1. Vmem

    Hello there introducing myself

    Hey there, A free spirit hippie here. My boyfriend and I are planning on traveling by train or hitch hiking. We were thinking South. Or somewhere warm. We are located in upstate NY. We have been living on the streets for a few years in a tent in the woods. We are both pretty resorceable which...
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    Zee trayne
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    Mt Shasta
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    Waking up
  5. LyamCass

    All I hear is trains...(Pt. 1)

    *Just a quick story about my first trainhopping experience* ;) I woke up at 2am, ready for the BNSF to Nola. I walk the line to where the yard is located(3 miles) and meet an old homeless dude(forgot name) that informs me that line only runs tankers to the chemical plants...pretty sure I’ve...
  6. justanotherperson

    The lifestyle: How did you start out?

    What made you start traveling? How did you discover this alternative lifestyle was for you.? For me i had read some books as a kid that lightly touched on the subject of tramping. At the time i was dead set on joining the military, i thought that was that best way to prove myself, enrich myself...
  7. nivoldoog

    Sheldon Cooper wanted to be a hobo.

    Saw the preview of the new tv with Sheldon from big bang. He said if his physics career did not pan out that one of his back up plans was hobo. Now, we already know he is a train enthusiast, but can you imagine him as a train hopper. I myself have not "yet" done it. But can you imagine! Let us...
  8. OmFish

    Following tracks coast to coast

    Sup all! New to the site, joined cuz me and a mate are about to catch out soon and head west (we're in NY now, have been stationary for a while and I personally have seen enough concrete jungle to last a few years) We are thinking of trying our hand at hopping trains. Have lots of friends down...
  9. J


    Any tips, advice, recommendations, "must-sees". How bad are the bears... anyone know if boat or flight is the only way to get to glacier bay national park? has anyone ridden alaska rail...?
  10. boxcar

    Greeting from Alberta, Canada. Looking for freight hoppers

    Im british staying in canada till april and have done lots of research and read lots of guides to freight hopping, However before I attempt it i would like someone to teach me the ropes, i will keep you topped up with beer :) Im based in Banff/Canmore
  11. Freerange Butters


    Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like; a journey to Mexico to trip on some magical mushrooms! I plan to start somewhere North of the U.S.A; maybe even Canada and go down to Oaxaca Mexico to trip on some shrooms and record the whole process! Now some of you guys might ask: "Why are you going all...
  12. HairyLox

    Hi, Mary Fox here

    Hi there kitties. I'm new to using StP, but not to the name nor traveling. I've seen most of the states minus the North East and southern Cali. I'm here to connect with old friends and meet new ones. I've done most of my traveling using my thumb, and gas jugging spiel. I've hopped freight a few...
  13. G

    Greetings from Oswego County, New York

    hey, im from upstate new york, oswego county.. any punxs around here? My girlfriend and i wanna travel by train, it'll be our first time traveling.. any advice?