1. BraffZacklin

    Hi, I'm Shay

    Feels odd to use my legal name. I go by Wyvern anyway with a lot of people, and have honestly thought about using Bandit for a nickname that no one can trace back to me, but like... no one knows wtf a Wyvern is or how to say it -- the amount of times I've copped Shane already, it may as well...
  2. M

    you can call me val

    hi yall, you can call me val I am a trans woman based out of seattle, wa. hoping to learn more about trainhopping so that in my future I'll be able to train hop as a way of exploring this country. I've got massive respect for the people that do this and I hope that I may ne able to meet and...
  3. Batsy

    Guide to the Bay Area DIY music scene

    I’ve been involved with the Bay Area (CA) scene for almost 10 years now. I’ve sent the following info to a number of friends in the past as they’ve visited and asked where to find shows, so I figured I’d make one big post here for anyone looking to get involved with the scene or at least catch...
  4. wanderbusk

    Shine On music/solar eclipse fest

    My friend is putting on this music festival in Indiana with camping in the woods and a great stage in the woods with some cool bands. Music is on Sat/Sun, April 6/7 with a solar eclipse viewing party on the 8th and the option to stay the night of the 8th for an extra fee...
  5. Joey Garbanzo

    Book The How and Tao of Old Time Banjo

    A whole bunch of interesting info for learning to play the banjo
  6. TheTexasRoadrunner

    A hobos rail shanty.

    There once was a train that put to rail The name of the train was Ol southern hell The hobos road and they heard the bell Oh ride, my hobos , ride(huh) Soon may the Ol southern come To bring us rides and beer and guns One day, when the ridings done We'll take our ride and go She'd been...
  7. MetalBryan

    Has anyone been to a show at the Montopolis Bridge, Austin, TX?

    I just heard about this and though Austin, TX is a little far to travel for me I am very curious about how shows happen on a bridge. Any links or info you have I'd be interested.
  8. Hoboschmely

    Hey its Schemly

    Hey im schmely, the kid with the dog named cheesebutger,(maybe weve met maybe we havent) even though ive been off the road since 2015 i just wanted to say hi and promote my recent recordings "the withdrawal sessions" take a listen if u want, i suck but fuck it.
  9. Daflique

    Looking for people to hang out with and or make music together in brooklyn

    I’m in Williamsburg at the moment. Are you nearby? My podcast is called Echo 13. You’ll find it if you search and can get a sense of me and my sound. It’s mostly music, but there’s also some talking episodes if you scroll down a while. Thanks, peace
  10. hillstreetbill

    Better now than never

    Hello transient folk. I am new here, just started my account yesterday just been reading posts getting a feel for the community and what not. So far love the vibes, love the stories and can’t wait to hopefully make some friends here. Anyways, on to it. I’m from a boring little place called...
  11. bip


    how did this happen at what point did it get worse
  12. T

    Video Dealing With A Madman

    Cool video from an old traveler.
  13. Dust

    Nonbinary Audio Nerd based in the UK

    Hi! I'm Dust, a nonbinary musician in my early 20s living in the UK - my plan is to move to Sweden when I can (let me know if you have any insight into that or would like to practice beginner Swedish with someone!) I'm passionate about the environment, mental health, queer topics, urbex, travel...
  14. Dustyboy313

    Austin musicians

    I'll be moving to Austin for a bit in August and am really trying to play music. I'm in my mid 20s and play bass. I've been in a few bands here in detroit and really enjoy punk and punk adjacent genres. I love the artsy fartsy side of punk Let's make music and play show or just jam I am down...
  15. RainyDaze

    releasing some new music.

    I'm releasing some new music under my recently formed publishing house. Feel free to check it out! Like, share sub ect. Thanks.
  16. Oreoman2002

    Video A music man's hello

    Hello, don't really know what to say, never introduced myself on a form before. Guess I'll start with my name, my name is [REDACTED] but my friends just call me Oreo. Over the last few years my love of history has led me to take an interest in exploring abandoned places, I'll admit I'm still new...
  17. seeking existence

    *REMINDER* Last Chance To Save Your Music on Google Music - Google Music Shutting Down (tonight 02/21/2021) !!!!

    LAST CHANCE TO SAVE YOUR MUSIC ! The overlords at google, who are too busy scratching their heads and asses on how to better dig their own yahoo grave, would like to remind you that they are killing off one of their most useful and successful products - google music - so download all your hits...
  18. Redbeard The Rhymer

    High Noon

    So this is Part II of my trilogy "From Dawn 'Till Dusk." I hope you enjoy... --High Noon-- Behold! the sunrise has cleared, a distant morn', let's pursue the final path and take this kingdom with a pawn-- no brawn--knowledge and wisdom trumps the strength of ten men, so change your guards...
  19. Redbeard The Rhymer

    The Dark Before Dawn

    I wrote this ode back in 2018, all in one sitting (though it took a couple of hours) after watching a movie I can't quite recall the name of; but the theme music that played periodically through the movie had a dark and depressing cast to it (it was some sort of second rate film), and the tune...
  20. D

    Music Fan 'Zine: Trial and Error Collective

    There's a music fan 'zine I picked up in Tucson a few visits ago called Trial and Error, and I've been able to write a couple articles for them that people here might find interesting. This one is about Punk Houses: Slow Motion Eviction Party -...
  21. Shit Beetle

    Lyrics or Poetry that Inspire Travel

    I posted something similar to this a couple years ago, but that was a call for songs and playlists. What lyrics or lines of poetry do you find yourself humming or thinking about when the urge to travel hits? I've been in Mexico for about 7 months and I'm eager to move on. Here's what I've got...
  22. Matt Derrick

    2021 Jamboree Outdoor movie night! Travel films, music video karaoke and other fun stuff

    Hey folks, so I have a cheap movie projector, along with a power source to do some movies and possibly other fun stuff at the Jamboree. I'm thinking a selection of travel films and possibly a music video collection people can sing along to if they want :) So yeah, I would like to get folk's...
  23. Grace

    Music is all I have left

    I may have lost all my friends, my agab, and my dignity, but at least I have my music. Just listening to soft 80s Japanese pop at 2 AM really does something to you. At least I have music.
  24. voidsmokes

    whats up ? artsy peeps?want 2 make music?

    hit me up if yall are an aspiring rapper , grindcore head or wichever music or if you are up to doing some tags hey im a dude from mexico artsy _ as for now my objetive is to travel to La be squatting around and to know the oddest of places and peeps really simple guy , we can chill and talk...
  25. kriminalmisfit

    Anyone into Emoviolence or Skrams music?

    There seems to be some overlap in the Folk and Crust punk community in the "skramz" scene. There were so many sick releases last year by bands like Shin Guard, State Faults, Frail Body and stuff like that. was really into the energy the scene seemed to have by the end of last year, i've gotten...
  26. Ifuknwander

    Hey there I'm Chaz I'm 33 I love to travel love music of all kinds love meeting new people I was in Asheville but at the moment I'm in a small shity.

    Hey there, I've checked out this site for years but never utilized it. I'm Chaz. Was in Asheville currently in a little town called statesville. Looking for someone or someone's that would like to travel and head further south and eventually head West.
  27. Pcdhitch

    Hillberry Music Festival the 10 th of October!!! Arkansas!

    Best bluegrass fest of the Year!!! Hope to see ya there!! If some people are close by and want to go, I will help with sneaking you in! This is the First fest I've ever paid for!!! So wouldn't mind helping. Will be there Thursday night but won't get in till Friday morning. Friends will be going...
  28. Spazz

    Willem Van Spronsen's music

    Since Bandcamp took down Will's music, I thought some of you might appreciate this: http://syndicatetxz7cj5.onion/audiomanifesto.7z You need the Tor browser but they're all high quality Flacs. Here's a link to his daughter's reflections on his life and death, just in case you haven't already...
  29. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Punk Island is a celebration of community, diversity, and rage

    PUNK ISLAND IS A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY, DIVERSITY, AND RAGE Punk Island shows NYC what’s at punk’s core: community. WORDS: Danielle Chelosky & Stephanie Augello PHOTOS: Stephanie Augello Randall’s Island in NYC isn’t usually bursting with heavy guitars vibrating through amps and...
  30. findfoot

    HOUSELESS RECORDS: Front Porch Tour

    Hi humans, I have these projects and I'm working on a house show tour August - November 2019. Calling all musicians and people to check it out and maybe get involved. This is letter has more details and a cheesy anecdote (cause it was aimed towards housies). Wanna host a show...
  31. BradKajukenbo

    Video Countercultural Music from Humboldt County California (Camo Cowboys)

    FAMILY FELONY by Camo Cowboys Many years ago. They made them move back to the land. Lots of hippy folks. You know, they didn't have much cash in hand. But, they all found a way. To pay the bills and make ends meet. Now they spend their days farming weeds and trying to beat the heat and... Its...
  32. iamwhatiam

    Event forest music festival The Hollar in Darrington, WA July 5-7

    My neighbors are throwing their annual music festival on our properties here in Darrington, WA on July 5-7. There'll be close to 20 bands playing. All kinds of genres...punk, reggae, indie, etc. Tickets are $30, which goes towards helping to throw the bands some $$ and costs to bring in porta...
  33. Honey Crust

    S.O.A.P. Fest in the woods of Oregon!

    Two day free folk punk festival in the woods outside of Klamath Falls, OR! Hiking, camping, music, good people, good shit!
  34. Laundromatt

    Best U.S. diy punk music cities 2019?

    Just was wondering about which cities are currently doing well with the diy punk/noise/Weird music scene. The bay area has been the best spot that I've experienced in regards to a diy music scene and I miss it there but it's super expensive to live around there. Currently in Austin Texas and...
  35. keystone

    An Introduction -peace and love

    Hi everyone I'm Keystone. I'm from Boston. I'm in Seattle. I love adventure and fun and friends. -peace and love
  36. C

    Traveling Cook, Traveling music artist!!

    Hey all!! In about six months I will be traveling from Grand Rapids, MI to.......well........anywhere. My goal is to explore nature, cook while on the road at various restaurants and promote my music! I'm debating on what kind of vehicle I should get between $2500 to $4000! Maby a van...
  37. CelticWanderer

    Four Walls Blues

    getting really ancy from being housed up due to an ACL tear and wrote this simple thing and thought I would share Link:
  38. Benji91

    Just dropped a new track, sludgy grooves from Oz

    Yo, my band Whiskey & Speed just dropped our first new track in years. Sweetness. I'm really goddamn proud of this one and how it turned out. It's the first track of our upcoming EP "Better Than Expected". A little less punk, a little more grunge. I guess? Idk, I'm stoked on it. Check it out if...
  39. Coywolf

    My music list...

    Hey all, Just wanted to share with you the music I've been listening to on my recent travels. It's been keeping me sane! Classic Rock: -America -Eagles -Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks is the shit!) -The Who? (Its a put-on....) Bluegrass/Americana/Folk -Allisom Krauss & Union Station -Nickle...
  40. lawnchair

    Songs associated with specific memories?

    I'm pretty sure general travel-themed/road songs have been discussed before, as have many other topics about music. But I'm wondering - do any of you have specific songs that strongly remind you of specific travel stories or memories? I'll start - Train Under Water by Bright Eyes reminds me of...
  41. Matt Derrick

    Seeking DIY music to use in our podcast

    This is just a general notice to let everyone know that I am looking for independent, DIY music from just about any genre to use in the StP podcast. Any suggestions should be music that isn't on a big label or would get the show's episodes flagged on YouTube. Ideally, this would be your own...
  42. Benji91

    So, some kids are making a documentary about our band

    So, my silly little band had a good run - solid gigging from 2009 to earlier this year. We played a mix of grunge, punk and whatever else we were feeling on the day...was all for a laugh, some fun and a some personal therapy for the lot of us. We announced our final show and had some university...
  43. M

    Free downloaded music on the road

    Not sure which forum to put this in... wanted to share this app my friend told me about called Fildo. You can download full albums free.
  44. Raggamuffin

    Canada --> east to west, somehow, with music!

    Hi , new to site - I rarely do social media (only to connect with people), rarely use a phone, and stumbled on StP when I was researching Canadian tobacco, and found a post about it. Blessed! So new profile set up! Still tryna figure out site navigation... Left a shitty life period in the uk...
  45. erisACAB

    Music swap/File Sharing

    Trying to find the best way to share music among friends and acquaintances. At the moment I have an extra Dropbox account I've made, that I've been passing the login around to my friends with large collections of music, so they can take and leave whatever music they'd want to share. It's working...
  46. junkpolecat99

    brazilian music video squat (location unknown?)

    Found it on youtube broz
  47. Some Dogs

    Anarchist Folk Punks in Georgia End of May?

    My travelling band of misfits is going to be headed down to Georgia end of May (we'll be there the 25th and 26th of May before heading to Florida) I was curious if there were any local folks anywhere in the state who would want to throw a lil folk punk show and hang out and play some music!! We...
  48. beersalt

    Anyone gonna be @ Folk Life 2018?

    Gonna be trying to attend the annual Folk Life Festival in Seattle,WA this year. It’s held at the end of May- and I’m gonna be round there bangin’ on a washboard, and hoping to jam with any and all. It’s also cohesive with apple picking season, (so I’ve heard) and may be a good opportunity for...
  49. SammyDmn27


    Avant-gardeis defined as people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society Avant-garde pushes boundaries of the status quo, which is something that anarchism does (or goes beyond pushing the status quo). In one sense, anarchism is avant-garde...
  50. Trooper

    Inland Empire/Cali gutter punks

    Just posting this thread to see if there are any local IE, OC, or LA gutter punks, folk punks, or anti folk musicians around that are looking to start anything. I can play most string instruments and belch out lyrics. I am in need of some cash so I was thinking of busking at local areas. Not to...