bay area

  1. Taming the Tiger

    Fastest/Best Routes, Chico to Los Angeles?

    Hey folks. Well, I’m coming close to the end of my first ever hitching trip. It’s been a hell of a ride; I went up the west coast from Palm Springs through Santa Barbara, SLO, Big Sur, the Bay, Arcata, Coos Bay on the 1 and 101, then up to Portland, back down to Eugene, Roseburg, Dunsmuir, and...
  2. japanarchist

    Bay area anarchist bookfair Sept 15th & Bastard conference the 16th This Saturday the 15th in Oakland is the anunal anarchist bookfair. 10am - 6:30pm at the OMNI, at 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland. Also the Bastard conference is the next day on the 16th at the long haul infoshop. Anyone around plan on going...
  3. Benji91

    Bay Area Camping/Car Camping

    Looking at going back to the Bay Area for a couple days later this year, everyone I know there has moved on and I'll have my camper (converted 4x4, so not as subtle as a van) with me. I usually try and avoid bigger cities by San Francisco is, among other things, a bit of a nostalgia trip for...
  4. letsrollok

    Helloooo bay area bae

    i just moved out of the bay because my rent was over $1000 a month (considered a steal there by most conventional standards there). but screw that. I want to live there (my bandmate is there as well as all of my artist contacts and friends) and I can't afford/don't want to live there...
  5. 40oz in a rut

    Safest/best park to sleep in the bay area?

    I'm moving up to the bay area next week with very limited places to sleep does anyone recommend parks, squats, or hostels to stay in while in the bay? Also i was wondering whats the safest parks to sleep at is Buena Vista safer than Golden Gate Park to sleep at in a sleeping bag with pack?
  6. 40oz in a rut

    Are Osprey backpacks really worth it?

    Im about to be couch surfing the bay area looking for work with my life in my backpack. I was thinking about getting a ALICE pack but I noticed the hype on Osprey. My question is are they really worth $150 and if so what model be best for someone with a pack full of clothes and a sleeping bag to...
  7. 40oz in a rut

    Squatting in the bay area

    I plan on selling my car and moving to the SF/Oakland area in spring i know money doesnt go as far there as most places and other than couch hopping ill be doing i want some advice on sqauting up there. If anyone has tips or experiance its greatly appreciated