1. DropoutBoy

    Very happy to have found this place!

    Hello! I wanted to say, first of all, I'm glad I found this site and I'm really looking forward to all the new people that I'll meet, helping them on their journeys as well as being helped. I'm a nineteen year old queer who just dropped out of college. I'm living on donations and the occasional...
  2. SummerFire160424

    Hey all!

    So my name is Brianna but I usually go by SummerFire and I live in Portland, OR as of July 2017 after living in San Diego, CA for way too long (28 years) and I’m a queer and trans woman of color. I joined StP forums a few months ago but I was dealing with a shit ton of depression and anxiety but...
  3. Inuyoujo

    Event PRIDE Dinner potluck!

    I'm having a PRIDE Month Potluck at my house! June 17th from 7pm to 11pm. No tobacco usage allowed. Wine and beer welcome. 420 friendly. ::cigar:: No kids. Pets welcome in the yards. Clean up after your pets. Food will be in the house, but the party will be in the front and back yards, and...
  4. Inuyoujo

    Minneapolis June - Cold Weather

    Hello community, I'm offering my space for showers, food, and advice to visitors, starting June 1st to some time in late fall. Laundry is a variable. It starts getting cold early here, so this offer might expire in Oct. I am unavailable for same day or next day requests. Please get to me at...
  5. outlawwolf

    Ride Offered Roseville to Los Angeles

    Departing from: Roseville Destination: Los Angeles Date range: now (& again sometime soon) I'm terrible at planning so this is a super last minute notice. Leaving within the next few hours. But I also do this drive a lot so if you live along the 5 or 99 and want to go north or south let me know...
  6. Smudge

    Featured Masterpost on UTIs and Yeast Infections

    Hey folks! If you're reading this you probably know that having a vagina makes you vulnerable to some diseases and other issues that people without them don't have to deal with. I'm going to go through the two most annoying and teach you how to deal with and cure them. 1. Urinary Tract...
  7. Smudge

    Leaving coffs harbour, NSW Australia in a couple weeks

    I have one seat in my van if you want a lift. Must be cool, extra points if you're queer. I can feed you a hot meal if you can help out a little with petrol. :)
  8. Smudge

    Van lesbian seeking adventure

    Hey mob, I'm gonna be travelling around Australia for a few years, I'm in coffs staying with family for a few weeks until my van gets fixed but after that throw me a line and I'll make you a curry and read your tarot. :)
  9. LostAvood

    Seeking Ride Seeking Road Dawg from NY to South and/or West

    I am in a race against the the clock. I've been off the road for 4 almost 5 years. I was doing fine with a job and a good place then my ex roommate turned on me got me evicted. So my old road dawg let me stay at the long term squat he was staying at. Well the summary is the people whose name...
  10. Y

    Solo Cross Country Canada from NL to BC -need a buddy

    Bdjaiwv iaowld ahiwoky agwotpmavoa ::playful::
  11. shellshell

    Hey fam

    New to the site and am blown away by the amazing resources and community on this site. Currently living in midwest hellhole. Needing to head out to the pnw again soon. Spent a few years in Washington and loved it, miss it. Haven't actually had the guts to travel like y'all although I've wanted...
  12. A

    Weirdos Head South On Epic Quest To Destroy A Ring Or Some Shit

    Yeah. So, my dumbass friend found some ring in a cave a while back. Turns out it controls all the evil in the world. So now I have to take his nephew to throw it into a valcano. My name is Aari! We should go on an adventure! I'm in MI hoping to catch out in a hot minute. My only plans are to...
  13. rusty

    Ride Offered new england/montreal to seattle/portland

    hey ya'll i'll be rubber trampin with a couple friends in an suv. offerin rides for short legs of the trip. help wit a little scratch or grass or gas jug w/e. originating in Providence, RI, through MA to Burlington, VT then Montreal. leaving on 6/2. plans are real loose. will be on interstates...
  14. Riliya

    Queer or punk squats/coops/communes

    Anyone know of good queer punk squats, coops or communes in Cambridge ma, Boston ma, NYC, Portland or, or new orleans?
  15. Inuyoujo

    Help me write on marginalized subjects

    Hello all, I would like to write and subject articles for this site. That was the idea when I thought this up, but honestly these subjects may not be considered "article material" for this site. That hardly matters, though. These are subjects that aren't getting the attention they deserve...