1. BenAxeMan

    Cheap alice and molle pack stuff?

    Hey everyone, I need a medium sized alice pack for train hopping and everywhere I look online sells them for quite a bit of money, like over 20 bucks which doesn't sound like a lot until you consider that that doesn't include a frame or any straps or anything. Since I'm buying those seperate Im...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Italian village offers €2,000 to anyone who wants to move there

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    Need a new start? Idyllic but desperate Italian village offers €2,000 to anyone who wants to move there (and rents of €50 a month) over fears it will turn into a ghost town Cash reward for those who relocate to Bormida in mountainous region of Liguria As well as money boost, they will also be...
  3. G

    Lessons from Texas

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    Back in January of 2017, I got a $1,000 from a car accident. Since I was bored I decided to hit Texas for the sheer joy of it. Life was short and I wanted to have found memories before I die. Thus I began my week and a half trip with a grand in my pocket. No civilization works for free. People...
  4. Lial

    When you want good shit but you're poor

    There is this sweet website that I check every day that I have internet access called and they generally have super high end backpacking gear for really cheap, or sometimes still really expensive, but that's why you have to check daily because shit goes fast. I bought a $450...
  5. D

    Looking for fruit, nuts, and vitamins

    Hey all, I need food/ drink, fruit, nut, and vitamin suggestions on mood stuff (mostly depression), protein, dry skin and hair, menstrual stuff (ALL OF IT), and allergies/ congestion, and falling and staying asleep. I don't have access to herbs, and even if I did they would be costly. I know...
  6. Matt Derrick

    These small towns are giving away plots of land for $10 or less

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    Looking for a vacation house? These small towns are giving away plots of land for $10-- or less! Is there any dream quite like the one where you finally buy a picture-perfect house in...
  7. tiltedkitten

    Best places to get free gear? Homeless help places etc that are well stocked

    I'm currently on the west coast in Oregon Washington area, but really anywhere is good to know about, I just feel like there ought to be some kind of resource list for getting sleeping bags, boots, coats, packs etc for free or really extremely cheap thrift stores around the country
  8. K

    Thrift Shop (Rap Video)

    So, I'm a housie and I love Thrift Stores. The one down the street is closing:( and is offering steep discounts:). Somebody else in the house noticed how thrilled I am about thrift store scores and shared this video with me. I get so jazzed about finding something nice for cheap. I'll even...