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Sep 2, 2014
It's on 19th (?) and Burnside. Well, it used to be. They tore it down long ago. More places where I've had sex in public should be torn down !


Feb 20, 2010
Current Location
Kamloops... Chase
Mc Arthur park hood of a car and cops drove up as we were finishing.... view points all over kamloops... chair next to mums front door... park in chase so far that's it

Tom Reilly

Apr 1, 2018
Current Location
San Diego
Me and my ex were at this bonfire party that started to calm down before we were dating. I think we had only fucked like once or twice at this point but the remainder of people leave to go get beer and food. Since there was 7 of us me and her stayed behind as I lived close and didmt wanna drive into town. So we start fucking around and soon were fucking next to the fire. Well about 2 weeks before that we had burned a bunch of tires there and didn't really think about it. So everyone gets back and were legit black from head to toe with ash. Needless to say everyone knew what we did and it got a lot of laughs lol.
Apr 23, 2018
Current Location
Seattle WA
Most recent, met a random yuppie on bourbon st while I was bourbon surfing. She walked up and asked to pinch my nips and of course I obliged she was some hot little blonde with a pixie cut. I proceed to hang with her and her friend they get butt naked and change outfits right off the side of burborn street. She gives me a hand job right there, so proceed to walk over towards Decatur st when I tell her she lucky I don't fuck her right there. She walks between 2 cars drops her leggings and we proceed to go at it. Her friend is chatting with my buddy kinda just watching the hole thing go down. Walk her to her and her friends soccer mom van where they tell they are married never got a name or anything.


I deleted myself
Apr 22, 2018
Current Location
Dallas Texas
train core is " catching triple stacks on the fly, with three pit bulls, and a 100lb pack. brother."
We call that just riding triples . I was referring to what these new school cats are being called like they are some kinda internet app . Bike, core trampcore , hitchcore . Etc
Jun 18, 2019
Current Location
Ok on a personal side.

I rather enjoy sex in public/semi-public places. I think it's got to do with the thrill factor, my heart pounding as I'm getting it on, wondering in the back of my head if I could get caught . One of the most memorable times was in an elevator. Lol yesss we stopped the elevator. Made it through the oral session and just as he lifted me up (legs around his waist) and pinned me against the wall of the elevator (him standing up) the elevator intercom went off and we were told to get dressed that we were on camera. (I literally heard a few guys chuckling in the background) So...being the voyeur I am I told him to keep going for a minute, besides..I was close to orgasm. LOL So as I'm getting off I looked up at the camera and licked my lips and winked. Lol I think I embarrased THE SECURITY guards more than myself. When we were getting out of the elevator, they had to escort us from the building. The one guard kept looking over at me as I was trying to straighten my hair. He kept glancing at me then looking away. I couldn't help but smile and laugh.

I've got a couple fantasy places I'd like to try. Being the sick little puppy that I am, my ultimate place to fuck would be in a church confessional booth with my nun costume (yes, I own one) on. Don't ask cuz I really can't explain it, but MAN oh MAN. LOL
Haha a church and a cemetery are my fantasy spots, I had a gal riding me pretty good behind a lawfirm office out in Sacramento one year, one of the guys started tapping on the window and told us to take it into the woods haha was fun


Oct 20, 2015
Current Location
Minneapolis, MN, United States
In reading these, i find they are more in "places accessible to the place" rather than "public". I don't see why anyone would actually want to take the chance of getting caught, though. Moreso, hen a lot of us live in a country where they'll throw the book at you as hard as they can. God forbid you're anywhere near a school at anytime while having sex outside.

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