north america

  1. sf2625

    Doing a gradual trip to Cali

    Hello all. I'm in Indiana, and I'm looking to make my way to the bay area of California. Funds are limited, but I have a vehicle. I'm trying to find cities that are tolerant to travelers along the way. I'm not on a deferral list and I am active at CSL Plasma, so places with a center nearby...
  2. Batsy

    Cool things to check out in a few WA cities

    I’m going to be visiting/passing through the following cities in Washington next month. I’ll be in each one very briefly, from one to 4 nights each. Anything cool to check out? Any cool bars, restaurants, venues, painting spots, shops, etc.? Aberdeen/Montesano Olympia Tacoma Seattle Spokane
  3. Spazz

    Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott

    This will be my first summer in Arizona since I was a teen. Prescott was highly recommended for its busking scene, and there are also supposed to be good food banks if the competition makes me look stupid, lol. I'm not really the big city type, but I love busking, just switched domicile from...
  4. J

    Has anyone crossed the Rainey river from Canada to America or vise versa

  5. TheTexasRoadrunner

    Qaurtsite Arizona

    I couldn't find any threads with this so I guess I'll ask Has anyone every camped the 7 months in qaurtsite and is it worth it ? Also can you tent camp there.
  6. J

    Question What to take with you when running away

    What should I take if I am going to be running away from home to a friend's house. I have made up my mind, don't try to convince me not to. I just need to know what to bring.
  7. J

    Slab City Flamingo Camp year rounders

    I was wondering if there were any slabbers that stay full time at flamingo camp, I am planning to move there, but don't know if there are any people who stay year round there.
  8. J

    Sex work at Slab City

    I am considering moving to slab city, and I was wondering if there was anywhere for me to set up a place for sex work, since the police don't come up as often. Would the people of slab city drive me out, or would they be more accepting? I mean no offense, I am just asking before I head up there...
  9. Batsy

    Recommendations on places to check out in East Colorado and Wyoming?

    I plan on taking this route through winning and Colorado in April. I’ve never been to either state on my travels and was wondering if anyone knows any good places to check out along the way? I’m into punk/metal/diy shows, bars, goth clubs, meeting other dirty kids as well as hippies and other...
  10. B

    Get me TF out of Gainesville

    Yo is it even possible to travel anymore? Everywhere I've been is so blown up and facist. It's like orwell just took the fuckin wheel and everyone else said "ok, sounds good." You guys know a way out of Gainesville? Seems like a long walk, tried to hitch dudes tried to rob me goin north.
  11. heroinjane

    Question Crossing from us to canada

    Trying to get to Canada from us. Any advice?
  12. wanderbusk

    Do you treat national parks the same as anywhere when stealth camping?

    I'm guessing all parks are different. I will be walking along highway 41 in southern Florida through the Big Cypress National Preserve. Haven't got my feet wet with stealth camping yet (but have some coming in the near future but not in national parks) and I'm sure it won't be my last national...
  13. fatberg

    Richmond, VA suv-life

    Hi yall, I think I'm headed to Richmond VA to live out of my Pilot in March. This would be the first destination on my suv-life journey. I see a Planet Fitness, three Walmart Supercenters, and a nearby wildlife area where I can fish for bass and catfish (maybe learn to hunt with a slingshot or...
  14. jaws

    Featured I hopped freights, hitched, bicycled and squated North America for 6 years, now I am off the road and living in ATX.

    I've been wanting to do this for some time now, I used this site a lot to help me during traveling. I've been off the road for a few years now but I've been busy attempting to re-assimilate into society. I am finally getting around to writing about my travels. I did the college thing, I come...
  15. otch0z

    What are the big differences between North America and Europe according to you ?

    Hey y'all, To begin, I hope this post is in the right thread ! I just figured out it could be fun to have a discussion about the differences people saw between two continents that might look the same from an external point of view. It's not to decide which one is best, but only because I like to...
  16. touf

    Europeans making North America Roadtrip *needing help*

    ok where should we start, we are 4 people from Europe and were planning to make a roadtrip through north america.. We´ve never been before in North America but weve booked the flight.. We arrive in the middle of may in Montreal...and 4 months later our flight goes back from LA to Europe...
  17. BanMatt

    Story from North America. A short animated cartoon and song.

    I forgot all about this for awhile. There's a live version too.