. From there, I'll try to hop out of the Portland yard headed south, and barring that I'll hitch hike. My...
  19. Lowcardd23

    Looking for hitch buddy

    Head out of Lexington ky. Looking for a hitch hike buddy to hit California with. Or if you're in California, I can catch bus there, and we can hitch hike from there
  20. ElderGreen9

    Hitching virgin (hi)

    Hey all! I'm a big traveler but never hitchhiked before. Looking to explore the free traveling world more so I was thinking I'd hitch up the coast (in LA right now) to SF or even NorCal as a little sampler. I'm a big backpacker/ naturalist so I have all the gear. The only thing I feel a little...