train hopping

  1. AlxReno

    Smith Falls to BC

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to catch out of Smith Falls, Ontario and go west to BC. After studying the station a bit I'm having trouble finding a smart place to wait for the right train. If anyone could help me at all that would be awesome. Thanks...
  2. Maestro

    Ontario To Vancouver/Tofino

    Hey guys im new on here! Very nice place you guys got here. So anyways basically ive been a cog in the machine my whole life. I just turned 29 and im done with this society we live in! I've given myself 2 monthes to get my pack, gear and a gopro. Im going to be riding the freight and hitch...
  3. Obi403

    All the Canadian crusties and crustettes

    I'm going to be back in the great white in July doing some coast to coasts starting in southern Alberta. Anyone nationwide want to meet up/tag along let me know probably riding CPR.
  4. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs The hobo inspiring a new generation of restless spirits

    After leaving his small town as a teen, 'Huck' hit the road to hitchhike, hop trains and live by his own rules. Now he’s helping other vagabonds navigate a society they see no future in. You don’t choose your name as a hobo. You earn it. Steven Boutwell gained his while working with another...
  5. Synthect

    Looking for someone to explore Alaska

    Looking for someone to explore Alaska with, experienced or new to the state just wanna hop the rails and explore before I leave outta sate. (To Michigan then Pittsburgh)
  6. Trooper

    Appalachian Mountian Hobos

    I've never been further east of Nevada but the place that interests me the most is the Appalachian Mountains. The green, the people, the music, seems like a cool place to roll through. Anyone ever been? What is the hopping like over there? Any good stories to tell?
  7. LyamCass

    All I hear is trains...

    *Just a quick story about my first trainhopping experience* ;) (Continued from Part 1) I kinda gave up after a bit due to my legs being completely destroyed after a few bouts with ballast rocks going downhill. Finally, at 5:30 pm my ride starts rolling out full blast, whistles and bells and...
  8. loathsomeginger

    Planning to freight hop for 6-9 months out of So Cal soon, seeking road dog

    I'm planning on heading out from Southern California--Ventura to be precise--for about 6 to 9ish months to ride the rails all over the US, Canada and possibly Mexico beginning sometime in the next 2-4 weeks. I'm not a complete greenhorn by any means but far from being a trainhopping expert, i.e...
  9. Hobo Mud

    MOSSY OAK Fieldline Pro Series ELITE Backpack Internal Frame Pack

    Thought I would share my experience with a back pack that I purchased this past October 2017. Purchased this bag from Walmart due to an emergency because my previous bag got demolished. It is not uncommon for me to go through several back packs a year because of the way I travel. I tend to be...
  10. Hobo Mud

    How to make money from a church while traveling. AA & dumpster diving

    With all the different things that we all have in common on STP there are two that stand out the most, one is the love and desire to travel and the second is the need to make money to survive and fund our adventures. Most of us have developed a skill or a way that best suits us pertaining as...
  11. TrainingHoppers

    Good Short-Term Jobs...

    I checked in other posts with the same information but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Are there any suggestions on short-term jobs that you can find pretty much anywhere in the U.S? I don't have much creative talent and don't have a ton of personal skills, but when it comes to...
  12. TrainingHoppers

    Youtube For Train Hopping

    Just a quick question from someone preparing/ researching to travel full-time. Via Freight Hopping, is it worth it getting a cheap GoPro and putting in the work at the local library for wherever you end up to post on Youtube or does the work outweigh the benefit of a little extra cash? I'd be...
  13. TrainingHoppers

    Education Vs. Travel?

    Alright, I need somewhere to kinda/sorta rant and don't know where to put this, so here we go. Short but Sweet: I'm living a pretty shit life right now. I don't want to sit here and talk about it for hours because than ya'll think I'm a stuck-up brat with nothing to do but rant to people who...
  14. Tall Sam Jones

    West Coast

    Hello friends. I am a traveling musician. I hitch hike and hop around the Western US, busking on my saxophone to make a living. Today I am leaving Walla Walla, WA for Portland, OR. From there, I'll try to hop out of the Portland yard headed south, and barring that I'll hitch hike. My...
  15. briancray

    Video NY to OR by Thumb and Steel

    A few stories from my recent travels hitchhiking and riding trains from Buffalo, NY to Crater Lake, OR for work. I tried adding photos, but my connection sucks ass here, so I figured I'd post some videos. There were some really beautiful rides and I'm glad I had the chance to squeeze them in...
  16. ntdxc1878

    Featured Photos One Month Across 20 States

    I pulled my pack out of the back and slammed the door shut. The white Nissan slowly wheeled away around the bend and out of sight, and I was now officially alone. I promptly made my way through a hole in the fence, through the trees and out into the clear to reveal the glorious three track...
  17. Enosh Alcairo

    Looking for Young (under 21) bay area folks interested in traveling

    Hey 18 year old asian dude living in sf looking for potential travel partners/ friends in the bay area. Right now im just looking for other folks to hangout with and plan an adventure with. I planning to head out in october/ November. I have one train hopping experience under my belt, went solo...
  18. rebl

    East-West Canada train hopping

    Hey! I'm looking for (an) experienced person(s) in train hopping leaving next week from Montreal to Vancouver-ish (B.C.) willing to go with an unexperienced person (me). I think I need some teaching; I'd prefer to go with someone rather than on my own. But hey, I think i feel somewhat...
  19. ElderGreen9

    Indie filmmaker looking for actors and info about road life

    Hey all, I'm an indie filmmaker making a love story between two young men set in the world of homeless travelers. Back in college, all of my friends (and some lovers ;)) were travelers. I never lead that lifestyle myself but I was close to that world and as a filmmaker, it's always something...
  20. TheWanderer

    Photos Killer Kelty Backpack thrift shop find

    I just got myself a killer Kelty backpack at a thrift store for three dollars! What a great find! Time to switch all the gear from my old backpack to this one! Reminds me of a little story I know. Into the wild with Chris McCandless. Look it up.