1. PunkWithOuttaSafetyPin

    Suggestions for stl to nola

    Does anyone have any experience with this route? Any good towns for busking or quick work? Campgrounds you recommend or sites worth seeing?
  2. ElderGreen9

    Squats/ Punk Houses NOLA

    Any chill squats, punk houses or coop deals in NOLA with decent peoples? First time there. Get in on Sat.
  3. Raeanna

    Nashville to Who Knows

    Riding a bus down to Nashville in the next few weeks, looking for someone to head out of there with to maybe Nola? Not picky on destination, I just want to travel. I’m super people oriented, I play the washboard, and I’m drinking/drug friendly.
  4. S

    Leaving Nola in April. slabs maybe but anywhere at this point

    Leaving louisiana in april after my friend heads back north. Still feeling out where i should head or by what means. Might float around in NOLA for abit but can't say i want to, cities are always alien to me. Ecspecally when i have to think out loud to offset rolling alone. Be nice to find...
  5. LostAvood

    Seeking Road Dawg Heading from NY to South/Southwest

    I am in a race against the the clock. I've been off the road for 4 almost 5 years. I was doing fine with a job and a good place then my ex roommate turned on me got me evicted. So my old road dawg let me stay at the long term squat he was staying at. Well the summary is the people whose name was...
  6. LyamCass

    All I hear is trains...

    *Just a quick story about my first trainhopping experience* ;) (Continued from Part 1) I kinda gave up after a bit due to my legs being completely destroyed after a few bouts with ballast rocks going downhill. Finally, at 5:30 pm my ride starts rolling out full blast, whistles and bells and...
  7. R

    Seeking Ride Tucson, AZ to NOLA?

    I'm also looking at possibilities of meeting people in New Orleans within the next month. I have a place to rest for a bit now, but if you are coming through this area on your way there: hit me up!
  8. Yerxes

    Seeking Ride NOLA to Total Solar Eclipse area

    Hey! My Girlfriend and I are hoping to see the eclipse in full, but are lacking in means of transportation. If anybody is leaving Nola to go see it, we be happy to pitch in some cash and bud!
  9. BummyBree

    Greetings! I need your company

    I feel like if you have no purpose, there's no point in living. I can't help but feel impatient and angered by my surroundings. We all have the common goal of being happy; I know that seeing the world and talking to new people everyday makes me happy. Nothing is holding me back from doing so...
  10. Lore

    Ride Offered Goin to Nola from St. Louis and in-between

    Hi friends, Im gunna be driving from St. Louis down to Nola next week. Its basically a straight shot south. I would like some company other than my 3 cats (sorry no kanine babies). If youre down to give me nice conversation and be pleasent to travel with, a friend on the road would be nice.
  11. acidpuppy

    Looking for a travel group in Baton Rouge, LA!

    hello to the world, my name is evan. im a 19 y.o busboy who's always wanted to travel. normal life doesnt really appeal to me, and im looking for an adventurous, fun, and wild group of people to see the world with (if not the world, just the rest of america.) im into all types of music...
  12. krynitz

    Phone in NOLA

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone happens to have a spare phone in NOLA that I could have or even just borrow for a month. I'm staying put here for the rest of my US stay duration and realising it'd be useful to be able to communicate with peeps around town. Thanks
  13. Anti

    Albany to NOLA

    Me an my cousin might be leaving in the next week or two to trainhop our way down to NOLA. If anyone is interested hmu. Common sense is good. Try and have that.
  14. RoooflessHoboLord

    Roaddawg- nola

    Gonna be in nola tommorow... Hmu to kick it
  15. LostAvood

    Seeking Ride Long Island NY Headed South or West either Way

    Hey. Well I tried for the last 3 years to be a housie and that has led me only to stagnation and rot. So after a 3 year hiatus and losing all the stuff I worked for so fuck it. I'm a good guy, intelligent, good survival skills both urban and wilderness. I can fly, jug, spange and I used to be a...
  16. Gypsybones

    Has any one ridden the East Coast Greenway?

    About to leave Greensboro and head up to philly via the ECG. Has anyone done this or live near it or know anything I should do that is cool around it? Hell, anyone ridding it or want to and can get up and go asap? get at me nurds! check out my travel blog n shit...
  17. rusty

    REPOST: Nancy Minus

    Lisa Marie Lopez · June 9 at 7:22pm WARNING. GRAPHIC DETAILS OF RAPE ACCOUNTS. After everything that has happened in the past 24 hours, I am coming out against a serial rapist. a serial abuser. I have made comments here and there about this person harming me, but never went into too much...
  18. CrustyFuckingP

    Meghan McRae (NOLA)

    The world recently lost a very beautiful soul this May of 2016. Her name was Meghan McRae. She lived in New Orleans and always opened her heart and doors to travelers. She didn't have much at all, but she was always very giving. If it was her last cigarette, she'd give it to you and stick it in...
  19. Riliya

    Queer or punk squats/coops/communes

    Anyone know of good queer punk squats, coops or communes in Cambridge ma, Boston ma, NYC, Portland or, or new orleans?
  20. jeejthecat

    Seeking Ride From either Denver or Houston to NOLA

    Hey all! Me n my road dog caught an amazing hitch from a awesome RT from OR all the way out to CO. We're still hanging out with her, but gotta start looking into getting to our actual destination. So if anyone is headed that way from either Denver or Houston (she said she could leave us at...