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  1. SiCK cada

    What if I started a squat in my hometown just for the summer?

    So I've kinda given up on making plans. Since I've started traveling, over half of the plans I've made to go certain places and do certain things ended up not happening because of something else that came up. But I still like to idly wonder "what if I did this?". So here's my latest "what...
  2. pokchop

    Where's everyone headed for summer?

    So, I made it to base. Been here a week and the 'comfort of convenience' and all things that come with a house feel a bit daunting. Looking at possessions is to feel anxious for new reasons. Having the basic necessities of a house are great. Having the basic necessities to live are great. Having...
  3. L

    Fruit Picking in the Okanagan this summer?

    Hello lovely people! This is my first post here, but I've been lurking this site for years now. I'm making ideas of what to do with my summer, and as I'm already in BC, I'm thinking of spending the summer fruit picking in the Okanagan. I've heard cherries are where the money's at, and my plan is...
  4. D

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Video - Raggamuffin summer update'

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  5. Raggamuffin

    Video Raggamuffin summer update

  6. I

    Hi everyone. I have a question and want to talk a little...

    I'll start with a question. What should I do? 16 year old boy, living in a rich town with a high school that is acedemically superior(my family is not particularly rich, but above average overall, poor compared to friends) this town is very safe, peaceful bubble on the shore. It is quite...
  7. Changle

    Emerald Triangle viable this summer?

    So I dropped out of school a bit ago, recently lost my job, had corona cancel my summer gig and now I gotta leave my apartment in like a week tops so scrambling to do something other than go back home. A dealer/Friend mentioned trimming jobs in the Emerald triangle when I brought up my plans to...
  8. F

    Looking for work in France or similar next summer

    Hey people. I am an ex-full-time-van-person and I’m looking at getting back into one just for the summer next year (2020). However, I’m looking for a contact in France for agricultural work (with which I have a lot of experience) for around the end of May to late September. If I’m not in a van I...
  9. Cornelius Vango

    Seeking Extremophiles for Desert Summer Crew

    Hey, folks. I'm sure many of you are already acquainted with my current long-term project which is Slab City Library. The popular winter season is coming to an end, and the temperatures will begin to rise until they top out at as high as 130F. I have spent the better part of the last four years...
  10. MadAndy

    Squat Across Europe Summer Media Project Idea. Need Your Advice

    Hey everyone. I'm still sorta new here, and most of my travel experience is limited to more traditional means of transport, through the US... and then several years of packing around the Middle East and South Asia. I got hitched to a Spaniard a couple of years back, so I live in Spain now, but...
  11. D

    Summer reading list

    While sitting on my ass, doing nothing today, I recalled a moment from a few days back. While still at my last job, I was approached by a customer who had far too much money and far too few problems. Her beloved pet cat had recentley passed and she was looking for a book to help her cope with...
  12. JChooch

    Fixing to take off this Summer

    Whatup STP? I've been lurking around here for about a day. My story starts with watching various YouTube channels. First Brave Dave hopping Canada came up on my suggested list almost a year ago, which led me to Stobe, Shoestring, Stu, and then finally Brian Cray whose website led me here. I...
  13. Big Time

    Where do snowbirds go in the Summer?

    Is there a Pacific Northwest place like Slab City to go when it gets hot?
  14. D

    summer time uninhabited island squat cape cod mass

    okay so this place okay so this place called panekes Island that used to have a school on it for bad kids from Boston has been uninhabited for several years now maybe as many as five but it has a big house a tool shop a boat shop climbing walls animal pens chicken coops Garden space basketball...
  15. Kaine

    In Colorado Springs, heading to west coast come Summer (+ the story so far)

    I'm Kaine, 23 M, from Indianapolis, IN. Last summer I decided fuck living in the city, can't deal with the noise, lack of space and privacy, and entitled people. For the past 3-4 years I've been working on and off at urban farms and living in a van. Then I got a vision that I'm not supposed to...
  16. Art101

    Summer trip

    So yeah planning and hatching a trip for either late May or early June with the goal being Seattle.Thinking about riding the front range to Laurel MT.Then west from there.Any thoughts advice or experience would be welcome.
  17. thewildkindness

    Photos Recent Travels - AZ, UT, ID, WY, WA, OR, CA

    August travels. we put a lot of miles on my friends truck, had a great time, but i didn't exactly end up where i planned... back where i started lol in the sonoran desert Sedona Grand Canyon Moab, UT Wyoming Wyoming makin time at midnight Castle Rocks, Idaho...
  18. AaronOnTheRoad

    My hitchhiking summer gear

    Okay everyone I've been reading the great information on Stp and gathered everything ill need for this trip. Please comment anything i might have missed and or what you bring that is useful. 50+5 wasing backpack One person tent Sleeping bag 1 t shirt 1 pants 3 pair of socks Muscle shirt Hygiene...
  19. A

    Summer Fashion Tips for Discerning Travelers

    Summer is upon us and that means its time to ditch those ugly nylon rain ponchos and get ourselves into something more fashionable. First of all black snot rags hung around the neck are so cliche. Let's show the opinionated townies of the world that we have class. Let's swap those rags out...
  20. B

    summer job camping experience

    Camp Glencoe in Sturgis South Dakota offers a variety of jobs for the summer getting ready for the big annual Sturgis Rally. Its over 1,0000 acres of property and usually a fun work environment. I know they are looking for help right now. They have facilities there but mainly you pick a nice...