1. amines

    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    Riding La Bestia As I was walking down from El Centro after being dropped off there the night before by Frank who swore he saw me with my friend Forrest hitchhiking at the i-8 on-ramp next to the In-n-Out three years ago, I get picked up by a lovely woman that drives me into Mexicali, feeds me...
  2. Holec89

    Intro from CA

    Hey everyone i'm Scott from California. I'm originally from the central valley and from 2011- 2015 i've been working a lot of dead end warehouse jobs and really just got tired of a repeatative paycheck to paycheck lifestyle where I always felt trapped and anchored in, it was depressing and it...
  3. trickdaley

    Canoeing to Mexico from NYC Episode 2

    Greetings from Virginia, I've now canoed over 250 miles from NYC and am taking a break to catch up on editing videos. You can track my progress live here: Check out my latest episode! I'm pretty stoked on this one... Thanks again to the STP family for your inspiration
  4. trickdaley

    NYC to Mexico in a CANOE - Premiere Episode

    I've finally embarked on my voyage from NYC to Mexico in a canoe...and I present to you the first episode on youtube. Hope you all enjoy!
  5. trickdaley

    I'm Officially Canoeing to Mexico from NYC

    It's official...
  6. trickdaley

    Hitchhiking Through Mexico

    Anyone have any experience hitchhiking through Northern Mexico? or Mexico at all? I may be hitchhiking from NY to the Mexican border and am curious as to whether I could continue on through Mexico.
  7. Freerange Butters


    Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like; a journey to Mexico to trip on some magical mushrooms! I plan to start somewhere North of the U.S.A; maybe even Canada and go down to Oaxaca Mexico to trip on some shrooms and record the whole process! Now some of you guys might ask: "Why are you going all...
  8. HairyLox

    Hi, Mary Fox here

    Hi there kitties. I'm new to using StP, but not to the name nor traveling. I've seen most of the states minus the North East and southern Cali. I'm here to connect with old friends and meet new ones. I've done most of my traveling using my thumb, and gas jugging spiel. I've hopped freight a few...
  9. up2eleven

    A few questions about Mexico

    I figure it would be a great place to spend the colder months or for even longer term, but have some questions. 1. Are there any laws against busking? 2. Do they like American songs there, or should I learn some local stuff? 3. Can you make enough money to get gas and food through busking, and...
  10. rhummer92

    International borders with dogs

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about hitchhiking/ ride sharing ect from the US through Mexico to South America. Bringing my dog along, he's a 5 year old lab mix, been by my side since 4weeks old. I'm currious what anyone knows about crossing the borders in Central America with dogs as well as crossing...

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