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  1. Waldorf

    Video Hello everyone again!!!!!! NYC -North East PA

    I traveled down to New Orleans, I had some amazing times hard times, and interesting....all with the help and even FINANCIAL help from people non STP, this is back in 2014? Anyway, I'm a successful cyber security specialist here in Manhattan, I have a home in Brooklyn and want to meetup and help...
  2. NightWalk

    Video World Traveller Adventure " Spiral Tribe "

    The Spirals organized their first party in the United Kingdom in October 1990. Very quickly, with other techno sound systems, they approached travelers, whose nomadic way of life they adopted. They perform in several free festivals, emblematic events of traveler culture. Taking with them all the...
  3. Hank602

    Video Trainhopping BNSF-Z-WSP from Glendale,AZ

  4. Matt Derrick

    Video Heavy Metal Busking

    A random video I came across on Metal Suck's YT channel. Folks seemed pretty into it... never say it can't be done!
  5. Matt Derrick

    Video Exploring hot springs and old caves in Albania

    There's a portion of this video I thought was super interesting, apparently there are a lot of caves out in the Albanian mountains that were built as fallout shelters but never used. Looks like a prime place to squat if one was so inclined, there's even some near a beautiful hot springs...
  6. train in vain

    Whose mans is this? Youtube train story shenanigans

    Passed out in Minnie and woke up in Moose Jaw?? I dont know if any drugs could put me out like that on a train haha. Havent watched the whole video maybe it gets better.
  7. T

    Video Dealing With A Madman

    Cool video from an old traveler.
  8. Matt Derrick

    Video Gate Guarding, 10 Week Summary, A Workamper's Story

    This is an interesting workamper story I haven't actually heard of until now, so I figured it would be worth sharing here for anyone that might be interested in such a job. -------------------------------------------------- YouTube Video Description: ⭐This story is all about our 10th week...
  9. Matt Derrick

    Video Journey Through Modern-Day Ghost Town of Italy

    New shiey video up, exploring a town in Italy that was abandoned after an earthquake. Pretty cool and very old architecture in this town, and some really killer views. Can't wait to see the second part!
  10. D

    Video 2215 meter China/Russia railway bridge completed

    We don't know what this means for any freight hopper that wants to travel between Russia/China, but this newly completed bridge from what they been saying allows for trading purposes and perhaps passenger service. It's a short video, enjoy! :)
  11. Jerrell

    Video WA Supreme Court says cars are Homesteads

    Under the Homestead Act, an individual's vehicle can be considered their home. Vehicles may still be ticketed but these tickets cannot be excessive nor can the vehicle be auctioned off.
  12. Matt Derrick

    Video The Civil Wars - The One That Got Away (Some neat traveler / train hopping visuals)

    Usually this would be more appropriate for the music section, since it's a music video, but I was really impressed by the visuals of hobo culture combined with a female protagonist. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  13. ali

    Read This First! Reported content: Post in thread 'If you purchase land with student loan money will they be able to take the property from you?'

    Post in thread 'If you purchase land with student loan money will they be able to take the property from you?' by CarolWhite has been reported by ali. Reason given: Content being reported:
  14. Matt Derrick

    Video Newly applied for passports may be delayed as long as 18 weeks :(

    I just saw the above video on youtube, looks like due to the ease in pandemic restrictions, there's a flood of people applying for passports. Currently there's a delay of up to 18 weeks so if you're planning on traveling internationally, you should probably apply asap. On a side note, I know...
  15. Gypsybones

    Video Don’t play on the tracks!!! Man hit by train

  16. Gypsybones

    Video Dumpster diving. Not just for the poor anymore

  17. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Video Austin TX Homeless Threaten Violence Against Police If Camping Ban Enforced

  18. Matt Derrick

    Video Swimming in the Rio Grande in Big Bend national park, Texas

    My friend @Daisy and I stop in Big Bend national park on our way west. The highlight was swimming in the Rio Grande river in the Boquillas Canyon; it's a nice swim if you're in the area.
  19. Matt Derrick

    Video Exploring an abandoned Naval Base in New Orleans!

    In this video my friend @Daisy and I explore a naval facility in New Orleans that has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We make our way through offices, storage areas, and the main parking facility, showing the current state of damage in addition to doing a few drone flybys to show...
  20. Matt Derrick

    Video A brief visit to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico!

    @Daisy and I make a very brief visit to the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. The wind was blowing super hard so the audio isn't going to be that great, but it was a fun little stop that I recommend checking out if you're in the area.