1. sf2625

    Doing a gradual trip to Cali

    Hello all. I'm in Indiana, and I'm looking to make my way to the bay area of California. Funds are limited, but I have a vehicle. I'm trying to find cities that are tolerant to travelers along the way. I'm not on a deferral list and I am active at CSL Plasma, so places with a center nearby...
  2. Batsy

    Cool things to check out in a few WA cities

    I’m going to be visiting/passing through the following cities in Washington next month. I’ll be in each one very briefly, from one to 4 nights each. Anything cool to check out? Any cool bars, restaurants, venues, painting spots, shops, etc.? Aberdeen/Montesano Olympia Tacoma Seattle Spokane
  3. Spazz

    Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott

    This will be my first summer in Arizona since I was a teen. Prescott was highly recommended for its busking scene, and there are also supposed to be good food banks if the competition makes me look stupid, lol. I'm not really the big city type, but I love busking, just switched domicile from...
  4. TheTexasRoadrunner

    Qaurtsite Arizona

    I couldn't find any threads with this so I guess I'll ask Has anyone every camped the 7 months in qaurtsite and is it worth it ? Also can you tent camp there.
  5. J

    Question What to take with you when running away

    What should I take if I am going to be running away from home to a friend's house. I have made up my mind, don't try to convince me not to. I just need to know what to bring.
  6. J

    Slab City Flamingo Camp year rounders

    I was wondering if there were any slabbers that stay full time at flamingo camp, I am planning to move there, but don't know if there are any people who stay year round there.
  7. J

    Sex work at Slab City

    I am considering moving to slab city, and I was wondering if there was anywhere for me to set up a place for sex work, since the police don't come up as often. Would the people of slab city drive me out, or would they be more accepting? I mean no offense, I am just asking before I head up there...
  8. Batsy

    Recommendations on places to check out in East Colorado and Wyoming?

    I plan on taking this route through winning and Colorado in April. I’ve never been to either state on my travels and was wondering if anyone knows any good places to check out along the way? I’m into punk/metal/diy shows, bars, goth clubs, meeting other dirty kids as well as hippies and other...
  9. B

    Get me TF out of Gainesville

    Yo is it even possible to travel anymore? Everywhere I've been is so blown up and facist. It's like orwell just took the fuckin wheel and everyone else said "ok, sounds good." You guys know a way out of Gainesville? Seems like a long walk, tried to hitch dudes tried to rob me goin north.
  10. wanderbusk

    Do you treat national parks the same as anywhere when stealth camping?

    I'm guessing all parks are different. I will be walking along highway 41 in southern Florida through the Big Cypress National Preserve. Haven't got my feet wet with stealth camping yet (but have some coming in the near future but not in national parks) and I'm sure it won't be my last national...
  11. peacelikeariver

    Wandering the USA

    Hi y’all I’m a 27 year old trans woman from Memphis now nomadic for about a month and traveling the US sleeping in my car. Trying to figure out what I’m doing in this life and how to make friends. I like to read, hike, and stare at the vast expanses of nature. My favorite thing to read are...
  12. fatberg

    Richmond, VA suv-life

    Hi yall, I think I'm headed to Richmond VA to live out of my Pilot in March. This would be the first destination on my suv-life journey. I see a Planet Fitness, three Walmart Supercenters, and a nearby wildlife area where I can fish for bass and catfish (maybe learn to hunt with a slingshot or...
  13. bird

    Free Meals in Joshua Tree

    Saturdays @ 61597 - 29 Palms Hwy in front of the art gallery there is a free dinner starting at sundown. Good home cooked meal with ‘to go’ containers put on by Peggy and Calvin. (310)-365-0985. Kind people, looking to help travelers out in other ways too.
  14. Tobiko

    FREE FOOD Davis, California. Mon-Fri 9 pm to 11 pm from the site: “We recover food that would otherwise go to waste from Davis restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores, then redistribute to the community, no questions asked. We're at Central Park (4th and C) from 9 pm to 11 pm”
  15. C

    Made It 2 New Orleans!

    We did it =) Left Nash at 1 AM with no money and like a 1/4 tank. Arrived in New Orleans at 5 PM Its huge. Its alive. Its Dope as hell so far. I need some tips and information about this city you guys. We like to party so gimme the 411
  16. C

    New 2 traveling, could use some friends to head west from TN with. Me (30) nd my lil chick (21). We chill.

    So a few months back I ran into this really freaking interesting chick named Joe, dread locks, blue dreadlocks lol, dope ink, habbit, but instantly I was attracted to her bcuz she was a "traveling kid" and she would tell me all about train hopping and squigie punks and homebums and Dif states...
  17. BlackJack

    Port Aransas, TX

    I've heard that it cost little to no money for beach camping in this area. Has anyone stayed? I've visited once and it was pretty dope.
  18. Batsy

    NorCal and Oregon coast

    What are some cool towns/places/things to check out when heading up highway 1 from the bay to Portland? Any good traveler-friendly towns to crash at for a night? And how’s the jugging on the 1? I know Oregon is transitioning some gas stations to self-pump. Does anyone know if the ones on the...
  19. Glass Roads

    Things to see and do in Tacoma/Olympia?

    Hey y'all I'm gonna be in Olympia for a day on Monday 8/28, and Tacoma on Tuesday 8/29. What should I check out? I'm open to any and all suggestions. I'm trying to find some cool organizations to volunteer for, radical spaces, cool book stores, glass art supplies shops. And of course if any...
  20. MrMcthuggin

    Hwy 97 Northern Cali > KFalls

    Hey all! Ill be walking from weed to klamath falls taking off tonight hoping for a ride somewhere along the way lol, if there are any people on here liable to see this before i make it there or die of exhaustion or whatever else may lurk in the 70 mile stretch xD. If ya see me walking give me a...
  21. lonerjunk

    Question Places to visit in Oregon?

    I really wanna visit Oregon on my travels. Especially Portland, Eugene, and Bend. I have been planning out places I'd like to see along my travels. I'd love to especially catch any punk venues or any nice forest spots (with redwoods). Do any of you know any places around Oregon I might be...
  22. Supposed Mocha

    CA or bust

    Partner and I have gotten bored with the constant homebumming and drifting around the upper Midwest and now we're headed to LA and going to be finding our way in CA. We are unhoused and down to tent camping and the occasional luxury of a motel or couch for a couple nights, but looking to get...
  23. leebird83

    Is anyone in wv

    I'm in fayetteville
  24. transcendentalhobo

    Want to move to Olympia?

    I got offered a job on a commercial fishing trip to Alaska (which also might still need people?), so I can possibly give my room and/or job to someone if they want to move to Olympia, Washington soonish? I can give you a run down about what's cool and not cool about both my job and house. I...
  25. CamelRXR

    Effingham/Centralia meet?

    Was wondering if anyone was in the area, I'm tired of traveling alone, I've done it for many years, but I've been housed up married and had kids, say I like the noise of the company, might even get along with the dog but one thing's for sure when everything else leave you that road is always...
  26. Danielmichaelhill

    Question Home

    Im having trouble getting home... imstuck in southern Illinois... im trying to get to New York
  27. emptyhandt

    Safe places to sleep in van

    I'm on the way to San Jose for like five minutes before going back east. I'm in Kingman. Im scared to sleep in cali. Should I head to reno and cut across despite added expense? I'd like to be in Louisiana by mid July.
  28. Batsy

    Snow-birding locations in the summer

    I drove up to Portland to get away from the heat of the Bay Area only to find myself in an intense heat wave out here as well. I assumed that since Portland is so father north that it would be cooler. Once I’m able to move again, what are some good areas to go to in the western US that stay...
  29. Down and Out

    Around the world?

    I'm thinking of trying to set out to cross the globe(without personal car or plane) but can't decide if I should leave east west; from Alaska into Asia or north eastern United States into Europe. Than I also cant decide about going north to south say South America across the polar regions than...
  30. SeeYouInIceland

    Alaska: Juneau->Anchorage->The Spit (walking/hitching/hopping)

    I'll be in Juneau next week, just me and my pack. Hoping some of y'all who've been there got digs.. After resting in Juneau I figured I'd just cross the water and start hitching toward Anchorage, maybe looking for parks and truck stops along the way. Is there any concern, or is this stretch more...
  31. Tobiko

    Sacramento to Joshua Tree in van- recommended stop along way?

    Hi! We are leaving sacramento area after work tomorrow, probably midday. Have to be in Joshua Tree area friday afternoon. We are in minivan, planning on travelling on the 5 or 99. we would love to hear about any places on the way (preferably halfway or a bit further) that y’all might recommend...
  32. Skrat143

    Question What's slab city like in 2023?

    Hey hey! I was just curious on if anyone has ever been to slab city and hunkered down for a bit and how it was? Was thinking of making it my destination but keep getting conflicting accounts on how amazing or how horrible it is. Would love to hear a first hand account. As always I appreciate any...
  33. Gamer197

    Newbie Here!

    Hey everyone! My name is Jeremiah and I'm actually about to set out on my first solo trip across the states while using the volunteer exchange site Workaway. I'd gladly welcome and appreciate any tips you could give me. I'm nervous but I'm not at the same time. I'll also be hitchhiking most of...
  34. transcendentalhobo

    Uptown, Chicago

    This is an old, out of print article about the two intentional communities that brought me to Uptown, Chi. Both are still going. I lived with the Jesus people for about two and a half months, and fled for the Catholic Worker where I volunteered on-and-off from 2003-'10, then again from...
  35. timeeeee

    Hitching/freecamping in Cape Cod?

    I'm considering a stp-style hitching/freecamping trip in Cape Cod with a friend. If it was just me I'd go an find out through trial and error but my friend has a lower risk threshold so I wonder if this is a terrible idea. My goal is 5 hikes, 16 miles total, but with some transportation...
  36. Supposed Mocha

    California encampments with city access

    Well we all know of TAZ's like Slab City and the ones surrounding LA in the desert, but are there good camps or public areas for dispersed camping around major cities such as LA, SF, Redding, Sacramento, etc? I've debated some of the National Forest areas and desert for dispersed camping but I'm...
  37. otch0z

    Question Crossing the border from Canada to the USA : what to say ?

    Hi y'all, this question is for Canadian citizens. I'm planning on crossing the border from Canada to the USA. I'll be traveling with my car (which doesn't exactly look new or clean but it's 20 years old so let's keep an open mind here). My question is : what do I need to tell the border services...
  38. ednygma18626

    Looking for room

    I am about to touch down in Chicago and looking for a place to crash.
  39. ElNayshon

    Question Best state to start a new life

    I was curious on your opinions i know it depends by the person. I’ve been housed up for the last few months and have to hit the road next week.
  40. binhouse

    Squat offered/help needed in South Dakota (not too far off 12 or 212 E/W)

    Hey folks, I've got a squat on my family farm in South Dakota. I moved out here to build a house and start a fruit farm, hoping that once it was starting to get awesome out here, people would come join me in a communal living situation. Then my autoimmune disease went crazy, I ran out of...
  41. Bibritt

    Squatting the carribean ..

    Iving off grid in places like PR and Virgin Islands , I've had family members who done it . The self sustaining lifestyle is kinda in my blood I guess , would like to go back to Puerto Rico and camp , live off land , but I need to connect with like minded people who can help me find places to...
  42. CluelessHero

    Taos, NM

    I just recently passed through this wonderful town for the first time, and I recommend it for any travelers who are looking to go somewhere that doesn't frown upon travelers, or homeless. It is a town right by a ton of mountains and it snows a lot during this time of year, it is also a ski...
  43. RayvnHearsMusic

    How to get to Canada

    Can you swim to Canada from Michigan? Oh wait, I guess you can't, because it's November. How do you get to Canada now? Apparently that park was fake and has always been patrolled, and there is a library building that is built on both country's but that is also monitored and it's successful...
  44. texastraveler

    what to do in the bay?

    gonna be there the 18th and 19th, i fucking hate cities but the bay is too interesting to not explore. anything yall would recommend seeing/doing? i'm planning on mostly riding the BART around
  45. CluelessHero

    Salt Lake City, Utah ??

    is this a good place to be homeless or to be living on the streets?
  46. J

    Going to denver homeless

    I'm moving to denver and I'm going to be homeless anybody have any tips or anything I should know before going. Might do a shelter or urban camping
  47. Supposed Mocha

    Snowbirding Recommendations?

    So my partner and I are looking to once again travel to a warmer climate and look back into permanent settlement in somewhere with hopefully some space, little or insignificant snow, and of course affordable to free housing or squatting opportunities or even what I'm most interested in having a...
  48. 00kissmarrykick00

    How to get to Slab City from El Centro as a leather Tramp

    If you arrived off the Greyhound or Flix bus, you'll most likely arrive in the afternoon. Call the shelters to see if there's availability, or have some money ready for a cheap hotel/motel. Your options are to take a slab cab from El Centro, take the Imperial Valley City bus roue 2 to...
  49. TillyTheHuman

    Driving to the sunset.

    Hello, I'm currently in New England. I will be driving south, then west through the southern states. I'm planning on taking my time and enjoy what every city has to offer along the way. Open to meeting anybody along the way. I will be driving down the Atlantic Coast, may even check out Florida...
  50. 00kissmarrykick00

    Unofficial resources in Tucson Arizona!

    Tucson has a similar problem to flagstaff. It's just that Tucson is more overtly radical so there are a lot of resources here that the government can't or won't tell you about due to whatever verification processes. Xerocraft is a free open to the public workshop station that runs off of...