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  1. Charlene Jank

    Cycle Tour Through Mexico. Wanna join?

    Hey all, just spent some time in Baja and I'm really revved up to get back down there and out of this sad and silly country. I'm hoping to find at least 1 human companion to share the journey with who has their shit together (whatever that means for you). Not planning to leave until fall or...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Photos Infographic: How NOT to behave in 15 countries

    I thought a lot of the things on this list were pretty interesting and worth sharing here for anyone interested in traveling in countries outside the USA.
  3. Matt Derrick

    Video A brief visit to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico!

    @Daisy and I make a very brief visit to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. The wind was blowing super hard so the audio isn't going to be that great, but it was a fun little stop that I recommend checking out if you're in the area.
  4. Peterbeanpan

    Question Low key hikes in the Southern Colorado/New Mexico area?

    Heading that way soon and looking for some spots
  5. Sonny913

    Ended up here kinda accidentally

    Hello, everyone. I didn't know I was looking for this, but it might be serendipitous that I found it. I've been retired for a few years, living on a small pension. I had to get the budget under control. I'm getting closer to the day when I'll be debt-free - yay! I've not done shitloads of...
  6. MFB

    Slow Travel///San Pancho, Nayarit and Guadalajara

    Splurged; bored, day drinking mexican artesanals (anal! Ha!) and streaming american football bc it's nice to hear the english. Here's my last few months, traveling in these uncertain times. The big goal this year was to spend 2ish months doing big treks in Patagonia. I worked a shit job all...
  7. ali

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Walking from Mexico to Canada...'

    Post in thread 'Walking from Mexico to Canada...' by homeless123 has been reported by ali. Reason given: Content being reported:
  8. Timothy Englert

    Question New Mexico Roads suggestions

    I'll be biking to Albuquerque New Mexico next summer from Buffalo New York. What roads should I consider in New Mexico? What roads should I avoid in New Mexico?
  9. NewMexicoJim

    New Mexico On Lockdown

    New Mexico will go on lockdown starting Mon 11/16 and lasting a minimum of 2 weeks. Nonessential businesses will close. Essential businesses must limit customers. State parks will be closed. Lodging will be closed or limited. When people fail to follow the simple guidelines of...
  10. NewMexicoJim

    Following the ancients in SW New Mexico

    People have lived here for many thousands of years and some have left signs of their passing that have lasted through the ages. What were they trying to say? We can only guess. These were found while following the trail of the old Butterfield Stage Route in Grant and Luna Counties. Most of the...
  11. YellowBlazer

    Walking from Mexico to Canada...

    Will fill in on things, but up to this point I’m getting pretty good at filming. John E. Ringo got triggered on Instagram...::snaphappy:: I’m only gonna get better....halfway there. Got the entire thing filmed in 4K and gonna take this game to another level when I’m finished and are able to...
  12. NewMexicoJim

    New Mexico Bliss in the Gila Wilderness

    I have just returned from two weeks in the wilderness to see the world on fire. Guess I'll be heading back soon as people all around are acting weird, angry and fearful. The Gila National Forest is immense. One hundred miles across from any direction, there is isolation in abundance. I left...
  13. AutonomousPlayground

    Video Freight hopping La Bestia across Mexico series (4 episodes)

    In case anyone was interested and didn't see this before. Here are some videos I made which are in a playlist as I rode trains across Mexico a while ago. I visited a bunch of times since then, and made a lot better videos, but it's something to watch...
  14. NewMexicoJim

    Photos Seeking isolation in New Mexico

    Once the exclusive realm of the Apache, the San Mateo Mountains northwest of Truth or Consequences New Mexico rise in solitary splendor and are managed by the U.S. Forest Service as part of the greater Cibola National Forest. Vick's Peak rises to just over 10,000 ft at the south end of the 40...
  15. Tengu91

    Inbetween in Mexico

    Left the Grand Canyon all the way back in November. Hitched a ride to Vegas, caught another ride from a friend to LA, flew to NC, met up with some old friends, got a ride from my dad as he traveled to SC where my younger brother was graduating from army basic training, rode with dad back to...
  16. coltsfoot

    New Mexico Hot Springs Camping?

    Hey there, anyone recommend a hot spring where we can camp nearby in new mexico. preferably a spot that doesnt usually get too crowded/rowdy. thx! cf
  17. MentalDisaster85

    Which rail lines are still active in Mexico?

    Seeking information on rail lines in Mexico. To be specific, I'm wondering about the line from Chihuahua to Los Mochis Sinaloa. Also is it still possible to ride south from Los Mochis south along the Pacific coast towards Puerto Vallarta? I'm assuming these are Ferromex lines.
  18. CouchPunx

    What towns can you still cross the border w no id?

    Heading to mexico soon and dont have a passport. I used to just cross on foot in tijuana and deal with the extra scrutiny on the way back but in the past year or two they've started checking people as they enter. I know some crossings in texas dont check id, but does anyone have information...
  19. Yugheld

    How do I begin to plan my route?

    Hey! As mentioned earlier, I plan on backpacking from Toronto to Mexico City in the summer of 2020. I'd like to start planning out which route i'm going to take and I honestly have no idea how/where to start. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  20. siid

    Featured ya boii Siids rides la Bestia -- {mexico}

    Waited by a bridge in Orizaba to catch La Bestia going north. It was around 5am, as our train pulled up with about 50 migrants, mostly from Honduras and Guatemala, escaping gang violence and poverty in their countries so bad that the danger and certain likelihood that they will be assaulted by...