1. Luna Walsh

    Banjo/Poetry/Screamo (my weird acoustic project)

    Just wanted to share my project called Moon Pillow. I'm not playing shows currently but I'm predominantly based in Los Angeles. Tell me what ya'll think. Moon Pillow -
  2. Pipes

    Film Featuring a Train Riding Banjo Player

    Just thought I'd throw this out here to spread the word if anyone will be in the Providence, RI area! My boyfriend Foots has been a nomadic street musician for the better part of 10 years. Some Germans followed him around a few years ago documenting his lifestyle and music. The fruit of their...
  3. theallnightdiner

    Skoolie livin, banjo pickin', piano choppin' traveler new here

    Hi guys, i travel around in a 40ft skoolie. Been livin the travelin', busking lifestyle for about 7 years. I love it. It can be rough, but I think it builds character. I want to thank many of you, for being you. I've been quite inspired to live my life by all the dirty, krusty, freight...
  4. Matt Hatter

    Hi, this is my introduction

    My name is Matt, I'm 24 years old. I started traveling full time a little over a year ago. At this point I'm addicted. any time I settle down for too long I start to get that "itch" everyone talks about. Why fight it? I mostly hitchhike. It's simple and gets you where you need to go. I've hopped...
  5. Jive

    Looking for "clawhammer on low or no dollars" downloadable PDF

    I've heard about this zine many times and been told to check it out. but hell if i can find the darn thing. i checked the Library on here and didn't see it. Hard copies don't seem to be for sale anywhere. If anyone has a PDF i think it'd make a great contribution to the STP Library. Or if you...