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  1. A

    Advice on how to attach chain wallet to overalls

    The title says it all. I'm new not really new to traveling but I've never worn overalls before, I've always worn pants therefore always attached my chain wallet to my belt loop or belt. I just wanna wear my overalls without pants underneath so I can't attach them to the belt loops to my pants...
  2. J

    advice for a new guy

    Well damn the l luck my roommate that I've been staying with for 5 years now up and passed away all the sudden and I've been wanting to start fresh. I'm looking for a new place to go for the summer maybe someone might know of some work with housing if you could throw me a bone it would be much...
  3. Gutterthey

    New Orleans Car Life Advice

    Hey guys, first post here, relatively new to living in my car. I just got to New Orleans from Florida Bc it wasn’t the vibe. I want to stay here for a while and work/save my money. I am concerned about my car being broken into, mostly Bc I can’t afford to repair it. I read online having things...
  4. Astral Arlo

    My fiancee and I posted up in LA. Looking for good people or a cheap place to rent/squat. Need advice

    Hello everyone! Im new here but have had several people recommend it. Im a musician posted in LA with my fiancee. Looking for a place to rent or squat
  5. Russetfur1128

    Advice for a new squatter?

    I just moved into a house that is abandoned. The owner died 3 years ago and his wife moved halfway across the country. Planning on fixing up the yard and then getting water and electricity turned on, but not sure about how to do that. I've never paid bills in my life, as I've been living with...
  6. D

    Advice on PDX to Tucson?

    Ppl say 101 is easy way south, so if I can get to the coast that should get me south, but when to go east? I-10 goes right thru Tucson but I think taking 101 to I-10 would mean hitching out of LA and I hear ppl say LA is like a vortex that traps people in and that sounds bad lol. What do u...
  7. Inhibition

    Told to Vacate Apartment, Might Be Squatting And Would Like Advice

    My family has been told to vacate after living in the same place for 20 years. We've never missed rent, but a new landlord bought my place and is kicking us out so he can double the rent. I'm not sure the covid eviction moratorium fully protected people in our circumstance where renovation...
  8. SouthernSammon

    Noable locations to visit

    Hey y'all, I hope everybody is doing well! I'm planning to head out on a somewhat long-term hitchhiking venture out west, ultimately my goal is to meet new people and hopefully stumble upon cool opportunities. Leaving from the armpit of the USA, known as Florida, I want to hit as many...
  9. julianface

    Canada tips and advice

    Hey everyone so I completed my first train journey from Edmonton to Toronto a couple weeks ago. It was pretty fucked had a bit of everything, getting spotted almost immediately, hitching with a conspiracy nut, all-night stake-outs, full sprint catch-outs, bailing out of a moving train going the...
  10. Wierden

    Advice for Squatting in the Reno 'burbs?

    Hey all, So I've got a work-stay set up at a sweet spot outside of Vegas, but it doesn't start til August. For personal reasons, I'd like to leave my current state and be in Nevada prior to that, for up to a couple of weeks. I have a couple friends in Reno, so I could probably get a couple...
  11. FawnGone

    VT riding experiences, advice?

    Planning to hop through VT in the coming week sometime, prob pretty soon. I've been wanting to do some nice shortlines for a long while, I've mostly done IM. Any recent experience in VT or stories, etc? It'll be me, my kid, and the dog. We're going to head from Bratt to Burlington and then back...
  12. Seeds21

    Advice for hoping out of Tampa?

    Anybody have any advice for hoping out of tampa going North. Do you still take Uceta yard or Yeoman CSX? Theres a lot of yards. After about 9 months of florida and almost everything going wrong Im more then ready to get outta here.
  13. StrongsouthwindyWomen

    Question What are some good advice for spanging/ flagging a sign during thirdwave of covid?

    Hello fellow people I apolguise if this sounds like a similar post I've posted in the previous past, so I understand if deleted, it's not related to my social anxiety. It's about being more succesful at panhandling and making more profile while standing for hours trying to flag a sign. Well...
  14. D

    Moving to New orleans, any advice?

    Hola, Ima squatter who just started renting because covid made squat life inconvenient for me. Moving to New orleans end of january but I have never lived there. Any advice for someone moving to NOLA, and do u know where I can get in touch with an active conscious anarchist community in...
  15. Potts

    Some advice please

    Wondering if anyone could offer a touch of advice on my sleeping arrangements. I have a poly fill sleeping bag from Walmart, it's rated down to like 50 degrees fahrenheit. I also have a heavy duty tarp that I've been wrapping me and the sleeping bag up in the last few nights since it's been...
  16. croc

    Featured Some unsolicited advice on how to make friends on StP

    There's plenty of folks I've seen come and go from StP in few years here say "I can never find anyone to meet up with from here!" I've been here 3 years and have made tons of friends via StP but most folks I see saying they don't have "luck" with that are making "I'm here, who's here?" "I'm...
  17. Crust Wagon

    staying warm on the road? how to, tips and/or gear advice?

    Newshit kid here. Its cold as Santa's ass out here. I live in Michigan for context, so yea it's pretty easy to get your ass frozen to the concrete while you're takin' a dump (don't ask.) Anybody got any advice on how to stay warm out here? Perhaps more advice than just "wear a coat, dipshit."...
  18. Frustrated mom

    Hi there. Parents with a infant. Just asking advice.

    Well myself, my boyfriend and five month old are first time homeless thanks to covid. Basically I've called or emailed every homeless shelter, church group and community outreach program in my city. Columbus, Indiana. And the four surrounding cities. Most never get back to me. Others refuse to...
  19. EightyFourThousand

    Intro/Looking for Advice

    Thirty years old, been wwoofing/traveling since 2016. Most recently spent three years in California, first in the Santa Cruz mountains on a pot farm/commune, then in the Bay Area where I volunteered for the Long Haul Infoshop and Slingshot radical newspaper. Ironically as soon as I went into...
  20. coyotecure

    Just starting out bike touring and looking for advice.

    (hii i don't use forums much, so please forgive me if it isn't done right. admins feel free to delete) So a friend just gifted me a Miyata 610. I'm helping another friend get down to NOLA from Portland at the end of next month and I want to ride my bike back home I think. Currently I don't...