1. EvanIsCool1723

    Sleep Spots, Spokane Wa

    On the centennial trail under N division there is a set of stairs with a good sleep spot to tarp up at
  2. B

    DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Sleeping in Public

    Florida doing Florida things. Starting Oct 1 all sleeping in public will be banned, better not take a nap on that beach, Grandma. Florida to ban homeless from sleeping in public places under new...
  3. wanderbusk

    Not sure if I should go for cold weather sleeping bag or not

    I will be walking the perimeter of the US. I am new to this lifestyle but have plenty of time to prepare and do some practice runs. I know I can't make it across the northern US in one warm season. I am debating if I should start going south for the winter and walk back and pick up where I...
  4. Theturk47

    Can I use a summer sleeping bag for winter ❄️

    Hi don't have much money to go to Walmart to get a proper sleeping bag any ideas on how to keep warm I have a summer sleeping bag anything I can do to make it better and it takes up to much space in my alice pack
  5. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Homeless students at California college can now sleep in their cars in parking garage

    Homeless students at California college can now sleep in their cars in parking garage by: Jennifer McGraw, Nouran Salahieh, Mary Beth McDade, Nexstar Media Wire Posted: Nov 3, 2021 / 11:59 AM PDT / Updated: Nov 3, 2021 / 11:59 AM PDT (KTLA) – California’s Long Beach City College will allow...
  6. Wabbajack

    Sleep Schedule

    How much sleep do you guys usually get? I get 6 hours max on weekdays, usually more on weekends. School and all.
  7. Ace9133

    Thinking about sleeping by a cellphone tower...

    Thinking about sleeping inside this fence near a busy road. It's pretty shielded, near active tracks and a neighborhood. Any downsides to this? I don't want my brain frying, is that a possibility? Has anyone else done this? Edit: This is also inside an abandoned PRR yard, with buildings still...
  8. B

    What's the squatter law say about a working hobo sleeping on rail road property if they can prove they work for the union.

    Hey, I'm in cali at my hometown of sacramento and they bulldozed our village of tents on the freeway, so I moved to the other side of the fence so cal trans couldn't say anything and all I have to trip off of is the bulls which never come here and the tourists in town train ride can't see this...
  9. SlutForSatan

    Video Call it Sleep - Situationist Documentary

    I found this Situationist documentary from the 80's that was a fun waste of 40 minutes, so here ya go.
  10. Lin

    Bag Check - Sleeping Pad and Chafing Powder

    Hey STP, I've been planning on hitching out of Texas and would appreciate any tips on lightening my pack. My synthetic bag is fat and heavy, but down bags cost a lot. I dunno about dropping the sleeping pad and baking soda though. I can sleep on a bag of my clothes for insulation, but I know...
  11. iukzhe

    Sleeping at Stansted London airport

    Hi, this weekend I have a late arrival and early departure (around 7 hours of layover) at Stansted London airport, and I was looking up the best way to get some shut-eye that night. It turns out it's one of the worst airports in the world according to this website. I've been there already four...
  12. Tony Pro

    George Orwell on his first night sleeping rough

    I've been reading through Orwell's letters and this one about his first night (of many) sleeping in a field I found pretty charming. He was 17 at the time and a student at Eton, the most prestigious school in England. It foreshadows the rough life he was to lead in later years living...
  13. TheManInBlack1984

    Do you sleep with a weapon

    when your in a homebummy area do you also sleep with a weapon in / close at hand or no?
  14. superphoenix

    Where do you like to sleep?

    Obviously it's best to be housed up, but where else do y'all prefer if that's not possible? I'm partial to rooftops since I can climb better than most people and no one will fuck with me or find me there. Otherwise, a little bit out in the woods or anywhere off the side of the road is usually a...
  15. Colin Hardman

    Ultralight Sleeping Bag Suggestion

    Hey guys, I guess everyone here is going to recommend me WM Summerlite, but I am low on budget for now and certainly can't spend 380$ for a sleeping bag. I'm looking for an alternative US-made sleeping bag, if possible goose down, duck or dri-down, hooded mummy. All US-made bags are relatively...
  16. milkhauler

    SCOTUS Lets Stand Ruling That Protects Homeless Who Sleep on Sidewalk

    I hope I Posted in the correct spot? SCOTUS Lets Stand Ruling That Protects Homeless Who Sleep on Sidewalk - The Supreme Court refused Monday to hear a major case on homelessness, letting stand a...
  17. MetalBryan

    Sleeping in the pickup bed - not your vehicle

    I was taking the train to work this morning and looking at all the pickups without toppers in the commuter parking lots. I remembered taking naps in my pickup when I owned one.... Has anyone resorted to sleeping in the bed of an unoccupied pickup? FYI I'm not advocating this as a good idea just...
  18. Preacher

    Las Vegas votes to make it a crime to sleep on city sidewalks

    Las Vegas votes to make it a crime to sleep on city sidewalks - By Eric Levenson and Konstantin Toropin, CNN Updated 1:37 PM ET, Thu November 7, 2019 (CNN)In an attempt to get homeless people off city streets, the...
  19. EdenInAGarded

    Sleeping on the beach in Portugal

    One time I was staying on this great beach in Portugal. maybe one hour west of Lisboa. I was staying there for maybe a 2week total and everything was going great with me and the gang for the first week. parties every night, wonderful fires and drugs. it was a public beach so we were very tidy...
  20. croc

    Safe-ish spots or ways to sleep in NYC

    Seen a couple other threads about this but no one seems to answer this question directly so here's another one :P Any recommended sleep spots in NYC? Been scared af to sleep there alone bc all the good, hidden spots have gotta be taken n sleeping in the parks seems sketchy.
  21. exiledone956

    Photos Sleep System

    So I’m looking to upgrade my sleeping bag.I have a behemoth of a sleeping bag from like camp crystal lake lol. I’m thinking about getting either a Teton sports one or a thinner one with a fleece liner. It doesn’t really get that cold in here in south Texas but I do have thermal layers , hoodie...
  22. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    How to ask for a sleeping bag at christian second hand places?

    Me and my boy lost our blankets, this guy is suppose to give us a sleeping bag, but need to call him and have no access to a phone and don't have a phone card, there is this used clothing place down the road, its a catholic used clothing store, they let you buy items with whatever amount of...
  23. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    Where are some places to sleep inside during the day? ( for the winter time)

    I'm unsure where to post this thread, so im putting this in general banter form. I'm currently staying at the shelter house, but I dont get enough sleep, havent been able to sleep for 5 days well staying, it has made my anxiety go super high because of the lack of sleep i have, I got bad social...
  24. Matt Derrick

    Where to Sleep Megathread

    This is the start of Squat the Planet's Where to Sleep Wiki Page. Here you'll find a static page of resources to books, movies, websites and other sources of information on where to find a safe place to sleep. For our purposes, this includes squatting, urban camping, wilderness living...
  25. NotSoSchwillyWilly

    What are some relatively safe spots to stay the night in New Orleans? Whether a place to sleep in the van or free camping spots near the city

    I want to have a general idea of guaranteed spots we can stay, that aren't far from the safe spots of New Orleans.
  26. Its Anton

    Getting my feet sniffed while sleeping

    In the State of Ohio excist a long bike trail named The Ohio to Erie Trail. I recently rode the trail headed south. One day after departing from the company of a fellow traveler named Mr. Lunn , I rode another 20 something miles equaling around 40 miles that day. Around an hour after dark I...
  27. Hillbilly Castro

    Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Pad - Awesome extra wide pad

    I just bought this: It's 30" wide and it came in the mail today; it's got to be the most comfortable pad I've ever owned. It's more comfortable than a regular bed. Weighing in at 1lb 12oz, it's hefty, but it packs down small, and seems to be worth the weight. I've been skeptical of air pads...
  28. TheWindAndRain

    Video To catch murderer, Police set up mannequin dressed like sleeping homeless man then caught this video

    " The killings took place at night near a dusty, desolate Las Vegas corridor. On Jan. 3, a homeless man curled up in a blanket to protect himself from the frigid 44-degree temperature, was struck several times in the head as he slept near an intersection not far from the roar of the Spaghetti...
  29. Stalker pup

    How do you sleep discreetly in a large city?

    I've had the cops called on me countless times around europe while simply trying to sleep away from rain under some roof of a public building... What are your guys' tips for discreet urban camping?
  30. zaye rodriguez

    What beach can you sleep at in the bay area?

    Okay. So, i see that either no one is willing to help with a place to sleep, or any ither info, we now have to resort to a tent so that we could sleep at night, and be able to get ro our daily lives in the morning. I was wondering is it kegal to sleep on the beach at night, in the bay area...
  31. zaye rodriguez

    Family of 3 students need a place to sleep at night unitl 12/1/2017

    Greetings. I need information on an emergency temporary living situation until the 1st of december 2017. Two adults and a teen, all students with income, have very little resources until the 1st of the month. The intention is to find a month to month, no lease, rental situation and continue...
  32. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    How to find spots/places to sleep during wintertime?

    It's the beginning of November, me and my fiance are currently homeless. We have been surviving usually sleeping outside in a tent on the outskirts of the city, but winter is here now. My family won't let me stay with them due to personal reasons. The shelter house isn't a option for me or him...
  33. Laylamiller

    Sleeping Rough in NYC

    I am homeless but I work like 60% of homeless in NYC. I shower at the gym also exercise there and keep my belongings in storage.So I switch between rough sleeping and sleeping in any of the three NYC airports the deciding factor being the weather I usually find somewhere to hide so that Im not...
  34. goobglib

    Sleeping concerns

    Hi, First, thanks for taking the time to read this thread. I'll get right to it: I've couchsurfed and vandwelled a hundred times (literally) without problems, but I have reservations about sleeping under the stars. My reservations are mostly about wildlife killing me. I've read up on wilderness...
  35. adventurekid

    Cheap but good quality sleeping bag?

    So I am trying to get a better sleeping bag then the one I currently have. The one I have is just one from target, it's not meant for much more than sleeping in like a cabin or something. The funds are low so does anyone know a good sleeping bag I can get that isn't going to break the bank? Thanks!
  36. Hillbilly Castro

    A Sleeping Creature....

    Some of you may know this man.... the king of the camp kitchen, writer of sake-drunken rants, and master of homegrown scholarship... he is currently passed out on our new rug, a moosehead ale in hand.... A wild @creature in his natural habitat!
  37. Hellcathysteria

    Hey new cat to the Seattle area. I'm a bit lost

    Hey everyone. I'm hellcat and I just got to the Seattle area. Been couch surfing or staying in hotels from New York City to here. I kinda need friends or advice on a place to crash. I wanna meet some fresh souls asap.
  38. 40oz in a rut

    Safest/best park to sleep in the bay area?

    I'm moving up to the bay area next week with very limited places to sleep does anyone recommend parks, squats, or hostels to stay in while in the bay? Also i was wondering whats the safest parks to sleep at is Buena Vista safer than Golden Gate Park to sleep at in a sleeping bag with pack?
  39. beginnavagabond

    Difficulty sleeping outside

    I've been trying to sleep outside the past few nights to prepare for stealth camping before I go out on my own and I have been having a hard time actually getting to sleep. I think it's my physical comfort level, mostly. I have used a tent with a pillow and some small things to rest my feet on...
  40. VikingAdventurer

    Video Is the zipper on your sleeping bag or pack separated? Try this shit.

    So, the zipper on my sleeping bag separated, and wouldn't zip up anymore. I looked around the interwebs for a bit, and I found a solution. SPOILER ALERT: It fucking works. I've already tried the method in the video, and now my sleeping bag zips up perfectly again...
  41. krynitz

    NYC and sleeping rough

    I'm curious about various aspects of sleeping rough in NYC in winter. I'm not one for cold and roughing it in cities as big as NYC always puts me on edge, the two combined appears nightmarish. Has anyone here gone through it? Are there particular spots that are dry, warmer? Are there...
  42. Mankini

    The Urban Stealth Sleep System.

    Can you spot the urban camper? Neither can snooping cops and nosy passersby! Each elegant USSS is constructed of the highest quality materials, lovingly by hand by Mankini, the renowned creator of stealth and camouflage systems since 1997. Prices available upon request: the Base level...
  43. WanderLost Radical

    Sleeping in big cities

    Everyone knows how much of a bitch it is to find a good hidden place to sleep in larger cities. Well, today I had a genius idea. How about travelling with a couple large trash bags, and when it's time to sleep, you just get inside one, and lay down next to a trash can, with your head sticking...
  44. WanderLost Radical

    Sleeping in the heat

    Since we're in top-heat season, I wondered if anyone of you had any tricks to help us cool down for the night. Im surely not the only one who can barely sleep in such heats. So... any advices? Especially for areas where getting wet is not an option because of the bugs!!
  45. beginnavagabond

    Places to sleep around town

    (Not sure if this is the right thread but I didn't know where else to post) I am off for my first journey to Pennsylvania (where I grew up) and I'm very excited. I was planning on doing some couchsurfing or staying with friends, and sleeping in the woods. I was wondering what other places are...
  46. D

    Looking for fruit, nuts, and vitamins

    Hey all, I need food/ drink, fruit, nut, and vitamin suggestions on mood stuff (mostly depression), protein, dry skin and hair, menstrual stuff (ALL OF IT), and allergies/ congestion, and falling and staying asleep. I don't have access to herbs, and even if I did they would be costly. I know...
  47. Primitive

    Vehicle towed for sleeping in it?

    Has anyone had this experience in any town? Or been arrested? Up until now I've been using more stealthy vehicles. But I will be getting an RV tomorrow. I know I'm safe where I am with it, but paranoid about ending up in that wrong town where something like this might happen, since everywhere...
  48. kakafreedom

    sleeping bag question

    Hi I'm new for camping and looking to buy a sleeping bag. I'm 5" and 95 lbs. I'm not sure yet what I want to use for this but hopefully it's good for 3 season.s One more condition is, I'm looking for something ultra lightweight. Now I have two options in my mind REI Flash Sleeping -...
  49. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    How To Survive a Freezing Winter Sleeping Outside with no money

    For personal reasons, I cant stay at the shelter house during the winter and i hate being around strangers, im considering sleeping outside in the winter, but on da cheapest fundz possible. Any suggestions and comments people?
  50. wildwerden

    wool as sleeping pad

    For three bucks, I scored a military wool sleeping bag liner thing that looks like this: and I'm thinking about felting (washing and drying it hot to get those fibers nice and tight) and using it as a sleeping pad. I've never slept with one of those inflatable/foam pads before, mostly just...