1. Windwalker

    Craigslist, Homeless Shelters and below freezing temps

    Not long ago, on Dec. 30th 2019 I decided to bail out of the current living conditions I was under in south central ohio with no plan whatsoever except the experience of the past encoded in my bones. With all my trash packed tight in one bag, I hitched a ride from the sticks to a Microtel...
  2. D

    Seeking Sheltered Parking During Rainstorm

    Hi! After a fender-bender, our car really shouldn't be out in a continuous downpour or thunderstorm until we can afford to replace makeshift body repairs w/the real thing. Any ideas on places to park (in parking garages or other shelter) in Orange County/SE LA County? Goal is to park for free or...
  3. BenAxeMan

    Tarp questions

    Hey all, I'm planning on using a tarp on my travels instead of a tent to save weight but I have some questions. I tried searching for them all over the site but couldn't find anything that would answer my questions. Okay, now to the questions: 1. I've heard tyvek house wrap makes for a good...
  4. A

    Good Winter Shelters

    Well I'm 97.8% certain I will be sleeping outside this winter. The exciting part is that I think that i have found a place to make a semi- long term shelter. I've watched a lot of videos but I'd like some advice from people who've actually done it. I'm thinking Teepee because it would obscure...
  5. D


    may have to try a long term multiple tarp teepee for the winter. Basically a few, probably 4 tarps set up in trapper lean to fashion. Gonna try to rig up wood stove or purchase a collapsible one my critter can haul. A 8x10 is quite ideal for room and storage when set up with good pitch too for...
  6. Whereamiwhatdoido

    Freestyle BivySack

    Thought I'd share this whit you guys, if anybody's into hiking or being lightweight this is a great idea! Basically it's a Backpack - waterproof and all, with a build in Bivy to sprout right out its opening! Though a bit pricey I think it's a brilliant idea, and it's made by a traveller!
  7. Daman45

    How can I squat without being killed, raped, murdered, or arrested?

    Hi, I am looking for a adventure. I am keeping my needs to transpiration, food, and shelter. Transportation is hitchhiking, rideshare, or public transient. Food supermarket, cooking, or leftovers from restaurant. But the thing that bugs me the most is shelter. I am planning to use friends...
  8. Daman45

    Hello, need help getting across America alive.

    Hi, I am new to alternative traveling. I want to get to California for the sheer fun of it. However, I have no clue to get there without using a car or a airplane. Both of which are going to cost more than I am able to make. I need some tips and advice on how to travel, lodge, and even get my...
  9. Matt Derrick

    DIY Tarp Shelter | Desert CampingVideo 

    @HippieGangster's improvised shelter while squatting in Southern Utah:
  10. Matt Derrick

    $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile homeVideo 

    you can buy the plans for this trailer here:
  11. D

    Handbook of the Streets! Don't go hungry or naked in Twin Cities!

    The handbook is printed for '14 - '15 but it's still very useful! ::joyful:: Day and night shelters, places to get clothes, food shelves and soup kitchens. Even legal support and advocacy. The website and The Handbook via PDF. Good luck and safe travels, family! ::drinkingbuddy::
  12. Vulture

    When it's too fucking windy

    I don't know if this is common sense, but I just discovered it. I'm in Texas; it's alway always windy in Texas. Fucking hate it. I needed to stay up lest I miss an early morning appointment. Anyway I tried hiding from the wind by a dumpster and then by a wall. Aerodynamics was not my friend. I...
  13. Rolly Leonard

    Greetings From Georgia!

    hey guys my name is eli and currently i am in milledgeville georgia. i have been giving the vagabond lifestyle some very serious consideration (i have gone from georgia to cali and back earlier this year) and as of right now, the only thing holding me back is my girlfriend and lack of guidance...
  14. Di Cruz31

    Hi everyone!

    Hi peeps, just made an account on the site, and I am from the Clarksville, Tennessee area, if ya wanna chat hit me up on here :) hope to talk to ya :) Also I'll be needing someone to stay with, food shelter, anything would be great, I will work for travel :)