1. Matt Derrick

    Pender Island: The Canadian Town Where Hitchhiking Is EncouragedNews & Blogs 

    Pender Island: The Canadian Town Where Hitchhiking Is Encouraged Brendan Sainsbury 5-6 minutes I’m standing by the road outside of the Otter Bay ferry terminal on Pender Island in British Columbia, waving my thumb optimistically at the oncoming traffic. Behind me is a green...
  2. thriveTraveller

    The North Trip - 10'000km flying a sign

    The North Trip This is a story from last year, 2020 Hitchhiking and street living for 5 Months. Not my first trip tho... ------------------------------- It was early in the year and the beginning of a pandemic. I just came back from Canada. My neighbour and had big plans. The idea was to...
  3. WildVirtue

    The Unfinished Autobiography of Aileen Wuornos

    - Short Summary A letter correspondence over many years between Aileen and her best friend from childhood Dawn was collated into a book, in the order the letters were sent. Mixed into the letters were long essays about her life on the road which she asked Dawn to keep safe encase she ever...
  4. Scruffy Idealist

    Covid hitchhiking: what's it like now???

    So, I know this question was posted back in March, but I wonder what it's like now that we're in August? I was stuck in Honduras when all the shit went down back in March. I got back to the U.S. in May and I am still figuring out what post-covid U.S. really looks like... I've been stuck in...
  5. Matt Derrick

    "Meet the Crusties" Esquire, January 1994News & Blogs 

    Hopping freights with members of the new hobo-punk movement, our outlaw reporter finds out how far seven defiantly dirty young tramps can go with no money, hardly any sleep, and the rail cops in hot pursuit. January 1 1994 - SARAH FERGUSON I HARDLY RECOGNIZED Dumpster when I found him, carting...
  6. rhummer92

    The Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering 2020Event 

    The Global Eclipse Patagonia Gathering! Dec 10-16th, 2020 Weblink: Global Eclipse- Patagonia Gathering 10-16 Dec 2020 - https://globaleclipse.com/ I bought a super early bird ticket to this! I have zero plans in terms of getting there & no one else involved in the idea. At the moment it’s 1...
  7. JonTheNomad

    Walking along the Brazilian Coast

    Hey guys, So I've been meaning to write up the past couple weeks in Brazil for some time now and finally figured it was time. So here it is, I hope you guys enjoy my little write-up It started with me realizing that I felt trapped in the city. Something about Sao Paulo makes it...
  8. Batsy

    Do you recommend traveling with or without a vehicle?

    Hey, Y'all! My name's Bats. I wrote out this post on here before, but accidentally deleted it instead of posting it. Hopefully, things will go better this time :) So I'm finishing up my last month or so of high school, and I want to hit the road afterwards. At this point I'm not sure how soon...
  9. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree

    Hitched into Joshua Tree National Park with someone who had a pass. Beautiful.
  10. Coywolf

    Idea for next Southwest leg of Trip...

    Just wanted to pitch my idea for a "Tour de Southwest" for both my enjoyment, and my YouTube channel: Planning on heading south from Flagstaff, do some hiking hiking/camping In Sedona. Then head further south and go to Cottonwood, and perhaps the Verde Valley. From here it is difficult to...
  11. Matt Derrick

    Hitchhiking MegathreadMegathread 

    -- Hitchhiking Megathread -- Contribute comments, edits, and additions by replying to this thread and a moderator will add it to this post. Useful websites for Hitchhiking HitchWiki - In my opinion this is the most comprehensive resource of information regarding hitchhiking on the internet...
  12. Absofknglootly beautiful view

    Absofknglootly beautiful view

    Hitchhiking through Okwnogan-Wenatchee National Forest from Leavenworth to Seattle Washington!!
  13. Valentine Kan

    Hitching in France/Europe - Faire du stop en France/Europe

    Bonjour, Je suis actuellement étudiante, mais à la rentrée 2018 prochaine, je démarre une année de césure. Pendant cette année, j'aimerais entre autre partir en itinérance dans la France et aux alentours. Mon projet c'est de partir à l'Aventure, me laisser guider par le hasard des rencontres et...
  14. beginnavagabond

    Hitching from Laramie to Portland

    I plan on going about this way in June and I was wondering if this would be doable for a first time hitchhiker. I would plan on stopping in SLC, and Boise before going to Portland. I've also heard the legal status of hitchhiking isn't good especially in Boise. What did you experience? Thanks!
  15. Matt Derrick

    Hitchhiking across RussiaNews & Blogs 

    saw this post on reddit's /r/vagabond today and thought it might be worth reposting here for anyone that was interested: Hitchhiking across Russia (self.vagabond) submitted 23 hours ago by lonelyhoncho I’m about to go on a gap year and am thinking about hitchhiking across the whole of Russia...
  16. mans

    hitchhike nightmare tips

    hey everyone i wish you all a blessed life and journey thrue traveling. i'm leaving soon to hitchhike Europe and i wondered if any of you have some more tips to recognize bad people and intensions. i have 3 years of hitchhiking experience so i know about most of the general tips and tricks...
  17. subornopeligroso

    Hitching from Paris to Tbilisi to Issyk Kul, doable? Many questions

    I'm 26 and feeling restless. Always wanted to travel to Central Asian and the Caucasus, but never got around to it because I was stuck in an LTR with someone who didn't want to travel. Now that I'm out, I recently met a girl who has gone on my dream trip, from Europe across Turkey into the...
  18. mans

    new member from europe

    Hey everyone, i wish u all the best in your traveling and wicked adventures. i'm going to start a hitchhiking trip in europe in a month and i was wondering if there are any other european members on this site. any other hitchhiking or wildcamping tips are also more then welcome ;) . have a...
  19. Y

    Solo Cross Country Canada from NL to BC -need a buddy

    Bdjaiwv iaowld ahiwoky agwotpmavoa ::playful::
  20. Apple Core

    1st Time Hitchhiking Ever....and in Nepal

    Lumbini, Nepal, December 2016. The supposed birthplace of Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha. I had been backpacking around Nepal for about 2 months at this point, mainly staying at a farm/ashram up above the outskirts of Pokhara. I managed to get down from the hills and mountains of Pokhara to the near...
  21. almostvicious

    That time i hitchhiked to Belgium and almost died :PPhotos Featured 

    Ladies, gentlemen and people who are neither or both, the end of the year is near so i thought it could be a good opportunity to reflect on the past year and tell you a little (very long) story. On the first of july 2017, my friend Kim texted me: "Hey, wanna go to Belgium? I have friends that...
  22. briancray

    NY to OR by Thumb and SteelVideo 

    A few stories from my recent travels hitchhiking and riding trains from Buffalo, NY to Crater Lake, OR for work. I tried adding photos, but my connection sucks ass here, so I figured I'd post some videos. There were some really beautiful rides and I'm glad I had the chance to squeeze them in...
  23. beginnavagabond

    Decisions: Seasonal work for international travel money or attempt to travel on the cheap end

    I'm debating whether or not I should do seasonal work so I can travel this summer. The only con to that is I won't get much hitchhiking experience (I guess I could hitch there but that's not what I really want.) I really want to attempt to hitchhike because I've put it off for so long and I just...
  24. ntdxc1878

    One Month Across 20 StatesFeatured Photos 

    I pulled my pack out of the back and slammed the door shut. The white Nissan slowly wheeled away around the bend and out of sight, and I was now officially alone. I promptly made my way through a hole in the fence, through the trees and out into the clear to reveal the glorious three track...
  25. Lowcardd23

    Looking for hitch buddy

    Head out of Lexington ky. Looking for a hitch hike buddy to hit California with. Or if you're in California, I can catch bus there, and we can hitch hike from there
  26. beginnavagabond

    Tips on Boulder to Portland

    I want to get to Portland and I am in Boulder right now and I was thinking going to Cheyenne and hitch on I-80 W. Is there a better way to get there? Have you done this route before? Let me know and thanks!
  27. Will Wood

    Found a great deal..

    Have you found a good deal on kit, or have a good link for finding the stuff we can use?? I'll start. I found a down sleeping bag for 20 bucks, and a Kelty Yukon backpack for 10 bucks. The backpack is a bit small at 48 liters, but I'm going to make it work.. I'd upload pics, but the camera...
  28. Koala

    Hitchventures & East coast exploringPhotos 

    Here's some photos from the hitching trips I've done over the past few months, and some photos from a bush walk I did when I met up with @Benji91 :) they're all from the coast between Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane, to just north of Brisbane. The old rail tunnel is in Dularcha National Park.
  29. TheWanderer

    Killer Kelty Backpack thrift shop findPhotos 

    I just got myself a killer Kelty backpack at a thrift store for three dollars! What a great find! Time to switch all the gear from my old backpack to this one! Reminds me of a little story I know. Into the wild with Chris McCandless. Look it up.
  30. MoHank

    Denver-Portland-Sacramento-Las Vegas

    College age guy leaving on hitchhiking trip in a few weeks. Route is Denver-Portland, Portland-Sacramento (via 101) then Sacramento-Las Vegas. First timer here! Who's got tips? Spots along that route I need to hit? How long will this probably take? Anyone been to Bitterroot National Forest...
  31. beginnavagabond

    First solo journey

    I am working at a farm in Minnesota this summer and I thought it'd be a good idea to travel somewhere new after I start working there. I was planning on taking a greyhound from Minnesota to Portland or somewhere in California but I may see if I can get a ride from a bigger city like Sioux Falls...
  32. XlilyX

    cops and hitchhiking in affluent areas- San Diego

    Thought id share my recent hitchhiking experience. Was trying to go from Carmel Valley (had been there to say hi to relatives) to Carlsbad- like 20 miles up the five or something. This was my first experience dealing with cops while hitchhiking (aside from one that drove by and used his speaker...
  33. D

    Newbies looking to Hitchhike cross-country! ?

    Hello! I've been reading StP for a while now, but just posting for the first time today! As of right now, my friend Sarah and I are aiming to mostly hitchhike across the country from NYC to Los Angeles, going along the Southernmost parts of the US in mid May. We're inexperienced as hitchhikers...
  34. syrinyx

    What is the hardest/scariest thing you've faced on the road?

    What's been your worst moment or biggest mistake or most painful decision or scariest hitch or most dangerous hike? Maybe a lost lover or solid dog? Keep it road related if possible. I want to hear about when you ran into a bear on accident and nearly shit your pants, not about your babushka...
  35. MoHank


    Hitchhiking Denver to LA. Who's done it? Tips? Suggestions? I am brand new to this. College age male traveling alone. -Thx
  36. Koala

    first time thumbin'

    This is a piece I've been working on from my first time hitchhiking back in March 2016. I plan on writing a full-length memoir at some point! I have a lot more that comes after this but it's quite disorganized, so I've still got a long way to go with it. Hope you enjoy what I've got so far :)...
  37. carol

    canada to alaska

    has anyone hitchhiked from canada to alaska before? i really want to go to alaska this summer, and i can't find any cheap bus ride or trains that go to alaska. any tips help guys!
  38. shabti

    Hitchwiki, as good as we make it.

    So I'm on my first long term road trip since joining the site. We went through all of northern Cali, and It was my first time hitching. A lot of really cool people and experiences, but there was one thing that stuck out to me: how obsolete most of the info on Hitchwiki is, and how perfectly...
  39. Koala

    5 months in the land down underFeatured Photos 

    In July 2016, I set off to Melbourne, Australia to study at one of the uni's there for a semester. And man, lemme tell you, it's been one heck of a ride. I was a little bit bummed out that I'd be stationary in Melbourne studying for most of my time there, but I had a pretty small course load and...
  40. Koala

    Hitchhiking the Great Ocean RoadPhotos Featured 

    3 days and 1000 kilometers What's up my dudes, so me and @Caro here from StP have been unknowingly co-occupying Melbourne. We met up at Lentils the other day and it didn't take us more than a brief introduction to decide to hitchhike the Great Ocean Road together. By the time we had finished...
  41. SuneeShines

    Begining My Grand Vagabond Adventure

    Hey Everyone Name is SuneeShines. I have been reading STP for a few months because travel and adventure is just really interesting to me. I don't really have any qualms with working my dead end jobs (as long as I can start in the Afternoon). I don't have a wanderlust that can only be...
  42. JuR

    Hello world

    hey! :) I'm Jure, from Slovenia (yes it's a fucking small country overseas), part of a squatting collective in my hometown and nomad by heart. Even though I'm being a good-boy-settled-down multimedia student, I go hitchhiking and tramping around the world every summer. I'm here mostly for...
  43. HitchTube

    Hitchhike the World: Americas (Ep.22) MexicoVideo 

  44. Matt Derrick

    7 Hitchhiking Tips to Get You On the RoadVideo 

    I thought this might be helpful for some of the people out there that are new to the idea of hitchhiking.
  45. Matt Derrick

    Disadvantages Of HitchhikingVideo 

    Sometimes, hitchhiking sucks. Here's why by @HippieGangster
  46. Matt Derrick

    Hitchhiker HygieneVideo 

    How to stay clean on the road by @HippieGangster :D
  47. Maximus

    Sold Everything and Traveled for a Bit

    Hey folks, long time no see. It's almost been a year since I was last active on StP and I deeply regret that mistake, as the stories and people that come through here are the realest I've ever seen them. Anyway, back in October of 2015 my GF of two years left me and it really fucked me up. We...
  48. HitchTube

    Car-surfing with the Police in HaitiVideo 

    Warning: do not try at home
  49. HitchTube

    Hitchhiking in Haiti #2 - Riding with copsVideo 

  50. HitchTube


    deleted because people are getting political