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  1. dumpsternavel


    AYye! My band dropped some rough cut first takes in the form of a demo this last month!! What I like to describe as: Comedic-Femme-Powerviolence Do what's good for you, give it a listen. https://dremeltits.bandcamp.com/releases I even have a SoundCloud link for those of you who favor it...
  2. waywardvagabond


    Oi! Just a dumb punk kid from SLC, Utah. Currently just doing casual camping/backpacking every weekend, but after i graduate highschool I hope to be able to commit to longer-term travel.
  3. braceurself

    In Thornton//Denver anyone care to chill

    I’ve been living in Thornton for almost a year Now (PNW is my home), but I desperately need to meet some like-minded people. My names olivia and I use any pronouns. Looking for some laid-back people that know what’s going on around here. Always down for a smoke sesh and some friendly people...
  4. AngusGBeef

    Any stories of Night-Gaunts band? (NZ)

    I'm doing a presentation on an NZ musical aspect for my music classes and I chose Night-Gaunts, I'm wondering if anyone from the NZ punk scene have any stories of them that I can use as a reference. Any stories or opinions helps even if it's a little tidbit. :)
  5. Emestew

    Salt Lake City punk house

    Hey y’all, Maybe this is too much to ask, but I know there’s a punk house in SLC UT somewhere that you can stay for a night or two. You hop in the through the window… I’m trying to figure out where it’s located.? Or if there’s someone I can speak to around town that would know.
  6. radkid

    MA folk punk. brand new here

    Hey all. Desperate to travel and new to the site. My name's Lou, I'm down in east Massachusetts and lookin fast to get out. it'd be sick to meet up with anyone who's got some experience on the road and is as eager as i am to leave the state. or just to chat with some people who think the same...
  7. NightWalk

    Punk French 80s

    Hola ! Voici un groupe qui a marqué le mouvement Punk français dans les années 80s " Les Béruriers Noir " Si vous avez des groupes dans le même style de chez vous je suis preneur .
  8. Taylorwltrs

    Anyone in sac want to see a free punk show tomorrow?

    So yeah, hella short notice. I was going to try to make it out, bought the ticket n everything but I'm seeing it's not gonna work out for me last minute. Main band is The Queers. 90s garage punk I'd say. Ticket were only 15 so it's not much of a loss on my end, just figured if someone was in the...
  9. Snott Kennedy

    Question Where to find rural punks?

    I'm curious if anyone is aware of any countryside or even small cities that have a decent punk/weirdo scene. I keep hearing about ex big-city punks fixing up houses in northern Maine (is that happening on the New Brunswick side??) and I remember meeting some grindcore kids who lived in Squamish...
  10. Scat

    Erin Incoherent

    Anyone else a fan? Her music has been a staple for me the past few years. If you haven't heard of her but you're into themes about self-growth, mental illness, and/or overcoming addictions, her music might be for you. Would love to discuss some of her songs with others.
  11. Bologna

    Bologna Werewolf

    Hello fam. Bologna here. Im not very good at peopling so i may have been a bit silent til now. However, the time has come for yours truly to go and be about the world. Im 38 and been on the street since i was 16. I wasnt kicked out or displaced just wanted to do my own thing and so i have...
  12. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Art Requests? [OPEN]

    Hey yall! I wanna expand my art collection with more punk or pride shit so why not ask here? Im also experimentin with a new art style because my dumb ass just found a useful feature in my art app and I really wanna test it out! Im only gonna take a few requests tho I don't wanna be overflooded...
  13. D

    greetings from sam

    howdy, yall. im a 23 year old non-binary punk, they/them pronouns, by the name of sam. im currently livin in north va but have plans to start roaming. advice and friendship are welcome, and when i do hit the road itd be great to have company. lurked a bit on similar sites, finally decided...
  14. Bozo Tuna

    Folk Punk

    Looking for some more recommendations for some folf punk. Some stuff like Chad Fontaine. the slower days n daze stuff. or just any music recommendations! thanks
  15. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    longlost old punk, been a few years

    looking for john / drunkrock (or news on wellbeing). chicago. northern cali. some midwest state. dark hair. ink. maybe a van. 5 1/2 to 6 feet ish. drank. smoked. musician. (this info is crusty stale). i feel like I'm recruiting for a lineup or something. not the best feel. anyway, I'm holding...
  16. Matthias

    Is crust punk even a thing in Europe?

    I've travelled most of europe, but every place seems to have the same feel to it. The glorious days seem to have past, or maybe im just not "immersed" enough... Anywaysss, what i'm trying to say is I need friends. Every person I meet at homebase seems to be on another planet than i've been on...
  17. Ameris

    38 foot Trimaran in East TX needs punk crew

    Now, "punk crew" may he an oxymoron.. Old geezer (60) looking for folks (6 to 10 others) to help with / crew SV "Ameris".. Various info below: She was gifted to me in an incredible instant, hiafter looking for precisely Her for a number of years. Her bones are good, but she needs a lot of skin...
  18. TerminalBeach

    Wake Island Broadast - Speaking to criminologist and dissident Jeff Ferrell about punk, anarchy, social justice, and direct action

    My podcast, Wake Island Broadcast! _ In Drift, Jeff Ferrell shows how dislocation and disorientation can become phenomena in their own right. Examining the history of drifting, he situates contemporary drift within today’s economic, legal, and cultural dynamics. Along the way, Ferrell sheds...
  19. JackSioux

    Introduction to this site! Hi!

    Yooo my names jack and I’m still fairly new to the hobo world. I use he/they pronouns and id love to learn from people on here! Still new to this site so forgive me if I make any errors. •Some basic info would be that I absolutely love nature/astronomy/bushcraft. I have some weird survivalist...
  20. Ceannairc

    Featured A Vagabond Travel Punk Guide to Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has a population of about 500,000. It’s a perennially popular tourist attraction, with visitors drawn by the city’s dramatic architecture, its vibrant cultural life and fascinating history. The city is home to the famous Fringe Festival, loads of cool...