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bay area

  1. Tobiko

    north Bay Area to i5 north (dunsmuir/Shasta/weed, southern Oregon maybe)

    Leaving Sonoma county in a couple hours, stopping at Russian River to keep cool then travelling over to i5 and up this evening, arriving where we will post up in weed/Shasta/dunsmuir area for End of the Line Moniker Show - 2022 - https://bbcrc.org/eotl.html and then probably heading to Mutant...
  2. Batsy

    Seeking Couch Seeming Bay Area couch/parking space

    Hey everyone! I’m visiting the East bay, and I’m hoping to stay around here for the next week. I don’t know of too many safe places I can park my van here, so I’m looking for someone to stay with, or someone who has a place I can park at, starting on 2/7. I’m hoping to visit some friends while...
  3. superphoenix

    Looking for squats or v cheap rent for 2022/23 (Portland, Bay Area, Austin, NOLA)

    Ok y'all, I'm putting some feelers out on his early. I have this romantic Kerouac-esque plan to hitch across the country this spring, then set up home base in 4 cities I very much enjoy for a season each to experience something other than Brooklyn, where I've lived my whole life. Portland...
  4. Charlene Jank

    Bay Area late-rona, early-apocalypse friends?

    Things are getting weird these days... Guess I'll see what this social-techno-whatsit can do to assuage the ominous loneliness of today's society.... Anyway, been meandering my way about for the better part of the last decade. Have hitched, hopped, cycle toured, and rubber tramped. I've loosely...
  5. saul

    SKATEBOARDING in the bay area

    any skaters on here want to meet up discuss skateboarding and share skate spots
  6. L

    my buddy needs help from the bay area to grants pass/medford

    i used to be on here some 10 years ago and deleted but I have a friend who is, now, in santa rosa trying to get up north to work. I know alot of you are doing the same right now and was hoping somebody could help him out as soon as possible. thanks guys.
  7. PukingPelican

    CSX Tampa bay area Tracks being worked on

    I have yet to go train hopping but used to climb through them on the way to school everyday.Just a matter of time!Anyways we got Alot of Csx track work going on down here in the Tampa Bay area.I don't know much as I'm gathering my info but I do know that means more crew on the tracks from what...
  8. fetidnotfaded

    az to bay area

    hey all! so ive been going back n forth from az to oakland for a few years now and decided i like oakland. mostly for the shows and graffiti. i mostly been getting there hitch hiking but id like to get there a different way. if yall got any useful suggestions, especially first hand experiences...
  9. feralautistic

    punk shows in the bay area?

    my partner and i are going to be in the bay area for a few weeks, anyone know any good shows to see while we're there? or poetry readings, if anyone's into poetry?
  10. Matt Derrick

    More Thoughts on Squatting in the San Francisco Bay Area

    @Matt Derrick submitted a new file to the library: More Thoughts on Squatting in the San Francisco Bay Area - Personal thoughts on the squatting community in the SF bay area with some additional resources. Click here for more info!
  11. Taming the Tiger

    Fastest/Best Routes, Chico to Los Angeles?

    Hey folks. Well, I’m coming close to the end of my first ever hitching trip. It’s been a hell of a ride; I went up the west coast from Palm Springs through Santa Barbara, SLO, Big Sur, the Bay, Arcata, Coos Bay on the 1 and 101, then up to Portland, back down to Eugene, Roseburg, Dunsmuir, and...
  12. japanarchist

    Bay area anarchist bookfair Sept 15th & Bastard conference the 16th

    http://bayareaanarchistbookfair.com/2018-event-info/ This Saturday the 15th in Oakland is the anunal anarchist bookfair. 10am - 6:30pm at the OMNI, at 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland. Also the Bastard conference is the next day on the 16th at the long haul infoshop. Anyone around plan on going...
  13. Benji91

    Bay Area Camping/Car Camping

    Looking at going back to the Bay Area for a couple days later this year, everyone I know there has moved on and I'll have my camper (converted 4x4, so not as subtle as a van) with me. I usually try and avoid bigger cities by San Francisco is, among other things, a bit of a nostalgia trip for...
  14. Chokechain

    First Post: Escape from Eureka

    Hello stp ::cat:: Stumbled upon this community while reading up on trainhopping, something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I was homeless for about 4 years and now that I’m living in an apartment in Eureka again, I’m getting that stuck, anxious feeling once more. I’m depressed...
  15. letsrollok

    Helloooo bay area bae

    i just moved out of the bay because my rent was over $1000 a month (considered a steal there by most conventional standards there). but screw that. I want to live there (my bandmate is there as well as all of my artist contacts and friends) and I can't afford/don't want to live there...
  16. zaye rodriguez

    What beach can you sleep at in the bay area?

    Okay. So, i see that either no one is willing to help with a place to sleep, or any ither info, we now have to resort to a tent so that we could sleep at night, and be able to get ro our daily lives in the morning. I was wondering is it kegal to sleep on the beach at night, in the bay area...
  17. Railfan David

    Bay Area to San Diego. Tips?

    So, I've been pretty lazy and stuck around the Bay longer than I intended, but I've gotta bounce. Probably taking off tomorrow. Any tips? Places I should stop by? Places to avoid? Easiest way to GTFO of LA if I get dropped there? I don't really need any advice on getting out of the Bay (I'm...
  18. Slingshot Collective

    Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

    10:00am – 6pm Saturday, September 16, 2017 Oakland, CA http://bayareaanarchistbookfair.com/
  19. West

    Good on-ramp for going North from the Bay Area on the 5?

    the only other time I've hitched north out of SF hadda walk thru Sausalito to the 101 on-ramp north of town. Hoping some of y'all know a good spot on the 5! Preciate cha
  20. 40oz in a rut

    Safest/best park to sleep in the bay area?

    I'm moving up to the bay area next week with very limited places to sleep does anyone recommend parks, squats, or hostels to stay in while in the bay? Also i was wondering whats the safest parks to sleep at is Buena Vista safer than Golden Gate Park to sleep at in a sleeping bag with pack?