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train hopping

  1. darlingcpr

    First little ride in a long time, Jersey > Selkirk

    Took my first trip since 2016, where I had caught a freight train for the very first time from Virginia to Georgia with some friends who had been hopping for a while. Well the time came again last week when a friend in NYC asked me to go with her from Jersey to Selkirk, NY. It ended up being a...
  2. Matt Derrick

    the train hopping and urban exploration sections are currently open to anyone logged into their account

    Previously we've been requiring a user to have 10 posts and a filled out profile to access the train hopping and urban exploration sections, but there's something broken in the database that is preventing the upgrade of users from one user group (registered) to the user group that has access to...
  3. Grgl

    First ride

    Hello everyone! Last saturday I did my first ride on a cereal train. A really cool first experience that pushes me even more to continue. This moment of freedom on board a train was really great. The landscapes offered during this trip on the banks of the Loire (French river) were exceptional...
  4. Matt Derrick

    Active Project Urban exploration and Train hopping sections temporarily open to all with no requirements

    Hey folks, it's been pointed out to me that there's a bug in the message board software that is causing users who qualify for reading the train hopping and urban exploration sections of the website (10+ posts and a completed profile) are still not able to view those sections. I'm a bit busy with...
  5. Zachswonderland

    Hopping on the Amtrak in February

    Hey y'all I'm probably going to be homeless come February, so I've decided if that happens I'm going to spend my little bit of money on the 500 dollar Amtrak ticket that gives you 10 rides, anybody want to come along or have suggestions on where I should head first? I'm starting in Denver and...
  6. SouthernSammon

    Photos Laurel Yard Montana, anybody has plans out here come spring?

    I’m staying with some family in Montana this winter, so I naturally found myself hanging out at the closest yard. Here’s some pictures of a few tags I found, featuring Stobe and Wingman. Thinking about hopping out of here come spring. Seems like a fairly easy catch. Especially the crew change...
  7. Hank602

    Video Trainhopping BNSF-Z-WSP from Glendale,AZ

  8. Murkyerky

    Hitchin n hoppin first time with my banjo

    Hey y’all my names murky. I’ve been around and lived pretty minimalist for a while. I’m leaving to Arizona with some buddies to trek the southeast for a bit. Once they are done in the spring I’ll be catching a train my first time. Hoping to meet a friend on the road to teach me the ways, if not...
  9. Toekeyohdrift

    Whats the deal with Belen, NM?

    Just moved down to Las Cruces for a season of trailwork and trying to scope out what's reasonably rideable and to where. The Sunset Route seems like a no-go but the Santa Fe trans-con seems reasonable based on the current CC as well as info provided on here and elsewhere. Would love to make my...
  10. Matt Derrick

    Video The Civil Wars - The One That Got Away (Some neat traveler / train hopping visuals)

    Usually this would be more appropriate for the music section, since it's a music video, but I was really impressed by the visuals of hobo culture combined with a female protagonist. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  11. superphoenix

    Train Riding Achievements

    Created a video-game-style set of train riding achievements for fun. If you're green, check off what you've done, and if you're very experienced, check off the ones you haven't done yet.
  12. Cornellius Mcgillicuddy

    Coos Bay RailLink-Oregon

    Has anyone hopped the Class 3 CBRL line that runs mostly timber product in and out of Coos Bay Oregon , up along the coast and across the Willamette Valley into Eugene Oregon? I've heard it is an incredibly beautiful and scenic ride and would appreciate hearing more about anyone's experience...
  13. lizZzard

    What is up y’all!?

    Hey there! My names Liz but you can call me lizZzard ha! Been a lurker here for a bit and have to say I really enjoy this platform! I’ve done a bit of hitchhiking and currently live in my van out here in beautiful Oregon! If anyone comes out this way and needs ideas of roads to sleep on, NF or...
  14. starpurple

    No Signal - Super 8 Train Hopping Film

    I went to the premiere of this video in LA and I really enjoyed it. The narration reminded me of a bruce brown film. Anyways they put it up on youtube a few days ago and I thought I'd share it on here. EDIT: I'm not sure if this is the right place to post or somewhere else? like travel stories?
  15. superphoenix

    My First Coast to Coast Ride

    I realize to most people here this is nothing special, but I thought I would tell a little bit of how last summer's coast to coast hop went, interspersed with a couple of screenshots from a video I put together of the whole experience. I started in the North Bergen hopout, expecting to go...
  16. Toekeyohdrift

    (BNSF) Rail cop took my photo

    So I got caught riding last year in Spokane (infamous rail cop apparently) and had my photo taken. I took care of all the court stuff but how long do you suppose they'll hold onto my photo in their database? I don't plan on getting caught again but I'd like to continue riding BNSF as I'll be...
  17. GrantTheTramp

    Looking to catch out ASAP

    Hey guys I'm grant, 28 , living in south ga ATM, looking to catch out and get as far west as possible as soon as possible. I'm losing my mind here and have a serious vagabond itch I need to scratch..hmu guys. Info. Advice. Train hopping stuff. Lmk. Thanksss!!
  18. loathsomeginger

    Question Durable 50L+ pack for trainhopping?

    I'm about to take a backpacking and trainhopping trip to the South Caucasus, specifically Georgia and Armenia. I've owned a number of packs over the years and none of them felt truly durable enough for trainhopping. I'm talking throwing your pack off a moving rail car onto ballast, throwing your...
  19. plumfae

    hi, I'm plum! a bit about me (🇨🇦)

    hey howdy im Plum! I'm from Windsor, ON. I'm trans, a poet, and I write graffiti. I spent the last few years doing a lot of couchsurfing, usually for a month at a time, but I've always had a roof over my head. I got my longtime daydreams of riding trains admittedly by reading Kerouac in...
  20. D

    John Sevier Yard Knoxville TN

    John Sevier Yard is a NS yard with a lot of mix and match carriers in and out. Bulls are pretty bad and like to kick you down to the jail rather than writing tickets. So, a lot of things going on here. First, there is a small downtown yard. This IS NOT Sevier Yard. Sevier Yard is way out on...