1. dumpsternavel

    Featured Photos Off-Grid homesteadin' wing'n it yeh

    Alright, peeps... I'm gonna share with you my on-going journey with the art of land cultivation, building, and off-grid living. I began this with my partner @Caveman118 in mid November of 2018. This all started after I finally spent some time in Louisiana, being my 48th state hit while...
  2. Potatos

    We've set up shop in slab City

    We've taken over and now running a smoke shop an tattoo parlor serving snow cones cold drinks hot vegan food. And a good old squatting time
  3. Some Dogs

    Anarchist Folk Punks in Georgia End of May?

    My travelling band of misfits is going to be headed down to Georgia end of May (we'll be there the 25th and 26th of May before heading to Florida) I was curious if there were any local folks anywhere in the state who would want to throw a lil folk punk show and hang out and play some music!! We...
  4. Trooper

    Roadside Clothes

    Well my day started with my loosing my favorite (only) beanie, already a rough start:eek:, but on my way walking home I looked in a ditch and saw a dirty black beanie just laying there. One good wash later and I have a new beanie::woot::... I guess you loose some, you find some! What clothes...
  5. KinowaGear

    Handmade products / Bags and gear

    Hey folks! I am stoked to join this amazing forum. Big up to StP! Let's introduce myself ; I make handmade quality backpacks and gear for bike courier and travelers, and currently designing dog backpack harnesses. I have a small sewing shop with industrial sewing machines, in which I am...
  6. Luna Walsh

    DiY Out Of A Backpack

    I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for projects or crafts that you could carry with you in a backpack? I'm housed up atm and have been brewing a lot of tinctures. Since all you need for those is a jar, alcohol, and herbs, I'd be able to brew those in my backpack whenever I travel next...
  7. R


    I'm starting a series about every city I spend an extensive amount of time in: mapping out how they treat their homeless, the spread of gentrification, all the shiz I experience, stories that are shared with me, and resources for trans folks. The introductory post can be found here. Might be...
  8. crow

    Photos show us yer patch pants

    For lack of a better term, I call them patch pants. This is my fourth pair so they're not all broke in yet. They have a tendency to "disappear" Be that as it may, I love to see how other people attach the world to themselves! So show me gets n I'll show you mine :p Notice I've stitched in a...
  9. Benji91

    Video Pig City Folk Punk - July 1st 2017

    Me and a mate decided to try and start a little folk punk collective in Brisbane, Australia. It's mainly drinking, sharing songs and jamming (on originals and covers)....essentially we get park drunk in this shitty town with acoustic guitars and noise happens. The vid is on my shitty go-pro...
  10. Benji91

    Pig City Folk Punk

    Yo, Meet up for Pig City Folk Punk (Brisbane, Australia) happening on July 1 at People's Park in West End. We'll be jammin' from around 2pm! Bring acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, drums, booze (FYR - the law is always murky with drinking in parks/where you can drink in public - so know...
  11. HemlockSaoirse

    Cannibalizing LBVs?

    A buddy of mine plays airsoft and recently kicked me down a south African assault vest. Obviously wearing it won't get me very far. I was curious if anyone else has cut the pouches off other tactical vests and attached/rivited/sewn them to their packs, belts, etc? Got pics? Would the padding...
  12. Tetsuden

    Hello All!

    I'm lucius, ive had an account for a bit but never used it. I love travel but mainly travel for various music fests. I love weirdos so if ur a lil strange and passionate then let's be comrades
  13. A

    Improvised or DIY Pack Straps

    I have a problem, only you can help, If I can find them. I need ... The squat team! OK today I got an old jansport external frame backpack from Sally's. The straps were ripped off the top but for 0.99$ its a significant upgrade to what I have now. The straps are connected to the pack with...
  14. A

    DIY Crusty Cologne

    Just because I'm crusty doesn't mean I don't like to smell good. I am a crusty with class and refined tastes. Feel Rugged, Smell Amazing – DIY Natural Men’s Cologne Using Essential Oils June 19, 2015 • By Christina Masculine essential oils to create your own blends Essential oils may seem...
  15. VikingAdventurer

    Video Is the zipper on your sleeping bag or pack separated? Try this shit.

    So, the zipper on my sleeping bag separated, and wouldn't zip up anymore. I looked around the interwebs for a bit, and I found a solution. SPOILER ALERT: It fucking works. I've already tried the method in the video, and now my sleeping bag zips up perfectly again...
  16. crow

    Photos Here's my Battlepack!

    hey so i wore this pack until it fell apart and the zipper completely broke. when a friend hoooked me up with a new pack, and brother gave me a medical reserve pack, i saw an opportunity to keep mah beloved squirrel pack and went to work... small though it is, this pack carries...
  17. Autem Tua

    Photos DIY boots anyone?

    Show me your DIY boots! Here's mine: They're steel toed military surplus combat boots. I added some spikes for the heck of it, and drew on a bunch of anarchist stuff all over it.
  18. RSTY802510

    Waterproofing your carhartt. Here's a link for a how 2. There's a bunch of different recipes and methods for this and it will make your jacket heavy as fuuuuuck. I used a mixture of neatsfoot oil and beeswax and it word out fine...
  19. Devogsh

    new podcast !

    guys i made a podcast/online radio called crustcast , we share underground music , metal,folk,folkpunk.punk rap u name it please check it out and submit your music at
  20. Matt Derrick

    Video Idaho modern oldtimer builds underground & solar $50 houses

    i think the house in this video is beautiful, i'd totally live there.
  21. Matt Derrick

    Video $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home

    you can buy the plans for this trailer here:
  22. D

    Lazy and Low Impact DIY

    I want punk and fucked up clothes, but I just can't bring myself to do it, myself. "Lazy" is the easiest thing to say, but honestly with all I'm going through in the area I'm currently in my energy is being sapped from having such hard times. I would just give stuff for someone to DIY punk/...
  23. warlo

    Help needed on DIY backpack project.

    Hello everybody, Recently I posted a DIY backpack project (Linyera Backpack Project) and been traveling around with it successfully. Now im stayin for long in Oslo and decided to make a new version with what I have learned. Considering that I got now a sewing machine and loads of recycled...