1. MichelleA66

    MISSING : Mark Nichols aka Shoestring

    My friend posted this on Facebook. Hoping someone here might be able to help. Edit: I read old posts so am aware ... But dude needs help he's blind and it's cold
  2. trippyj

    Travelogue My Experience At The Garden

    @stacysadistic asked what The Garden was really like, and figured this was a perfect time to post a story on here. (sorry if the tag didn’t work, i’m on a phone) I’ve been twice, once towards the end of winter and another time in the fall. I’ll try to keep this short but it was such an...
  3. Potts

    Memphis Tennessee

    Hello, I'm Joe Potts. I'm not really a train kid. Not really a hitch hiker type. I do both. Haven't really been to far from home yet. I'm 41 and this time I'm never going home. I'm straight. I do speed sometimes, but rarely. I drink a cpl beers daily. Trying to stop smoking cigarettes. I'm not...
  4. ancienttoes

    The Garden Intentional Community Gathering September 13-26 in Tennessee

    This is an invitation to all to our end of summer gathering at The Garden intentional community. We have had travellers of all kinds like hitchhikers, rv and van dwellers, rainbow gatherers, organic farm volunteers, and other people who live an alternative way of life, and invite anyone who...
  5. PaperTea

    Appalachian traveling western America - Hello!

    I am new here and still kind of new to traveling on my own. I was born in Tennessee and spent most of my life there. I am traveling with a wheeled luggage bag for my laptop, my cameras, etc. And a shoulder bag with a few shirts and a coat. I've couchsurfed, stayed in hostels and airbnb, slept...
  6. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Tennessee Veteran Returns Home From Deployment To Find Squatters

    At least he's not going after those who squatted in his home! Middle Tennessee veteran returns home from deployment to find squatters - https://krcrtv.com/news/nation-world/middle-tennessee-veteran-returns-home-from-deployment-to-find-squatters
  7. ancienttoes

    The Garden Intentional Community Spring Gathering April 14-30 in Tennessee

    This is an open invitation to The Garden intentional community for our annual spring gathering in April for the 10th anniversary of this community at 8967 Galen Road, Lafayette, Tennessee. This event is free of charge. There will be workshops about sustainable living, nature hikes, work projects...
  8. Xyndr

    Hitching through Tennessee

    Alright, so me and my partner made good time getting through alabama. We were about 10 miles from the Tennessee state line when a state trooper pulled off and told us it was illegal to hitchhike in Alabama. We got lucky and he just gave us a ride to the first exit in Tennessee. I asked him if he...
  9. T Spoon

    hitching in tennessee?

    i’ve never hitched out in the south (except once in virginia and it sucked). any advice for hitchhiking outta tennessee? i’m trying to go northwest.
  10. Alice and james

    Need ride to Jackson Tennessee or farther

    Me And my fiancee need a ride to Jackson or farther I have fibromialgi and am in fire dire need of a lift from the gas station we are currently stuck at and it's getting dark fast here please help us
  11. Continental Drifter

    Smokey Mountain High...

    Greetings fellow travelers! I've been afoot for some time now: from Nashville, Tennessee to past Gatlinburg on the latest range. Still headed east and I'll eventually end up in the New England Territory; I've explored and discovered many great sites here in the mountains of Eastern Tenn., I've...
  12. Continental Drifter

    From the Cumberland Plateau...

    Well met travelers! I've joined this site to seek any further knowledge or skills, and to share mine. I'm currently in Tennessee ranging across the Cumberland Plateau, heading back to the Appalachia region. Once there, I'll be preparing a campsite for the late fall/early spring seasons. For me...
  13. Di Cruz31

    Hi everyone!

    Hi peeps, just made an account on the site, and I am from the Clarksville, Tennessee area, if ya wanna chat hit me up on here :) hope to talk to ya :) Also I'll be needing someone to stay with, food shelter, anything would be great, I will work for travel :)
  14. kidbob

    Fayetteville tennessee

    Over the next few weeks ima try to produce some VALID "squater" info on my town This info will include primarily of places to "camp" in my town. We dont have much more than walmart,but we ARE a MAJOR cross through from the north to the south and all points west headed east or north\south as far...
  15. bunnyall

    going to be in east tennessee for the winter

    So I'm going to be in the northeast Tennessee, north Carolina and west Virginia areas all through the winter. I'm not very familiar with these areas. Looking for places to go, things to do and possibly places to stay. Jessie
  16. AndrewAcoustic

    Tennessee, developing community

    I thought this was pretty cool, and definitely something to check out if you go threw TN: "there is 21 acres of land in TN that people are free to use and live on. the land is there to help those that want to help others. so if you have something that you want to do but need land to do it now...
  17. ruther

    Christopher from Eastern Tennessee.

    I've prowled around this website for a while, but this is my first contribution. I'm from a small town in Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville. My travelling experience is limited, but very few minutes go by that the idea isn't active in my noggin'. Last August I drove north to Alaska for a few...
  18. TN1989


    hey! whats up! umm im not one for introductions but hopefully this site can help me meet up with some likewise radically minded people/travelers in the eastern TN carolina areas... ive got some experience with traveling... but tennessee isnt exactly the mecca for alternative/radical living so if...
  19. uliveandyouburn

    Tennessee to Corvallis - looking for stuff to stop and see

    Taking a road trip out to Oregon from East Tennessee for Christmas/New Years. We're trying to really stretch it out and see/do as much cool stuff as we can going there and back. So any of you folks know of anything for me to see in Nashville, Memphis, Arkansas, Dallas, ABQ, Phoenix, possibly...
  20. RebeccaSoup

    Knoxville Tennessee

    Whats the deal, yo? Places to make money?? Places to squat?? Fuck Charlotte, cant make dick for money here. And I need 2000 dollars fast. Flying a sign is always what works best for me. Maybe I'll do it in Knoxville?