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  1. Tengu91

    Travelogue On My First Bike Tour and Why You Should Too

    Hey nomads! I bought a used Trek 7000 that's pushing 20 years old for $250. I got a new seat, new tires (Schwalbe Marathons), and a Garmin 350 Edge, plus some lights and minimalist tool kit. All-in-all, I've got a great set-up for less than $700! I'm currently in Berea, KY after leaving...
  2. TERRYtorial88

    Bike packing from Texas to Arkansas.

    Looking for gear and or someone that has gear and wants to split the load.
  3. TERRYtorial88

    Question Texas to Arkansas

    I'm planning a bikepacking tour from East Texas to Arkansas and back. I'm just curious if anyone would want to join
  4. AngusGBeef

    Musical Bicycle?

    I've been listening to a lot of folk punk lately, especially johnny the hobo and the freight trains. In their Discogs article it lists bicycle as one of the instruments and in the love songs for the apocalypse album art theres a little guy holding drum sticks above an upside down bicycle. But...
  5. Schnitzel

    Photos Over 700km (435 miles) through Germany on a fixed gear bike

    This is a little story I got about my first bike trip I did back in July. It took me 4 days and 1 night and I went from Düsseldorf to Munich, around 720km (447 miles for you Americans :). I'm not that great at planing trips so I just packed my bike and went for it. I followed the Rhine river...
  6. RiverRat

    Question Have you ever used a bicycle trailer

    Found a bicycle cargo trailer that looks rugged. It would greatly increase the amount of gear I could take with me. Have you used a trailer before? How did it work out?
  7. ali

    Featured First bike tour, US edition, heading south

    Even though theoretically i am still on my first bike tour, the fact i had about 5 days break and flew across the border makes this feel like a new chapter. In my previous thread (First tour, heading out of Kamloops) you will find my story of starting out with this form of travel and cycling...
  8. superphoenix

    Freight Minds Think: A Bike

    So by this point I would say I have pretty extensive experience with both bike touring and freight hopping and would like to combine the two. I know some people who have done it but they're currently unavailable to answer questions about it, so I'm just wondering if anyone here has done it...
  9. A zed

    Question Bike route from Cleveland to Portland

    Tomorrow I'll be heading out on my bike leaving from about the Cleveland area hoping to make it to Portland by October 9th for the anarchist bookfair there. I'm fairly confident, though still not 100 percent set, I'm gonna try and catch a ferry up in Michigan across lake mich, instead of going...
  10. biketramp

    Hi. Bike Hobo in the UK

    I lurked on here a few years back. Been using r/vagabond for a while on and off with different accounts. Don't like who's moderating that sub so needed somewhere else. I'm currently in Birmingham, UK. I travel and work (hobo) but I've been trying to become a normal society citizen over the past...
  11. A zed

    Question Foldable bikes, what's the trade off of the smaller body and wheels? (and other questions about foldable bikes)

    I'm thinking about getting a foldable bike. So far I've mainly been seeing two different varieties, ones with small bodies and wheels that have seats and handlebars that extend high and what I would call more of a "normal" body (though the ones I've found are almost exclusively mountain bikes)...
  12. A zed

    Question World's shortest bike tour.

    About a year ago now I first delved into traveling and vagabonding by setting out from a homeless camp I had been bumming it at into the great unknown. I had spent the past few months there cooking with the local food not bombs and getting accustomed to life outdoors (I had been homeless before...
  13. HitchBiker

    Photos Bike Punky (Season 3 Thread)

    Howdy, y’all. Long time no post since I hit something like 10k miles in saddle during the last tour. I took time off in Tucson, the Slabs, and then started a job at a ski resort in the sierras these last 4 months. I’m down to four shifts at work and a little over a week housed up. I’ve been...
  14. MetalBryan

    Question Bike Tour & Camping during Covid - SE US

    Covid got my old cycling & mechanic skill set back into action. I'm in a good place to prepare for a bike tour, so this isn't so much about the HOW or the WHERE, but the WHY. I'm in Miami and I have a place to stay until late January or early February. I've been giving serious consideration to...
  15. ThreadsInNeedles

    Question Do you guys find that the bike is too much of an issue for stealth camping/trainhopping etc?

    Interested in bike touring but I'd be homeless still you know?
  16. nivoldoog

    Motor bike anyone?

    I have the engine I do not have the bike right for a bike right now. Question anyone traveled with a motor bike and how difficult was it for you? Did you have to drain every jump?
  17. coyotecure

    Just starting out bike touring and looking for advice.

    (hii i don't use forums much, so please forgive me if it isn't done right. admins feel free to delete) So a friend just gifted me a Miyata 610. I'm helping another friend get down to NOLA from Portland at the end of next month and I want to ride my bike back home I think. Currently I don't...
  18. PukingPelican

    Bicycle Karma

    Most of us who have cycled have at one point had our bikes stolen.I rode bmx street all the way until my mid/late 20's then my body started feeling as jank as my bike.I recently found a pretty damn good bike on my block.I instantly knew it was stolen.I knew the bike parts and company names.It...
  19. wormfood

    Getting your bike on the train

    I’m really curious if it’s possible. How do you get it on without damaging it ? where do you stash it ? how do you get through the yard with it ?
  20. Desperado Deluxe

    Locks and bicycle security.

    So I was wondering what y'all use in terms of keeping your bike locked up. I started out with a simple master lock brand combination cable lock to keep my vintage crappy trek antelope 820 safe. It worked fine while I had it but I recently got a new bike (a trek ST 820) and figured I'd go with...