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  1. micah

    Nashville to Memphis (or just anywhere west)

    Hello travelers! I'm currently in Nashville probably gonna hitch west to Memphis but my goal is to get to San Francisco with a little detour up north through Denver/Boulder toward Bozeman Montanna and then cutting west to the Pudget Sound area of Washington and riding the coast south toward SF...
  2. O

    Hitchhiking Sweden to Vietnam

    Hey guys! Do any of you have any experience hitchhiking Europe, Middle east, Asia in the last 6 months? I'm thinking of hitchhiking from Sweden to Vietnam, starting in July. But I haven't traveled for a while and I'm not really that updated on the status regarding Covid in most countries. Are...
  3. AlexKnoch

    I propose a hitchhiking race. Who's down?

    I've recently stumbled upon the concept of hitchhiking races. On Hitchwiki they've listed 29 races that have happened in the past but none of them happened in the United States! Do you think it's viable to have a hitchhiking race in the US, particularly from coast to coast? Would you join the...
  4. seeking existence

    cross-country drive

    Not sure if this is the most accurate place to post and hoping this post can get the most views here. I need my Prius Prime driven from Los Angeles, California to Flint, Michigan (or close by place in midwest eg Detroit Chicago we can talk about it) sometime mid February or earlier. Looking for...
  5. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Pender Island: The Canadian Town Where Hitchhiking Is Encouraged

    Pender Island: The Canadian Town Where Hitchhiking Is Encouraged Brendan Sainsbury 5-6 minutes I’m standing by the road outside of the Otter Bay ferry terminal on Pender Island in British Columbia, waving my thumb optimistically at the oncoming traffic. Behind me is a green...
  6. Guts420

    Hi, new here

    Very introverted follower, I barely ever talk to people anymore since I got dropped out of highschool looking to get a new perspective and cant think of a better time to start than now:)
  7. R

    Hitching in Europe post COVID

    I’ve been planning to set out hitching in Europe from the UK for a while. What’s the situation with hitching in Europe at the moment with COVID? Are people willing to pick up hitchhikers? What are your experiences at the moment?
  8. Aeroe

    Hitching with a dog?

    Looking for tips on hitching a ride with a dog. I understand that it is considerably harder. I'm gonna assume most if any rides would most likely be in the bed of a truck. Has anyone here had luck doing so?

    Arizona / Utah stateline. You sleepy?

    Im currently at thw state line in arizona and utah. St george utah. If you are close or need to rest i have rv. I'll be here for at least a week. After that who knows. If you want to contact me just google urtech services utah. My number is on there. I dont care if you call. Shit half of india...
  10. Warboy

    greyhound arrest

    First thing's first- this was my first and last experience riding a Greyhound. The year is 2016; (same year I started lurking here) The trip is from Washington to Chicago; but i didn't make it past North Dakota I'm not one to normally catch a ride on a bus or a hitch; I prefer to ride a...
  11. SouthernSammon

    Noable locations to visit

    Hey y'all, I hope everybody is doing well! I'm planning to head out on a somewhat long-term hitchhiking venture out west, ultimately my goal is to meet new people and hopefully stumble upon cool opportunities. Leaving from the armpit of the USA, known as Florida, I want to hit as many...
  12. thriveTraveller

    The North Trip - 10'000km flying a sign

    The North Trip This is a story from last year, 2020 Hitchhiking and street living for 5 Months. Not my first trip tho... ------------------------------- It was early in the year and the beginning of a pandemic. I just came back from Canada. My neighbour and had big plans. The idea was to...
  13. HermitHero

    Looking for travelers.

    I'm looking for anyone in Oklahoma mostly the city or if I'm lucky the city of Lawton who happen to be truck drivers, nomads with vehicles, or general travelers going from place to place who don't mind the company of a young man and his small dog companion he refuses to leave behind. I'm not...
  14. K

    Went on my first hitchhiking trip (to IRAQ). Now I am here

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to say hi. I just came back from my first substantial hitchhiking trip. I decided to go easy and go to Iraq, where it is super easy to catch a ride. I also took some video and will be uploading some footage to youtube. Looking forward to participating in this...
  15. WildVirtue

    The Unfinished Autobiography of Aileen Wuornos

    - Short Summary A letter correspondence over many years between Aileen and her best friend from childhood Dawn was collated into a book, in the order the letters were sent. Mixed into the letters were long essays about her life on the road which she asked Dawn to keep safe encase she ever...
  16. heywaitwhatt

    Hitching femme

    Hey! I'm a genderfluid femme looking for some advice from other femmes/women on hitching alone! Any rules of thumb? I've hitched so far twice and out of sheer luck both times i got picked up by middle aged women who had histories hitching..
  17. Namesless

    Hitchhiker and homeless laborer, checking in!

    Hey everyone! I've been homeless in the US (mainly on the east coast) since 2009, and hitchhiking is my primary mode of travel full time. I work seasonally in constructions and carpentry, but my biggest passions are folk music (I play the balalaika) and exploring new places with my animal...
  18. Peterbeanpan

    Question Is it basically impossible to hitchhike with 4 people?

    My friends and I are going traveling later this year and we were wondering if having too many people will cause real problems. Is 4 at all possible to hitchhike with?
  19. Adriel

    Euro travel

    Heloou, Someone want to go to travel from Czech Republic to south Spain and around? Im from Argentina, living in a car since 3 years, currently in a squat in Czech Republic. Cheers
  20. FawnGone

    After 18 years of housie life... Back on my bullshit

    Hi everyone! New to this site so here's a bit about me.... I started squatting at 15, traveling/hitching/hopping at 16. Traveled all over the country multiple times that way until I got pregnant at 20 and got off the road for my kid... Did a lot of domestic, responsible shit in the past 17 years...