1. Matt Derrick

    Events, Gatherings, and Festivals

    Wiki Page 
    The goal of this page is to document what events are going on every year in the travel punk community. There are obviously all kinds of events, gatherings, festivals, and other kinds of parties going on all the time, but this list is intended to show you a piece of what’s going on each year that...
  2. Cracker

    Solar Eclipse Fest Williamsburg KY

  3. Acxulo

    UNsettling Canada 150 aka Fuck KKKanada Day

    This year, Canada is celebrating its 150th year of colonial existence, and Montreal its 375th. Throughout the next year, we’re going to be celebrating the histories of resistance to the colonial project of Canada, by continuing to bring them into our struggles in the present. This is a call for...
  4. Matt Derrick

    Festival Mapper Website

    I just came across this website, and I thought it might be useful to some folks. It's an interactive map of festivals around the world that can be filtered by music genre. It didn't have a TON of stuff in the heavy metal category, but I figured some of you might find it useful. You can submit...