1. Thor and Broomhilda

    Seeking Ride Headed east before winter

    Chill dude with an awesome dog headed east from southern oregon. Final destination is Arkansas but if you can get us anywhere east we would be super happy. Doesn t have to be all the way but any distance torwards my destination. .. . I can jug like it's no one's business to help with the gas.
  2. Matt Derrick

    Here's what the next StP patch will look like!

    @awkwardshelby has come through once again, and provided this awesome artwork that will soon become a 4 inch by 4 inch patch available on our Etsy store! If you like the artwork, check out their other stuff at www.shelbycriswell.com! I'll make an announcement once the patches are ready for...
  3. stonedagain

    just a zen punk looking to meet new and interesting people

    hey everyone, I'm Zach (short for Zachariah). I'm just gonna copy some of this from my profile that I just wrote.. so I've lived in this tiny rural town in Wisconsin (population of about 400) all my life and am planning to finally leave in the spring or summer. I visited and stayed with my pen...
  4. wndrlstkng

    Hey there! I'm Satan.

    Hello everyone! I am new here on this forum. I am writing this at 2am so I plan on keeping it short. My name is Jake but on the road I go by Satan which was given to me by a beautiful woman I met a few years ago in Portland, ME who stole a Satan patch, gifted it to me and told me she would refer...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Video From Apartment Life to Living on a Sailboat in Alaska! Sailing & Cruising Liveaboards

    Megan and Rob are a pair of adventure seekers who are working hard to create the life of their dreams: living on a sailboat and exploring Alaska, working online and starting their own filmmaking company. All while continuing to actively explore their surroundings on bikes, in kayaks, in...
  6. get home safe

    Get Home Safe American Tour

    were a newly formed Canadian folk punk band called get home safe on tour with a solo accordion act called salt wound, looking for contacts in the south USA that would be willing to promote shows for us, anwhere in New Mexico texas, louisiana, mississippi, Alabama Georgia or Florida. Trans/queer...
  7. Golcems


    So I guess this is where I introduce myself n shit. I guess if anyone wants to talk about bands or pot or anything really, hit me up? Cool.
  8. spike rodriguez

    Tattoo artist biking from Orlando to Savannah

    So I started riding from Miami to Orlando and I took sometime off but now I'm back on the road .... I packed all my tattoo stuff and I'm about to start riding my tall bike from Orlando to Savannah if anyone has a place to crash or if you have some hand me down bike parts or if you have any...
  9. Laundromatt


  10. N

    Joey - RIP

    never traveled with her, but her and her boyfriend chris were train hoppers. hung out with them 24/7 while they were living down here in Gainesville. we'd ride our bikes to punk shows chris ended up working in the same kitchen I worked in. Joey would come by the door of the kitchen and ask for...
  11. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Meet the junk rafts and gutter punks of the Venice Canals

    Meet the junk rafts and gutter punks of the Venice Canals Tod Seelie Photographer In the summer of 2009, The Swimming Cities of Serenissima sailed from Slovenia to Italy, eventually making their way down the Grand Canal in Venice. The artist Swoon designed the junk rafts as a collective art...
  12. XlilyX

    kinda new

    hey guys, i just thought id post an introduction and tell ya a little about myself. hopefully ill make some new friends or have a few chats at least! my names lily, im a 20 yr old trans girl. love lofi, doom, bedroom pop, punk, sludge, blasty stuff. i dont live on the road, i usually migrate...
  13. Acetylated

    Hello all

    Hey there! My name's Brandon. I'm a techy kind of guy, vegan, and love a wide arrangement of punk music. I live in the most boring place to live that Georgia has to offer, bumfuck Tyrone. It is seriously ranked #1 in the state's most boring cities on the interweb, check it out. I am hoping to...
  14. skuzzlebutt

    everything sux

    hey guys! lame story time... ive been physically and mentally abused all of my life. my pops, all my mates, it's fucked, im fucked. im done with this life, and i need something more fulfilling. i did the homeless thing on and off for about 2 yrs when i was a teenager. always stayed in philly...
  15. VernonVernon

    Ride Offered Phx to LA, *juggers*

    I'm gathering a small crew to get to the west coast. Juggers ok, but you need am ID and be open. My last crew was somewhat shady and didn't want to leave the rv..heh.. They'd have been welcomed to stay but they were just too shady. I'm in no hurry to leave . Not wanting to be invasive, just...
  16. Autem Tua

    An introduction to me

    I'm just your regular punk. An anarcho-communist/syndicalist, too. I see no future for myself in regular society, with an office job, a car, a retirement plan, etc. I would very very much like to make friends and memories all over the country and maybe even the world. I guess my end goal would...