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  1. WildVirtue

    Disrupting The Purist Anarchist Pipeline

    Fair warning: This will be a long boring text to most, it's just something I'm interesting in studying. – This text is also available as a PDF: On Screen Viewing.pdf Print Ready – Both Sides.pdf Print Ready – Front Side.pdf Print Ready – Back Side.pdf – Table of Contents Introduction...
  2. Maliceofcats

    Event San Antonio Bookfair

    Anyone going to the San Antonio Anarchist bookfair on the 9th of April? I'd love to meet some fellow dirty kids, and party. Trying to make progress from the Thumb of Michigan's Mitt but it's hard, gonna avoid the midwest like a plague from now on I think. Hoping things pick back up soon.
  3. Matt Derrick

    Zine Hootenanny: A Songbook of Radical Campfire Songs

    This is a book of songs to play around the campfire with a more radical, left-ist idealogy. This was a very popular book in the early 2000's amongst traveling musicians, but it's been out of print for quite some time and there's virtually no information about it, so I'm stoked to have it here in...