1. Batsy

    4/20 festivities in Seattle this year?

    I’ll be passing through Seattle on 420 this year and was wondering if anyone knows of any fun events happening there around that time? Especially if they’re 420 themed.
  2. ERSK

    2022 Anarchist Yacht Club Meet-Up

    Well I hope its cool if I share this information, I had just stumbled across it after watching Hold Fast and got really excited. I would love to go although I am not yet a boat owner. Anyone wanting to make the journey and would like to link up I would love to attend... " Come all bold and...
  3. NightWalk

    Video World Traveller Adventure " Spiral Tribe "

    The Spirals organized their first party in the United Kingdom in October 1990. Very quickly, with other techno sound systems, they approached travelers, whose nomadic way of life they adopted. They perform in several free festivals, emblematic events of traveler culture. Taking with them all the...
  4. ERSK

    Kentucky Disaster Relief and Mutual Aid

    Hey everyone I'd like to help out my neighbors here in Kentucky affected by the tornados Friday. I found a resource list online for anyone affected in the region and will share a link below. Is there anyone else in the area wanting to help as well? I am thinking of going down myself and have...
  5. Gypsybones

    All hail the Dark Lord (SatanCon)

    Whos thinking about/going to the first ever SatanCon?
  6. Forkks

    Days n Daze in Omaha extra ticket

    Hey folx, As the title suggests, I have an extra ticket to Days N Daze in Omaha tomorrow if anyone’s interested. You don’t even have to hang out with me lol but I wouldn’t mind meeting new people. Anyways, reply to this if you want it and I’ll see what the best way to transfer it is.
  7. Taylorwltrs

    Anyone in sac want to see a free punk show tomorrow?

    So yeah, hella short notice. I was going to try to make it out, bought the ticket n everything but I'm seeing it's not gonna work out for me last minute. Main band is The Queers. 90s garage punk I'd say. Ticket were only 15 so it's not much of a loss on my end, just figured if someone was in the...
  8. ruinmayhem

    West Puget Sound Food Not Bombs 3 x a week

    If anyone is ever on the west side of the Puget Sound in Washington. Kitsap Food Not Bombs shares a hot meal with anyone who asks behind the downtown 7/11 Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesdays at 530 p.m. until about 7 p.m. There are typically some donated clothes, and hygiene prodcuts as well as...
  9. japanarchist

    Squatter movie night in Portland Or.

    Hey folks, if you're in Pdx come out for a movie night! Some buddies are having a benefit event and I'm helping boost this. Come out to Pennsula park on 9/11 to watch some cool squatUmentaries, meet other squattas & anarchos and have some fun! Here's more info on it:
  10. Tobiko

    Autonomous Mutant Fest 2021?

    hiii! May be heading to AMF. Starts July 12th and goes until 21st. travelling in minivan, perhaps room for 3 if anybody interested. Not sure of specifics of travel yet, lemme know what u thinkin. I may be in Bay Area, sacramento, maybe even so cal!
  11. A zed

    Green Scare this year?

    I was curious if anyone had heard anything about Green Scare happening this year or not? I think I remember a friend mentioning it might be happening this year but I haven't seen anything about it.
  12. Gypsybones

    Event Hey train nerds, check this shit out!!!
  13. Romanriff

    End of the Line Art Show

    There's a boxcar art show kind of thing going on in Weed, CA on the 12th of June. I wanted to go last year but COVID happened but I should be up there around that time to go check it out. If you're around you should come and check it out. End of the Line Instagram
  14. Bozo Tuna


    Anything happening is Florida soon? looking to have some fun maybe jam a little?
  15. MrFeels

    Need show plz

    Is Black butte still a thing? If anyone hears about live shows let me know. I have plenty of oldtimey by the fire music getting played by my friends, but I crave face melting riffs from a giant stack of speakers..
  16. V

    Canceled Event

    this event was canceled
  17. D

    Beet harvest 2020?

    Is anyone planning to do this? I haven’t ever but I’m strongly considering checking it out with my partner and making some quick dough to hopefully blow if and when the lockdowns end. I’d also love to meet people there or maybe organize some kind of meetup AFTER the harvest, as I’ve heard it’s...
  18. D

    Is there anything not cancelled?

    Yo! I’m just deciding to start travelling, lockdowns be damned. Is anyone aware of anything awesome or any ways in which to meet people to do awesome things with? Heading towards Sacramento tonight, looking for people who want to chill, talk about ideas, discuss community, do some kind of...
  19. ERSK

    BLM Support In Louisville, Ky

    Hey all, back here again to ask for your support if your in the Midwest. This Saturday, June 27th the three percenters are gonna march on the Injustice Square free space that BLM have held for almost a month now here in Louisville Ky. These yella belly trump guzzlin trigger happy boot licking...
  20. James Meadowlark

    The Fest 2020- Gainesville FL. Oct. 30 - Nov. 2

    Should be a good one this year... Love HWM, so two nights is going to be awesome.. Samiam 30th anniversary, and Mustard Plug returns again this year! Tried to update the wiki, but couldn't find the edit button. Start growing your beards today!
  21. dubh

    Seattle Autonomous Zone

    If any road dawgs are at the Seattle Autonomous Zone hit me up. I am camping there for the last couple days, and have no plans on leaving until the Jamboree north of here. If your on the road on the west coast, you may want to consider coming to the AZ in Seattle, it's the Capital Hill...
  22. Jerrell

    Coping With Dystopia

    CWD1 last week was pretty good If yer into that folk punk thing. CWD2 is this Friday, March 27th. It'll be streaming on YouTube and FB.
  23. hobbes

    Spring Jamboree at The Garden

    The Garden in Lafayette Tennessee is hosting a Spring Jamboree from April 17th-30th. It's a free event donations are excepted though.There will be music food and fun. There's a free food kitchen that people are welcome to help out with and plans to build something crazy out of scrap wood to...
  24. jimi

    Cramond Island of Punk 2020 (Edinburgh Fringe Fest)

    I went to this last year and had a blast!! Definitely trying to go again. Anyone from StP going? For those who don't know: Cramond Island of Punk is a single day punk festival that takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Fringe Festival. It is held on Cramond Island, a small beautiful...
  25. Matt Derrick

    Event Punk Rock Bowling 2020 - May 21st to 25th, Las Vegas, NV

    Unless something utterly stupid happens I'm going to this event for sure this year, and I'm looking for people to come with me. Its 160 for the weekend and there's a pretty decent lineup this year. Tickets are on sale now and will probably sell out quick, so if you're serious about going I...
  26. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Event Trainfest November 9th & 10th, 2019 Wisconsin State Fair

    Hi All! I was hoping to make it to Jambo in NOLA but doesn't look like my company is going to honor me for time off to go. (Other employees whining and crying they need off). If you're in the upper Midwest area or can't make it to Jambo, come on over to Wisconsin State Fair park on November 9th...
  27. Daisy

    What's going on for 2019 Halloween where you're at?

    Not sure what I'm doing personally, might go down to Nola or something where I'm at. Or nothing ::sour::. Either way I'd like to hear some of your plans and favorite places. It is that festive satanic time of year again.
  28. japanarchist

    2019 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair

    Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st held likely at The Vera Project. 2019 Seattle Anarchist Book Fair – Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st -
  29. D

    Event Copwatch Workshop in Mpls, MN, USA

    I'm hosting a copwatch workshop, that's going to be very superglued and bootlegged together. We'll watch videos and actively train on how to copwatch. If you're in the area RVSP and contact me to get my address. Bring snacks to share. I'm not on here much, so reach out on FB.
  30. Pcdhitch

    Hillberry Music Festival the 10 th of October!!! Arkansas!

    Best bluegrass fest of the Year!!! Hope to see ya there!! If some people are close by and want to go, I will help with sneaking you in! This is the First fest I've ever paid for!!! So wouldn't mind helping. Will be there Thursday night but won't get in till Friday morning. Friends will be going...
  31. Matt Derrick

    Photos A report back from Alienstock 2019

    In case you didn't hear about the unintentional event and internet viral phenomenon, Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop Us All -- It was a joke started by Matty Roberts on Facebook as just another one of many shitposts one would expect to find on social media. The difference here was that this...
  32. D

    Event Anti-Police Anti-Corp Pride Potluck and Bondfire

    In Minneapolis, MN on Oct 13th starting at 6pm! Queers gettng together without the police or Target telling us where e can and can't be! PM me for more info, if you're you're going to be in town! ACAB!
  33. D

    Relics from the Road - Pensacola Museum of Art - Friday Sep. 6th - Oct. 20th 20

    Hello! Last minute but if your in this area come out. Starts around 6pm. This is a museum exhibit of unique ephemera I’ve been collecting from my travels and our community for 15 years, including some photographs, also indoor and outdoor projections. To coincide with the 309 Punk House Project...
  34. rhummer92

    Event The Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering 2020

    The Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering! Dec 10-16th, 2020 Weblink: Global Eclipse- Patagonia Gathering 10-16 Dec 2020 - I bought a super early bird ticket to this! I have zero plans in terms of getting there & no one else involved in the idea. At the moment it’s 1...
  35. Fuzzypeach

    Tonasket Barter Fair

    We plan to attend the Tonasket Barter Fair in Tonasket, WA. It's the 3rd weekend of October. Anyone else going? Tips and advice on the event welcome.
  36. Lichenthropy

    hell/mizmor tour

    hey! are any of yall going to see hell n mizmor play in late sept? im asking specifically about their seattle, oakland, n la dates. im trying to go (the actual destination is up in the air atm) and am curious is all. thx!
  37. ancienttoes

    The Garden Intentional Community Gathering September 13-26 in Tennessee

    This is an invitation to all to our end of summer gathering at The Garden intentional community. We have had travellers of all kinds like hitchhikers, rv and van dwellers, rainbow gatherers, organic farm volunteers, and other people who live an alternative way of life, and invite anyone who...
  38. beersalt

    Heya! Tryng to see some cool shit NYC

    Hey there! Headed to Astoria, NY to spend some important time in NYC. Gonna be spending about three days in the city before headed south. Mainly gonna be hangin' within the Brookelyn area. Anyone have any good suggestions for sweet punk bars to check out, open mics, or shows within the area...
  39. Matt Derrick

    Event Alienstock -- #StormArea51; who wants to go?

    So the whole nonsense with the storm area 51 facebook page has turned into a music festival thing at the Little Ale'inn restaurant and hotel in Rachel, NV, September 19th-22nd, 2019. More details here: So.... seeing Area 51 and the surrounding area has been #1 on my...
  40. Shaggy Rogers

    Gasparilla parade, Tampa Florida

    Pirates on pirates. Beer. Cannons. Beads, beads and more beads. Pretty sure its free but parking is a bitch. Happens mid January but could cook eggs on the concrete bruh its florida. 100% gonna go to next one
  41. D

    cream corn wrestling in winona MN. aug. 10th

    i think its there 20th anniversary for cream corn on latsch island in winona this year(they have a facebook).if your in the area you might want to check it and river punks of all ages come out of the woods for a wild time on the island.sometimes bands play. i havn't been in years but...
  42. AStreetKidNamedRoAch

    THE FEST 19

  43. lazerskull

    Am I the only one here who...

    Because fuck that shit.
  44. lotlizard22

    Storm Area 51 Event 9/20/19

    Pretty sure it was set up as a joke but I'm probably going just to check it out: "ref"%3A"29"%2C"ref_notif_type"%3A"plan_user_associated"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"%7D&notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1562832504086921&ref=m_notif
  45. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Punk Island is a celebration of community, diversity, and rage

    PUNK ISLAND IS A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY, DIVERSITY, AND RAGE Punk Island shows NYC what’s at punk’s core: community. WORDS: Danielle Chelosky & Stephanie Augello PHOTOS: Stephanie Augello Randall’s Island in NYC isn’t usually bursting with heavy guitars vibrating through amps and...
  46. salxtina

    12 Hours till Mermaid Parade

    Coney Island what's up! 🦀
  47. Slnk

    Northeast/Maine Gathering

    I've decided not to head to Nationals this year in order to extensively explore the northeast region of the U.S and am curious if there is any information on the gatherings in the Northeast region. Trying to get in the woods with some folks and kick it for a short bit. Thanks homies.
  48. Dunedrifter

    Event Forest Defenders Needed in Humboldt

    Forest Defenders are desperately needed now to stop the logging of one of the last remaining coastal old-growth Douglas-fir forests. Get to Humboldt County, California now. Action camp happening this weekend and ongoing as needed. See for contact info...
  49. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Events Coming to Milwaukee, WI

    Hi All... If you are touring the Great Lakes area and planning to come to Milwaukee, a lot going on and I thought I better post them here now than later. And if you're interested in busking, these are the places to be!!! 2019 Summer Solstice Street Festival Milwaukee's East side June 22, 2019...