1. Slingshot Collective

    Kansas City Squatters' Handbook from the feral cat collective

    I would post this in the library but the PDF isn't downloading to this computer. https://web.archive.org/web/20140223190626/http://zinelibrary.info/files/kcsquat.pdf Anyone else who has lost 'zines when zinelibrary.info went down, please check archive.org for it!
  2. Matt Derrick

    Episode #08 - Adventures in Squatting with Homes Not Jails

    Link: https://youtu.be/9dkUp3n1Gzs This week we'll be speaking with Wren and Stix as they recall some of their previous work opening abandoned buildings for squatters in the San Francisco bay area. The StP podcast is a weekly series discussing various topics related to underground travel and...
  3. MetalBryan

    My Alice...

    The reason I am posting this is sort of self-reflective but maybe some of you will find a useful peice of information. I am finally staring down an eviction I always knew was inevitable. I don't know where I'll go, necessarily, but I know it will likely be around the new year - in winter as a...
  4. Darby Howard

    Squatting in montana

    I'm in east Helena mt and just tryna find a good abandoned house to squat. Any tips?
  5. tony longshanks

    Cheeta says Hi / magic castle squatter film vision

    Hello squatters & misfit travelers, my name is Cheeta (that's not the name the housies get, but it's the name that you get!). I've been semi-lurking & occasionally posting on this forum for a while, minus a proper introduction. I finally thought of a good one. So, a couple years ago I was...
  6. Toadandspur

    Stranded as fuck in EL CENTRO

    I recently came across matt's book, the anarchists guide.. Got it from a friend named toasty. Toasted tramp on insta. Him and i both agree that the book overwhelmingly SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FUCKING PUBLISHED BECAUSE CERTAIN SECRETS ARE LEFT TO BE DISCOVERED AND NOT TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREELY, That...
  7. mans

    hitchhike nightmare tips

    hey everyone i wish you all a blessed life and journey thrue traveling. i'm leaving soon to hitchhike Europe and i wondered if any of you have some more tips to recognize bad people and intensions. i have 3 years of hitchhiking experience so i know about most of the general tips and tricks...
  8. ScatteredCrowBones

    Poking the Campfire

    Hey There! just thought I'd introduce myself to any of the west coast wanderers. Been wandering around the west coast and the deserts of the south west for a couple years. Wintering here on the North Coast, trying to set up and squat a house right now. I'd love to talk with folks familiar with...
  9. tony longshanks

    Seeking Couch Bay Area couch/room/squat/what-have-you

    Hey renegade travelers... I recently moved back to the Bay Area to boat-sit for a friend of mine in Marin County, but that situation has collapsed, due to drama I won't bore you with here, so now I'm about to be homeless again. I squatted continuously in San Francisco from 2011 to 2015, but it...
  10. A

    Squatting is a Deadly Game

    I have learned a lot of things about Squatting in Kanisas City this week that I will share with you. Though I sometimes ramble, there will actually be a lot of good information found throughout this post . KCMO as it turns out has some of the loosest squatting regulations in the country. I will...
  11. Waters

    Taylor Camp 69-77'

    Does anyone know of any places that exist today like Taylor Camp in Hawaii from 69'-77'?
  12. A

    Squatting Public Buildings

    I was just curious on whether squattets occupying a public building are afforded the same tenant protection as like houses. What are your thoughts on holding a popup event in such a building. Is it feasible or a felony waiting to happen?
  13. Griffagriff

    Squatting in Victoria, BC, Canada, Vancouver Island

    Hello there. So I've just moved to Victoria on Vancouver island and am living in my car. I've found a big old house in a beautiful neighbourhood that's been abandoned and boarded up and graffitied. I've squatted in various places around the world but never in Canada. What are the rules and...
  14. A

    When Squatters Attack

    I'm guessing that's not a very good exit strategy when squatting. Don't feed the trolls Mr Pisky!
  15. tony longshanks

    clowns in the fire house

    tell yo friends my new zine is droppin it's called Clowns in the Fire House if you're lucky maybe it will drop on Y - 0 - U 2 :) telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl glamortramp [email protected]
  16. R


    Hey there, y'all. This is only my second thread on this website, so forgive me if I ask about things already in other posts elsewhere. I'm looking for people with cool connections, suggestions, or could help me with networking. My traveling experience is a little backward, I guess. I spent a...
  17. The Niche

    Edinburgh Fringe bound

    Hello again! It's been a fair while since I've been around but I'm going toward Edinburgh shortly (approximately the 22nd). I know Edinburgh isn't great for squatting but if anyone could offer me some floor or some recommendations for living cheap, I'd really appreciate it! I'm working in the...
  18. Acxulo

    News & Blogs La Jungla okupa BCN evicted by cops today

    La Jungla, a renowned squat in the Guinardo neighbourhood of Barcelona located at Carrer Arc de Sant Martí 98, was evicted today after 18 years of occupation. La Jungla was an integral part of the Barcelona squat scene, frequented by many during their annual "La Jungla Festival", as well as...
  19. VikingAdventurer

    Video StP Cribz!

    Here's a little something that @sofarfromhome & I made today. It's a video tour in the style of "mtv cribs" of the squat we've been living in for the past few months. Enjoy!