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  1. PerunaUcco

    Hello world!

    Heya, im Spiidi, a lad in his twenties from Finland. I have been interested in traveling the world for some time now and decided to make an account here, since there is like minded individuals. Currently looking to starting backpacking around Europe using freighthopping as a traveling method...
  2. Liras

    [23M, Europe] Looking for a comrade for wilderness adventure starting in April

    Hi, *Sorry if this is duplicate, getting some server errors*, I'm 23M from Poland and I can finally leave home for a couple months. I've learnt from my last post that the last week before going isn't the best time for looking for travel partners so this time I'm almost 2 months early. :-) I am...
  3. superphoenix

    Lisbon: Europe’s Best Kept Secret

    Fellow Americans, what if I told you I discovered a place more beautiful than San Francisco, with better weather than LA, more drug legalization than Portland, a place where you can drink publicly like in New Orleans, and cheaper than Kansas City? Sounds too good to be true, right? Hey all, I...
  4. R

    Hitching in Europe post COVID

    I’ve been planning to set out hitching in Europe from the UK for a while. What’s the situation with hitching in Europe at the moment with COVID? Are people willing to pick up hitchhikers? What are your experiences at the moment?
  5. Liras

    [23M, Europe] Looking for a comrade for wilderness adventure in Lappland this fall.

    Hi StP, I'm a long time lurker here. I live in Poland, had to work this summer and was stuck at home for the past 3 years in general for various reasons: small business, covid, etc. Earlier I'd be travelling at least once a year for like 1-3 months. Notably, I've been to northern Lappland twice...
  6. LenaPol

    Question Trip to Romania

    Hey guys! Its my first time here. I didn’t knew that this kind of site exists. Anyways, in two months im traveling to Romania and im going to visit Bucharest. I would like to ask you if any of you knows squats there, underground and alternative bars or stores or any places that i could stay one...
  7. bosco

    Abandoned Buildings In Galway, Ireland

    If anyone is heading up to Galway soon, there's a whole load of abandoned buildings up there for urban exploration at the moment, you have to check it out! I was up in this abandoned bar, its rotten to shit but it's absolutely gorgeous. Apparently there's also a massive hotel but I haven't...
  8. Malcolmclimbs


    Hello all! I’ll be traveling in Turkey for a couple months and thought I’d make a thread. If anyone else is in turkey and wants to collaborate with whatever, send a comment this way!
  9. brent

    newbie eager to learn about train hopping in europe

    hello everyone, glad to be here. I've been looking for a forum like this for a while. I'm from Rome and I'm planning with two friends of mine to get to northern Europe on freight trains next summer, I did my researches about it: I kinda know what i'ts like to hop on a train and I also know where...
  10. Matthias

    Is crust punk even a thing in Europe?

    I've travelled most of europe, but every place seems to have the same feel to it. The glorious days seem to have past, or maybe im just not "immersed" enough... Anywaysss, what i'm trying to say is I need friends. Every person I meet at homebase seems to be on another planet than i've been on...
  11. RalphMyers

    Admittedly unrealistic, but what’s the best (cheapest) way to get to the UK from America?

    I see a few problems. The Ocean I have to traverse. (legal method) The tens of thousands of dollars I would have to save for the visa. Not an option. I’m American with an extremely Midwest accent and would stick out like a sore thumb. is immigrating to the Uk without being loaded actually...
  12. Ceannairc

    Featured A Vagabond Travel Punk Guide to Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, has a population of about 500,000. It’s a perennially popular tourist attraction, with visitors drawn by the city’s dramatic architecture, its vibrant cultural life and fascinating history. The city is home to the famous Fringe Festival, loads of cool...
  13. Fimdridil

    Well here I go then...

    Hi there stranger! How weird that you are viewing this through a screen somewhere far away from me. Would you, as a stranger, be so kind to lend me some advice? I hope I don't sound too naive but atleast im honest hihi, here it goes: I am 18 years old and I am planning to leave my home very...
  14. WintrowVestrit

    20 year old, looking to head south

    Hello fellow squatters, For reasons I won't bore you with now, I've decided to head South. Right now, I'm in the Netherlands. The most I can get to my name is 2000 euros. My plan is to travel till I'm content, but probably even longer. I've never traveled alone before, so I want to go as...
  15. Tyler65

    EU Dreamz: Leaving the US once and for all

    Thinking about a EU adventure for possible long term relocation.....never been before, but with the US likely spitting out more monies to use folks here(maybe $2k/month) I may finally have a nice nest egg to get the hell out of here. Probabably wouldn't be until 2021 i'd imagine with all the...
  16. AutonomousPlayground

    Video Train hopping across Romania with a Korean Kickboxer

    - Here is a link to the two videos I made about me and my friend Won riding freight trains from London to Romania, I don't think i'll be making any more videos about train hopping on my channel and would rather focus on some of the work I am doing and political subjects, but whilst the world has...
  17. Drakulevska

    Offering accommodation in Cambridge, UK

    Hey guys, I have a place - accommodation in Cambridge. There's a dispute and there are a lot of rooms becoming available. Managing agents disappear without deposits as well. Regarding the situation, If you don’t have a place to sleep at the moment, would you like to stay there?
  18. otch0z

    Anyone in southern france/spain ?

    I'm back in my hometown in southern France for about two months (near Nimes). Things are boring. Anyone around here ? I'm supposed to go to Lyon and Grenoble and Toulouse as well, and also Torrevieja/Granada in Spain. Bye là
  19. F

    Looking for work in France or similar next summer

    Hey people. I am an ex-full-time-van-person and I’m looking at getting back into one just for the summer next year (2020). However, I’m looking for a contact in France for agricultural work (with which I have a lot of experience) for around the end of May to late September. If I’m not in a van I...
  20. RedDeath99

    UK Bound

    Heading to the UK quite soon,. Was wondering if anyone is there and knows a place that ill be able to squat. I do plan on visiting A.S.S once I get there. I just want to be sure i got a place to pass out. Til I can get on a train to somewhere warmer.