1. Vmem

    Hello there introducing myself

    Hey there, A free spirit hippie here. My boyfriend and I are planning on traveling by train or hitch hiking. We were thinking South. Or somewhere warm. We are located in upstate NY. We have been living on the streets for a few years in a tent in the woods. We are both pretty resorceable which...
  2. Honey Crust

    Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 6) [Final]

    CW: Drugged via Drink . . . The morning sun filtered through the blinds into Ryan's bedroom. I turned to face them, all swaddled up and cozy in their sheets. I leaned over and placed a kiss on their forehead, and nestled myself next to their chest "Today is going to be a good day." Much of...
  3. sgtpickles

    My PCT Thru Hike ExperienceFeatured 

    (INTRO) --- I posted a thread in the trainhopping forum last week and mentioned my experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail introducing me to this community of vagabonds, travelers, wanderers, and free spirits. Several hours later I got a response from a fellow member recommending me to...
  4. PaperTea

    Appalachian traveling western America - Hello!

    I am new here and still kind of new to traveling on my own. I was born in Tennessee and spent most of my life there. I am traveling with a wheeled luggage bag for my laptop, my cameras, etc. And a shoulder bag with a few shirts and a coat. I've couchsurfed, stayed in hostels and airbnb, slept...
  5. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    What I'm Thankful For...

    In my younger days, when my family got together for Thanksgiving we'd take turns saying what we are thankful for in the past year and I thought it would be interesting to see what the misfit travelers on this site are thankful for. I'll start... I'm thankful for my friends (Matt and Sara) that...
  6. loonaloop

    Heylo to all!

    Name is Giovanna. With that said, feel free to shorten my name or call me by my forum handle. Happy to finally be sitting down with this introduction. I've only been browsing here and there. Looking to make connections and give back as much as I am able. Currently in Roswell, New Mexico. Will...
  7. Kevin Stephens

    first time traveling in 15 years wondering whats different now

    I spent some time in my early twenties drifting around the east coast and the Midwest (Boulder, CO was great) and then went back home to Dallas to try and build a normal life. Well, my career is at a standstill and my bank balance is a negative number. I'm not really in the rat race mode...
  8. Hermit

    Omw to Denver

    I'm going to Denver in a couple of days. I'm wondering if anyone knows of safe places to sleep outside, being able to set up my tent would be nice. I didn't know train hopping was still a thing until recently, and I would also be curious about getting from Kansas City to Denver without buying a...

    Hitting the AT

    I took a break from traveling for a year after my dog was shot by the police in Fenix city AL and now I'm on what road again. I'll be hitting the Appalachian Trail first. Is anyone there already? My buddy Banjo Jack and I will be doing a bit of a stretch, no through hiking cuz we've done it...
  10. almostvicious

    From one squat to another through the countrysideFeatured Photos 

    I've lived in squats for the past two years. It's a way of living thats always been dear to my heart and has brought me a lot of friendships and experiences. I lived in one particular squat for almost a year, so last march I decided it was time to move. from here: to there: by foot. It...
  11. beginnavagabond

    Places to visit out west

    I am planning on travelling this summer out west and I was wondering about any places or towns you would recommend visiting (or some natural sights close to these places.) I will be visiting Seattle, Portland, Arcata, Boulder, Albuquerque, and San Antonio. Let me know of any places around there...
  12. Rebeccah

    Not My First Rodeo!

    Hi, my name is Becky! I am 23 years old, and I've been traveling since I was 19. (: I am currently stuck in Las Vegas, NV but we're trying to get to Madison, WI where we would be off the streets! Feel free to ask any questions you like, I will answer honestly and sincerely. (:
  13. D

    Racism on the road

    A threat for times we experienced racism in travelers from rides, housing/ crash spots, other travelers, police, and people - in general. Me traveling the way I did, I never tried to hitchhike or anything. But, I can say I've been denied places to stay because I feel like there was racism...
  14. theallnightdiner

    Skoolie livin, banjo pickin', piano choppin' traveler new here

    Hi guys, i travel around in a 40ft skoolie. Been livin the travelin', busking lifestyle for about 7 years. I love it. It can be rough, but I think it builds character. I want to thank many of you, for being you. I've been quite inspired to live my life by all the dirty, krusty, freight...
  15. beginnavagabond

    Want to get back out there

    So I am at home trying to make some money so I can travel hopefully overseas. My mother says I should try going to a place like Asheville and living there for a little so I can get used to living on my own and being independent. I eventually want to travel to Russia for about a month or two and...
  16. kangpunk

    Help A hobo out

    So I'm new here and don't get online often but this seems like a cool social media site and if someone could help me out I'm looking for a way to get to U.K from mid-west USA or maybe Canada without spending all the money I don't have. I was hoping to go within the next two months after a cross...
  17. CohesionHouse

    Hello >:)

    Greetings from Cascadia! Thank you for having such a wonderful site. We are a punk house co-op in Washington state. This is a group account. We hope to get to know our neighbors and other like-minded households. We host ad trade with others. Let us know what your collectives and co-ops...
  18. D

    Hitchhiking Is The Ultimate AdventureVideo 

    Hey, I'm Cat, hitched 8k miles solo, and decided to make a video about why I love hitchhiking. Because if you've hitched before, you know that our most common question we get asked is WHY?!? It's hard to explain to every ride, because the reasons are so vast (at least for me) so here's my...
  19. D

    Help me write on marginalized subjects

    Hello all, I would like to write and subject articles for this site. That was the idea when I thought this up, but honestly these subjects may not be considered "article material" for this site. That hardly matters, though. These are subjects that aren't getting the attention they deserve...
  20. meadow brown


    hi i'm meadow! i' i'm 18 years old i'm new on this website. i'd really like some traveler friends! i want to hear all about your adventures and travels and journeys. what was your best experience on the road? add me on facebook!!
  21. Matt Derrick

    Why should people travel?

    Hey everyone here's another question for the community. I've writing a small section for my book about why people should travel. I'm not necessarily asking why you travel (although it's helpful if you post that too), but rather what would you tell non-travelers to convince them to travel. why...
  22. AntifoundationalistGabe

    Hello from Bellingham

    Have couch if you are traveling. Looking to get out of here soon though, can't wait to meet everyone on this site. Fuck my job, my family, my life, I am so done with capitalism. <3 Gabe