Do you sleep with a weapon (1 Viewer)


Dec 11, 2016
I live and travel in a van for 8 years. I don't live in fear and the so-called home bums you mentioned are they really much different than me? I'm not a walking victim and I don't have any fear of living in the world. The expectation that someone is going to rob or harm me is just not in my head. Wasp spray knives and guns. Just like people don't shit on their front lawn the so-called home bums you mentioned don't look at me as the same as they are. Just a human being with little or next to nothing.... Don't live in fear!
8 years never a problem even sleeping on skid row in my van or anywhere else on the planet.
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Bobbas Thomas

Nov 15, 2012
Garfield Heights, Ohio
. Wasp Spray. Its corrosive, it sticks like napalm, its accurate and has a good range for a chemical irritant, and its non lethal. Also bonus points since you can't be charged with a concealed weapon for it. And its usually lightweight and easy to carry and not very expensive.
Pretty neat Idea, I have never thought about or heard of anyone using wasp spray. Sure the usual bear spray, but wasp spray is much more readily available and probably cheaper. Not that it's neccesarily more effective but you can get the stuff anywhere for cheap. Thanks for sharing!

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