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  1. T


    hey yall, my name is ty and im going to start squatting and such, but im not sure how to start. i wanna train hop and do shit like that but i dunno where to begin. anyone close to rexburg or north idaho who can help me?
  2. Maliceofcats

    Seeking Couch Looking for squat ot spot in puget sound area

    Me and my road dog are staying in the puget sound area, looking for housing or camping but also fine with meetups and company, working towards van/boat so if you have any advice that'd be cool too. Yours truthfully
  3. Russetfur1128

    Getting Inside?

    Found a good place to squat since my last one was found out. This time there's nobody to come check on the place. However my main issue is getting inside. There's two glass sliding doors and one window that would be optimal entry points, however I can't get them open with this method. Any advice?
  4. Roxsox

    Squatting in Atlanta

    Hey, Anyone down to join forces and squat in Atlanta. Ive been doing this for awhile but the pandemic scared me into being a housie. I feel it's time to move on now and get back to my roots.
  5. saul

    Seeking Couch looking for squat or spot near san francisco

    seeking squat or spot near sf just looking for a chill spot away from all the bullshit so i can go skateboard skatepark's in the morning
  6. Stevie hebe

    Alo looking for any LA squatters to take over this city.

    Yo looking to team up and find some foreclosed homes or apartments to squat with. My name's Stevie former train hopper full time anticapitalist. These piece of shit banks and large companies are buying up properties and letting them sit empty. Time to show them if you don't use it you lose it...
  7. Stiv Rhodes

    It's always sad to say goodbye

    After 4 amazing years, my squat is about to get evicted. The bank sold it and the company that bought it came by and said we'll have 72 hours to get out after they take possession of it on Feb 4. Washington state law says that would be true if it was owner occupied, but since it's tenant...
  8. coyote mogollon

    Squatting federal lands

    The current state of squatting in most cities, unless folks are interested in rust belt or other cities with failed economic prospects….is fucked. After many years squatting in Suckfrancisco, the tides finally turned. We were incredibly lucky to hold a squat in the mission for over 8 years...
  9. reeed

    [Callout] Los Angeles Squat Project

    Haven't been on this site for a while but figure this is the place to post. So apparently California has the some of the best 'squatters rights" laws in the USA. Why are there no squats in Los Angeles! The city is full of occupiable buildings. I'd like to make a plan to take over a...
  10. Yugen

    Best places to squat with a Horse and Livestock? [Eastern States]

    In your journey's are there places in the Eastern part of the states that you've traveled by and looking back on it (now that someone's asking), think that might be a good reclusive place to pitch a wagon/tent and graze some livestock for a while before getting booted off? (If so what states or...
  11. Astral Arlo

    My fiancee and I posted up in LA. Looking for good people or a cheap place to rent/squat. Need advice

    Hello everyone! Im new here but have had several people recommend it. Im a musician posted in LA with my fiancee. Looking for a place to rent or squat
  12. RACC00NHands

    A Zine on Squatting

    Hey all, I ran across this online, and thought some of you might appreciate it! https://ia802908.us.archive.org/25/items/ItsVacantTakeIt/its-vacant-take-it-IMPOSED.pdf
  13. yayitsducky

    Squats in Dallas?

    Anyone know any squats in Dallas? I can contribute my food stamps, some painting/minor repair, photoshopping, cleaning. I know it's a long shot but figured I'd ask.
  14. SiCK cada

    What if I started a squat in my hometown just for the summer?

    So I've kinda given up on making plans. Since I've started traveling, over half of the plans I've made to go certain places and do certain things ended up not happening because of something else that came up. But I still like to idly wonder "what if I did this?". So here's my latest "what...
  15. Pdxportlanddude

    What happens to a squater after auction on forclosure with a significant tax lien ?

    When do redemption rights begin?
  16. Pdxportlanddude

    All I'm doing is trying to survive

    I want to apologize to the community for creating posts that may seem like I'm a scammer. I actually creat posts in hopes I can help someone out there who might be in need of a squat weather long term or just whatever the reason may be. I will continue to post information about properties in...
  17. Pdxportlanddude

    $550 water bill

    So I found out the property has a $550 outstanding water bill. I'm gonna go down to the city try to pay the bill. I talked to lady from the water service and said I can only pay in person and that I could set it up in a different account. I think I'm gonna go ahead and pay the $550 water bill...
  18. Pdxportlanddude

    7 bedroom 3 bath squat let's move on it

    So.... I know of a 7 bedroom 3 bath home in Portland Oregon and I'm looking for people to occupy rooms with me. Inner Se Portland. I have keys utilities hooked up locks changed and owner is going into non-judicisl forclosure who wants to squat
  19. Pdxportlanddude

    Cop shows up while moving from squat

    So here I am moving out of a squat after having ongoing problems with utilities. I'm wheeling out my fridge on a dolly when I run into a cop I the driveway. He immediately asks,". Does the owner know your doing this I need owner phone num er to call him and make sure he knows your doing...
  20. superphoenix

    Looking for squats or v cheap rent for 2022/23 (Portland, Bay Area, Austin, NOLA)

    Ok y'all, I'm putting some feelers out on his early. I have this romantic Kerouac-esque plan to hitch across the country this spring, then set up home base in 4 cities I very much enjoy for a season each to experience something other than Brooklyn, where I've lived my whole life. Portland...