1. Teller of Tales

    Do you recommend traveling with or without a vehicle?

    Hey, Y'all! My name's Bats. I wrote out this post on here before, but accidentally deleted it instead of posting it. Hopefully, things will go better this time :) So I'm finishing up my last month or so of high school, and I want to hit the road afterwards. At this point I'm not sure how soon...
  2. K

    Keystone Keythrone moving to Seattle

    Hi I’m Keystone Im from Boston Moving to Seattle to set up a home base I’m a self described starving artist/anarchist . Just introducing myself to peeps at STP
  3. Spooky Biscuits

    Winter spots that are warm and have work.

    There's another thread, but everybody in it seems to crash at their parents places. I'm looking for actual squatter friendly areas in the US, hopefully find work as well.
  4. Benji91

    Crossing Boarder (Canada to US)

    Had a quick look and couldn't find any recent threads, sorry if this has already been discussed. Have any non-US Citizens crossed the boarding recently (bonus points if you crossed from Eastern BC into WA)? I've been hearing some pretty crazy stories about people being denied entry, and even...
  5. Connie2017

    Hello STP

    Hello all you beautiful peeps. Connie here. Actually, Conrad - but my students call me Connie. I am a South African currently teaching in Saudi. Unfortunately, I have been trapped by responsibility and kids and have to watch enviously as the rest of you squat the planet. But - I have 2 months...
  6. MarcellZ

    Looking for advice of road dogs of the States

    Hello everyone, I've been a casual fan of this site for the past years, and for the first time, I'm planning a hitchhiking trip. Also first time in the States. I'm looking for the advice of experienced travelers about my journey plan...
  7. rhummer92

    Looking for Rainbow Gathering info Aug/Sep/Oct 2016

    In Florida , looking for information on event locations and ranges on dates, in Florida , US currently. Looking for family . Thanks
  8. Matt Derrick

    Los Angeles, CA

    This is the official StP thread for all discussions related to Los Angeles, California. Ask your questions or post information about this destination that you think might be useful to your fellow travelers!
  9. D

    From MN to West Coast?

    I'm considering bike-touring from Twin cities, MN to the west coast (most likely Seattle, WA.) I've never bike toured before, but I'm sick of GreyHound's bullshit. ::banghead:: Right now, I don't have any gear. I don't even have a bike, but I have a lot of time to gather what I need, if I decide...
  10. trickdaley

    This is Why We Hitchhike...Getting A Pedicure in Oregon

    If you told me I'd be in Eugene, Oregon at a mall getting a pedicure at any point in my life, I wouldn't believe you. But that's how life works, especially when you are hitchhiking across the States, and really...getting into situations like these is why I hitchhike. If you havent seen any of my...
  11. Matt Derrick

    Who wants to see my fat ass on tv?

    So when I was living in Austin during the summer, I got asked to do an interview for a show called 'Tamy USA' who was this french woman driving around the USA and doing the usual fun adventure stuff. It's mostly in french, but switches to english (with french subtitles) during my segment...
  12. Matt Derrick

    The difference in hitchhiking between the USA and Europe

    News & Blogs 
    I found this and saved it offline, but now the page doesn't seem to be there anymore. Anyways, I thought I'd post it here in case it helps anyone. The difference in hitchhiking between the USA and Europe by Chris Road, Two different continents, the same way of traveling. As an...
  13. undine

    Anything in kentucky?

    Hey anyone know of any squats, infoshops, anarchist social centers, projects , campigns etc In kentucky? Because I'm stuck here for a while