1. EvanIsCool1723

    Sleep Spots, Spokane Wa

    On the centennial trail under N division there is a set of stairs with a good sleep spot to tarp up at
  2. B

    DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Sleeping in Public

    Florida doing Florida things. Starting Oct 1 all sleeping in public will be banned, better not take a nap on that beach, Grandma. Florida to ban homeless from sleeping in public places under new...
  3. Jim jonesin

    Anyone got a floor or couch

    Me n my lady need a place to crash until payday I'm currently stuck in Floyd county Georgia hemmed up with legal bullshit I appreciate any help
  4. Mayor Cantrell

    Squatting government buildings

    In 2018 I cracked a squat in the center of the French Quarter. No crowbars, no drilling locks, no broken windows. Clean. Efficient. It's even a government building. All I had to do was get elected mayor. Shit, they've flown me first class all over the world and never even had to pay a dime or...
  5. TheTexasRoadrunner

    Winter storm .

    Is everyone ready for the winter storm? They said it was supposed to come Monday but now supposedly it's coming tomorrow out here in Texas.
  6. moderntrivia

    What are your thoughts on shelters?

    When things are going well, people humbly enjoy their lives. When things get shitty, people quietly look out for each other. I think there’s something admirable in that. I can’t explain my whole life obviously. I got into this position due to a complex set of mistakes and misfortunes. I take...
  7. Matt Derrick

    Gone / Sold Dan Durston X-MID One Person Ultralight Tent

    This is the original Dan Durston X-MID one person ultralight tent. Comes in original bag, never opened, never used. Been sitting in my closet for about two years, so I figure it's time to give it a new life with someone that will enjoy it. This does not come with tent poles, as it's designed to...
  8. MetalBryan

    Free tents (and other camping gear) in the news

    Here's a story about a UK festival where the estimate (reddit) 60,000 tents and an estimated (reddit) 1 million pounds sterling of camping gear was left behind at the festival. If there isn't already an...
  9. ali

    Question Tent pegs: are they worth it?

    So, been camping out for a bit over a week now, and not once have i found a site where i could get more than one or two pegs in halfway. The other night it was raining and i pinned my fly out with straps and some large rocks i found by the lake. Today there were no rocks around so i have one...
  10. Radical

    Tent recommendations

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a tent for some pretty big backpacking adventures and I know exactly what I'm looking for, but can't seem to find a tent I'm 100% happy with, so I was wondering if people here had any recommendations. It needs to be completely and reliably waterproof and able to deal...
  11. NoichNoichNoich

    Homeless Shelter Review

    I just wanted to give my two cents on a men's homeless shelter in Kansas City, Missouri. It's called Shelter KC and it's at 1502 Cherry St. Overall it's a decent place to stay, but beware. They like to peach the gospel a lot. In fact, you have to sit through chapel after dinner. It's mandatory...
  12. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    How to make a diy shelter with cardboard & tarp?

    I'm thinking of cheap or zero cost housing alternatives and one of the things that came to mind was: building & sleeping in a diy shelter made out of cardboard, and using a tarp to cover the shelter from rain 🌧️ soaking me. How do you make a diy shelter out of cardboard & set up a rain tarp...
  13. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    How to find free tarp and corage?

    I'm extremely tight on fundz right now, I want to make myself a emergency diy shelter with corage, a tarp and with some trees. Where are some free places that might help assist with getting me these things?
  14. Potts

    Some advice please

    Wondering if anyone could offer a touch of advice on my sleeping arrangements. I have a poly fill sleeping bag from Walmart, it's rated down to like 50 degrees fahrenheit. I also have a heavy duty tarp that I've been wrapping me and the sleeping bag up in the last few nights since it's been...
  15. D

    Shelter: A Squatumentary

    The whole film is posted on the youtube now!
  16. ThreadsInNeedles

    Photos Modifying the MSS gortex bivy for hammock camping

    I have a ton of ideas all the time of how to get around gear problems I encounter, or to just generally improve my current system that I dont see anywhere else on the internet. I intend to write guides for all of these in the near future. Problem is, writing these big long posts obviously...
  17. Lamentations

    Small new homeless shelter in PNW

    I have about $550 to spend, and I'd like to open a homeless shelter in Bellevue to house about 5-10 people. I think I may be able to keep it open for two months on this budget, but there could be donations to do so with popularity. I plan to obtain permission from a storage facility, then...
  18. Swimsushi

    25 tarp shelter configurations (infographic) - what are your favorites?

    Hey yall! I've been spending my days researching about tents and bivys and now; to tarps. I would like to hear yalls favorite configurations for your DIY tarp tent. I've found this cool photo on rolling fox, and i'm honestly surprised at the many, many ways you can use it for any type of weather.
  19. Lamentations

    LGBTQ shelters

    I mean, I think of the children, but what is up with big cities only having gay youth shelters? What about adults? What if there were LGBTQ camps, or something?
  20. TheUndeadPhoenix

    [NYC area] Two free 16'x12' tarps to a good home

    Looking to give away one or both of these tarps. I bought them back in 2016 and left them in a drawer and never used them. Only discovered that they're too big for what I need like 3 days ago. The colors were listed as brown and green, though the green is more of an aqua. Will bring to you if...
  21. Windwalker

    Craigslist, Homeless Shelters and below freezing temps

    Not long ago, on Dec. 30th 2019 I decided to bail out of the current living conditions I was under in south central ohio with no plan whatsoever except the experience of the past encoded in my bones. With all my trash packed tight in one bag, I hitched a ride from the sticks to a Microtel...
  22. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    What is the easiest wilderness bush shelter or shelter to make outside?

    I'm currently homeless with my new bf of two months, we are really roughing it out, sleeping outside with no blankets or anything, just have one another to hold for body heat, for personal reasons and because I got beaten up from this drunk women that stays there, I refuse to stay there...
  23. Thf

    Mosquito net recomendations

    I’m wanting to hit the road in a few weeks and am currently considering my setup, I’d like to go with a simple tarp mosquito net combo, but almost all the mosquito nets i find online seem to be made for regular beds. So I’m wondering, what do you recommend? Are there special nets for camping...
  24. anynameyouwish

    cheap and light temporary shelter it's by a guy named "Paul Elkins" he makes a lot of other stuff like that on his youtube channel - instructions for his stuff on his website -
  25. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    Is it possible to survive in a winter wilderness shelter in -21 weather?

    Hello there fellow people! :) I know this may crazy, but is it possible to make some type of Survival Shelter(s) in the bush, im up in northwestern ontario, canada, the weather has been pretty cold, Its -14°C, but it FEELS LIKE-21 but wondering with the right gear, stuff in the bush and a...
  26. NapalmBreath

    Ever been forced into a shelter?

    I’ve heard a few stories over the years about people being given the ultimatum (by the cops) of go to a shelter or go to jail. The only time it happened to me was about 5 years ago in San Louis Obispo on Christmas Eve. We were sleeping under an awning of a closed construction outfit and were...
  27. caffine addict

    Need some help out

    I got a tent that I wanna bring for hitch hiking bit I don't have a big duffle bag for it, I do have tarp and can someone tell me what's best to bring? (I'm planning to hitch hike in june with a friend).
  28. D

    my first wilderness shelter

    Hey so I threw this up on night when the temp was gonna be about 20 degrees. I slept comfy and had fun making it also had a full sheet bark door not pictured
  29. Meleoron

    Wake Up Music Warming Shelter

    Hey, Pretty simply, I’m manning a local emergency warming station for those in need. Not all of us have the skills/experience/intellect/savy and need to reach out for help. It’s just something temp we got setup for the storm coming thru. Anyway, I want to play a good wake up song for them...
  30. Jerrell

    Tent Pole Shock Cord

    Does anybody know a better deal than this? Coghlans Tent Pole Repair Kit I also wanted to link from here when I buy it so a penny or two ends up toward StP...didn't know how to set that up. Advice?
  31. D

    Photos Seeking Sheltered Parking During Rainstorm

    Hi! After a fender-bender, our car really shouldn't be out in a continuous downpour or thunderstorm until we can afford to replace makeshift body repairs w/the real thing. Any ideas on places to park (in parking garages or other shelter) in Orange County/SE LA County? Goal is to park for free or...
  32. Jerrell

    Warmer Tent Trick

    With winter hitting, I thought I'd throw out a tip for those that haven't thought of it or whatever. I didn't see this anywhere on the site and thought I'd share for anyone that had the need. I've done my fair share of winter camping in a tent in my younger years and in the past I've made what...
  33. Jerrell

    Kamp-Rite style tent

    I will be rubbertramping it in my old '91 Miata when I hit the road in the spring unless the van gods smile down upon me. I've been looking at one person tents and came across the Kamp-Rite for $99 at the local Bass Pro Shop. I was wondering if anyone has used one of these. It doesn't...
  34. BenAxeMan

    Tarp questions

    Hey all, I'm planning on using a tarp on my travels instead of a tent to save weight but I have some questions. I tried searching for them all over the site but couldn't find anything that would answer my questions. Okay, now to the questions: 1. I've heard tyvek house wrap makes for a good...
  35. William Howard 2

    Tent Hazards

    So generally I was going to ask the community about a specific problem with a 4 season tent I own, about how its attracting worms that are chewing small holes, but I decided to make a more general informative discussion on the broader topic of tent hazards - the things that can be harmful to a...
  36. A

    Good Winter Shelters

    Well I'm 97.8% certain I will be sleeping outside this winter. The exciting part is that I think that i have found a place to make a semi- long term shelter. I've watched a lot of videos but I'd like some advice from people who've actually done it. I'm thinking Teepee because it would obscure...
  37. CoNiGMa

    Shelter building with natural materials

    One of the main things you need to worry about when in a survival situation is shelter, especially in cold, damp climates. If you do not have a shelter such as a tent and cannot find a suitable place to use as a shelter from wild animals and the elements, you will need to make one. There are...
  38. D


    may have to try a long term multiple tarp teepee for the winter. Basically a few, probably 4 tarps set up in trapper lean to fashion. Gonna try to rig up wood stove or purchase a collapsible one my critter can haul. A 8x10 is quite ideal for room and storage when set up with good pitch too for...
  39. D

    Video Pros & Cons of Hammock Camping

    Covering the topic of Hammocking In-depth, and why I ditched the tent. This is one of the best alternatives for minimalist, ultralight gear
  40. Whereamiwhatdoido

    Freestyle BivySack

    Thought I'd share this whit you guys, if anybody's into hiking or being lightweight this is a great idea! Basically it's a Backpack - waterproof and all, with a build in Bivy to sprout right out its opening! Though a bit pricey I think it's a brilliant idea, and it's made by a traveller!
  41. wildwerden

    USMC Improved Bivy

    So my old USGI MSS woodland bivy is kicking the bucket and I'm starting to do some research for a new one. Someone introduced me to the USMC Improved bivy and my first impression was WHY THE FUCK HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE!? I hate mosquitos, even moreso, I hate laying in the wrong fucking...
  42. Fungus

    These miniature storm shelters are legit

    Ive never noticed them on the road before. Butdown here in Tuscaloosa AL I managed to find one. Sent from my LG-K540 using the Squat the Planet mobile app!
  43. A

    Cheap DIY Nylon Ninja Tarp

    I found this nylon blind material on the Cabelas website thanks to @Mankini that is used for making your own hunting blinds. Seems like you could buy a grommet kit or those tarp clips and have a very cheap high...
  44. todd

    Tarp Shelters - An Introduction

    todd submitted a new file to the StP library: Tarp Shelters - An introduction Click here for more information on this file.
  45. Daman45

    How can I squat without being killed, raped, murdered, or arrested?

    Hi, I am looking for a adventure. I am keeping my needs to transpiration, food, and shelter. Transportation is hitchhiking, rideshare, or public transient. Food supermarket, cooking, or leftovers from restaurant. But the thing that bugs me the most is shelter. I am planning to use friends...
  46. nivoldoog

    My favorite shelter material.

    My favorite shelter material is a thick painters plastic. It is cheap, can be found at construction areas, heat rententive, water proof, see threw to see around you, compactable, can substitute for tarp, tent and if thick enough sleeping bag. Next step down is a thick plastic shower curtain...
  47. ydnalein

    Throw tent and tarp?

    I thought about a throw-tent and 2 tarps as padding and rain protechtion. But i never saw this in the forum. Is there a reason for it?
  48. Guy Chouinard

    Shelter Options Slab City?

    This may be "una pregunta estúpida" but I am seriously thinking of squatting somewhere possibly Slab City so I can bank some money for a van. Problem is, I only have a tent. And from what I have gleaned on the Net tents just can't handle the winds and besides that, the desert sun just destroys...
  49. Daman45

    Hello, need help getting across America alive.

    Hi, I am new to alternative traveling. I want to get to California for the sheer fun of it. However, I have no clue to get there without using a car or a airplane. Both of which are going to cost more than I am able to make. I need some tips and advice on how to travel, lodge, and even get my...
  50. Multifaceted

    Video Cinch Solar Powered Tent

    I thought this would be interesting for some rubber tramps- It looks as though the solar power soaker (forgetting the name for them currently) doesn't put out much energy, and you have to buy your own battery pack, but I think the idea is still pretty nifty, even if you can only find a battery...