1. B


    Hey, British on and off traveller here. I know this is mainly an American site but you guys have some really good info and advice so thought I'd say hi. Quite a lot of experience of travel at budgets/standards a long way below the mainstream backpacking scene but currently washing dishes to save...
  2. searover

    I'm searover (not a sailor yet)

    Hi there! I've hitchhiked on and off for years now, and am currently in Spain. I love documenting what's what about hitchhiking and other alternative travel, because it's so underrepresented. Also looking into sailing if I can catch out from a port here, but seems to be challenging for a...
  3. Daago

    Northern Washington to Portland, OR

    Hello! Around mid-June, I'll probably be tryin to thumb my way down to Portland from northern Washington. Relatively newish to hitchhiking and first time doing it on the coast. Anybody got any tips or points of interest they'd recommend?? Usually, I don't bring any sort of protection with me...
  4. fryd0g


    Hi i'm Ben, 21 from London been stuck in the UK all winter :( I've been on a few adventures before mostly hiking trails around spainish island but some hitch hiking trips too, me and a friend went from Lille in France to Budapest last summer it was great! Looking to live on the road and railway...
  5. Daago


    Hello! Made an account to hopefully be able to use this site as a resource for info and tips in the future. I'm 21 and made it a goal of mine to volunteer/work in every state in the US (I'm at about 12 as of right now). I'm dirt poor but fortunately, if you work for free, you usually get a place...
  6. Jmac323

    How long would it take to hitchhike across the USA?

    My plan was to hitch out to California from Philadelphia and see No Values fest and then spend the summer surfing. How far ahead should I plan on leaving?
  7. M

    New… TX to Cali Hitchhiking?

    Hi! single, non smoker, sober -non user/nondrinker (no judgement!) female soon (almost immediately) to be traveler. new to the site, and have been absorbing as much info and sites from the threads as possible! Had this a year ago before my resources and complete life savings went down the...
  8. rak4002

    Hi, I'm Samuel :)

    Yo, I'm 20 yo man from the Czech Republic. In Scout, I got a lot of experience with survival in the woods and so on. Czech scouts are strongly influenced by Woodcraft Indians, so luckily we were more Indians than soldiers. Ocassionally I do urbex with friends, hiking, camping, but nothing...
  9. Y

    Hitchhiking trough Europe

    Hello i am belgium and i wanna hitchhike all europe does anyone have some interesting places??
  10. ElNayshon

    Springfield Illinois to Austin TX

    Leaving 4/13 afternoon if you need a lift / escape route message me I need to be in ATX by 4/15 morning at latest. Plan in getting there Sunday. Bring weed or gas pitch or both. Or none.
  11. SnavesTravels

    Intro: Hey! Looking for a wild adventure?

    Hey all! Just to introduce myself, I’m Snaves, I’ve been travelling with a small group of anarchist families since I was around 9, and now I’m significantly older then 9 I wanna set up my first solo adventure. Now someone normal might say ok let’s take it easy, why not try and hitchhike around...
  12. EvanIsCool1723

    Tips on hitching highways?

    Ive already hitched twice on freeways, im looking for advice for large highways like I90 because thats the next goal.
  13. EvanIsCool1723

    All my hitch and t-hop gear

    All the shit i use to survive. I have a decent size tarp from a dry rotted mess of a dump truck tarp. I cut the only salvageable area out of it, it arnd 8 by 10. I have a fox bag that I packed out the bins for a dollar and its doing me pretty well, I got a hand me down 40+ sleeping thats good...
  14. Jimmy Beans

    Hitchhiking Tips

    Seems like the question comes up fairly often here- Any tips on hitchhiking? I would first suggest people check out the Hitchhiking Megathread sticky post at the top of the Hitchhiking Forum that @Matt Derrick has compiled. It's a fantastic list of resources on the subject that are quite useful...
  15. EvanIsCool1723

    Tips on hitching?

    Ive hitch hiked twice before and some tips would be greatly appreciated👍
  16. EvanIsCool1723

    Traveller's in or entering Spokane area?

    It would be nice to not travel alone, im freight hopping out of Spokane Wa some time in the beginning of this summer. This is an invitation to join me on this trip.(any advice for the rails and hitch hiking would be greatly appreciated:)
  17. RockyMountainRegulators

    My intro and a bit about what brought me here

    My names Max and I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. All my life I’ve had some pretty gnarly health issues that have lead me to this position in life. I’m physically capable of working sometimes, and other times not so much when I’m having a flare up. I don’t use any drugs other than the...
  18. RockyMountainRegulators

    Question Cheyenne WY?

    Would it be worthwhile for me to hitchhike up to Cheyenne from Denver to find more plentiful trains? I’m somewhat new to being on the road and wondering if Cheyenne might be a better place to do some trainspotting to get out where it’s a bit warmer at night. Been freezing my ass off a lot lol...
  19. Toyoder

    No luck in Southern California

    So.. little trip update for ya'll on some traveling I did this last week. So I came down to the states from Alaska for a few weeks to visit family and friends and get a break from the cold and dark -- Jan/Feb is when the winter really starts to drag on. Ended up in LA with the intention of...
  20. bnsf94647

    first time hitchhiking

    basically i was camped out at a spot where i thought the trains would slow down but after about 9 hours every single train coming out the yard was going way too quick so i decided to hitch to the other side of town at the other bnsf line, im walking down this long county road for like 2 hours...
  21. AyeAaron

    First little journey

    When I was a wee lad, maybe 12 or 13, I remember thinking about starting a band and living out of a van, it sounded much better than subscribing to corporate drudgery. I grew up in abject poverty, going as many days without food as with, and violence was always around the corner. Even in an...
  22. Bam

    first timer here

    tryna get catch a train but don’t know anyone who can help, anyone hitting the 509 soon lmk
  23. Kayxisxlost87

    St. Louis bound

    I'm desperate for a ride, I have to be in St. Louis, Missouri by the 24th of this month. I currently live in Springfield, Missouri. Anyone heading in that direction? I have cash to help out with gas. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! If you are able to help me out in anyway...
  24. heroinjane

    Leaving Texas to cali

    Not sure where or why I just know I've got to get away from this place it's hell. Never traveled before gonna be me and my dog on foot any help or advice is appreciated
  25. Toyoder

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Hey everyone.. Been lurking on here off and on for the past like 8 years, had a previous account that I can't remember now. Heard through the grapevine that StP was shutting down, and I was stoked to find that it's still going. Just saying hey and interested in getting involved in the...
  26. micah

    Nashville to Memphis (or just anywhere west)

    Hello travelers! I'm currently in Nashville probably gonna hitch west to Memphis but my goal is to get to San Francisco with a little detour up north through Denver/Boulder toward Bozeman Montanna and then cutting west to the Pudget Sound area of Washington and riding the coast south toward SF...
  27. O

    Hitchhiking Sweden to Vietnam

    Hey guys! Do any of you have any experience hitchhiking Europe, Middle east, Asia in the last 6 months? I'm thinking of hitchhiking from Sweden to Vietnam, starting in July. But I haven't traveled for a while and I'm not really that updated on the status regarding Covid in most countries. Are...
  28. AlexKnoch

    I propose a hitchhiking race. Who's down?

    I've recently stumbled upon the concept of hitchhiking races. On Hitchwiki they've listed 29 races that have happened in the past but none of them happened in the United States! Do you think it's viable to have a hitchhiking race in the US, particularly from coast to coast? Would you join the...
  29. seeking existence

    cross-country drive

    Not sure if this is the most accurate place to post and hoping this post can get the most views here. I need my Prius Prime driven from Los Angeles, California to Flint, Michigan (or close by place in midwest eg Detroit Chicago we can talk about it) sometime mid February or earlier. Looking for...
  30. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Pender Island: The Canadian Town Where Hitchhiking Is Encouraged

    Pender Island: The Canadian Town Where Hitchhiking Is Encouraged Brendan Sainsbury 5-6 minutes I’m standing by the road outside of the Otter Bay ferry terminal on Pender Island in British Columbia, waving my thumb optimistically at the oncoming traffic. Behind me is a green...
  31. Guts420

    Hi, new here

    Very introverted follower, I barely ever talk to people anymore since I got dropped out of highschool looking to get a new perspective and cant think of a better time to start than now:)
  32. R

    Hitching in Europe post COVID

    I’ve been planning to set out hitching in Europe from the UK for a while. What’s the situation with hitching in Europe at the moment with COVID? Are people willing to pick up hitchhikers? What are your experiences at the moment?
  33. Aeroe

    Hitching with a dog?

    Looking for tips on hitching a ride with a dog. I understand that it is considerably harder. I'm gonna assume most if any rides would most likely be in the bed of a truck. Has anyone here had luck doing so?
  34. Warboy

    greyhound arrest

    First thing's first- this was my first and last experience riding a Greyhound. The year is 2016; (same year I started lurking here) The trip is from Washington to Chicago; but i didn't make it past North Dakota I'm not one to normally catch a ride on a bus or a hitch; I prefer to ride a...
  35. SouthernSammon

    Noable locations to visit

    Hey y'all, I hope everybody is doing well! I'm planning to head out on a somewhat long-term hitchhiking venture out west, ultimately my goal is to meet new people and hopefully stumble upon cool opportunities. Leaving from the armpit of the USA, known as Florida, I want to hit as many...
  36. thriveTraveller

    The North Trip - 10'000km flying a sign

    The North Trip This is a story from last year, 2020 Hitchhiking and street living for 5 Months. Not my first trip tho... ------------------------------- It was early in the year and the beginning of a pandemic. I just came back from Canada. My neighbour and had big plans. The idea was to...
  37. K

    Went on my first hitchhiking trip (to IRAQ). Now I am here

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to say hi. I just came back from my first substantial hitchhiking trip. I decided to go easy and go to Iraq, where it is super easy to catch a ride. I also took some video and will be uploading some footage to youtube. Looking forward to participating in this...
  38. WildVirtue

    The Unfinished Autobiography of Aileen Wuornos

    - Short Summary A letter correspondence over many years between Aileen and her best friend from childhood Dawn was collated into a book, in the order the letters were sent. Mixed into the letters were long essays about her life on the road which she asked Dawn to keep safe encase she ever...
  39. heywaitwhatt

    Hitching femme

    Hey! I'm a genderfluid femme looking for some advice from other femmes/women on hitching alone! Any rules of thumb? I've hitched so far twice and out of sheer luck both times i got picked up by middle aged women who had histories hitching..
  40. Namesless

    Hitchhiker and homeless laborer, checking in!

    Hey everyone! I've been homeless in the US (mainly on the east coast) since 2009, and hitchhiking is my primary mode of travel full time. I work seasonally in constructions and carpentry, but my biggest passions are folk music (I play the balalaika) and exploring new places with my animal...
  41. Peterbeanpan

    Question Is it basically impossible to hitchhike with 4 people?

    My friends and I are going traveling later this year and we were wondering if having too many people will cause real problems. Is 4 at all possible to hitchhike with?
  42. Adriel

    Euro travel

    Heloou, Someone want to go to travel from Czech Republic to south Spain and around? Im from Argentina, living in a car since 3 years, currently in a squat in Czech Republic. Cheers
  43. FawnGone

    After 18 years of housie life... Back on my bullshit

    Hi everyone! New to this site so here's a bit about me.... I started squatting at 15, traveling/hitching/hopping at 16. Traveled all over the country multiple times that way until I got pregnant at 20 and got off the road for my kid... Did a lot of domestic, responsible shit in the past 17 years...
  44. W

    hitching lonely highways

    Anyone else purposively choose to hitch lonely highways like highway 50? You have nothing but sagebrush and dirt from my memory and some barbwire fences.. a hotspring eventually that I never visited. When I found myself on the road and was unsure what to do I liked to choose lonley highways...
  45. Jackie 4321

    Hitchhiking with electric scooter

    Was wondering if it be helpful or pain taking folding electric scooter hitchhiking
  46. isaiah

    best way to hitch out of new Orleans west?

    Hey all I'm looking for the best way to head west out of new Orleans! Any suggestions would help! I'm hitchhiking!
  47. Kikin

    Should hitchhiking out of dallas be this hard?

    I’m in Dallas and been trying to hitch and train hop out of here but nobody’s offering a ride to me just wondering if it just me out here not getting any luck
  48. Taylorwltrs

    Seeking some beginner hitchhiking advice/tips.

    Hia! So I made an introduction about a year ago and havent been on in while BUT I'm planning out my next move and was hoping for some advice on hitchhiking across the us. Currently, I'm in the middle of a work exchange out in Benson Az. I've had an AMAZING experience here, the farm and the...
  49. D

    Hitching during lockdowns

    Yo. Just tried hitching out of Merced, CA for 7 hours. No luck, decided to grab an ultra cheap flight to Sacramento to try my luck around there, or find a place to be. It was outrageously hot today, haha, 104 to be exact. I look pretty clean and neat, have super long hair. My personality is...
  50. Scruffy Idealist

    Covid hitchhiking: what's it like now???

    So, I know this question was posted back in March, but I wonder what it's like now that we're in August? I was stuck in Honduras when all the shit went down back in March. I got back to the U.S. in May and I am still figuring out what post-covid U.S. really looks like... I've been stuck in...