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bike touring

  1. ali

    Travelogue Biking around in Colombia

    Hey all, you might remember me from my first bike tour in Canada or the US leg... After cycling south-east across Turtle Island, i bought a cheap plane ticket on a whim and flew from Miami to Panama City. I didn't really have much plans other than to learn Spanish and perhaps join a crew on a...
  2. D

    Question How much did your setup cost you?

    With panniers, racks, and other bike specific gear, how much did it cost you? I'm looking to squirrel away some money before shit hits the fan... how much should I put away? Is there a big advantage to buying a new bike?
  3. Schnitzel

    Photos Over 700km (435 miles) through Germany on a fixed gear bike

    This is a little story I got about my first bike trip I did back in July. It took me 4 days and 1 night and I went from Düsseldorf to Munich, around 720km (447 miles for you Americans :). I'm not that great at planing trips so I just packed my bike and went for it. I followed the Rhine river...
  4. HitchBiker

    Photos Featured in Adventure Cycling’s Dynamo Jenny Newsletter

    I‘m the featured cyclist in the Dynamo Jenny podcast newsletter put out by Adventure Cycling. Which feels kinda cool to be recognized by an offshoot of the biggest bike touring organization in Amerika after these few years of adventure.
  5. ali

    Featured First bike tour, US edition, heading south

    Even though theoretically i am still on my first bike tour, the fact i had about 5 days break and flew across the border makes this feel like a new chapter. In my previous thread (First tour, heading out of Kamloops) you will find my story of starting out with this form of travel and cycling...
  6. ali

    Featured First tour, heading out of Kamloops

    After spending a year in Kamloops weathering the second and third COVID waves, i got my vaccinations and resolved to get back on the road again. I was really inspired by the posts of @BikePunky and @superphoenix getting started without much gear to give bike touring a shot. When i first got...
  7. A zed

    Question World's shortest bike tour.

    About a year ago now I first delved into traveling and vagabonding by setting out from a homeless camp I had been bumming it at into the great unknown. I had spent the past few months there cooking with the local food not bombs and getting accustomed to life outdoors (I had been homeless before...
  8. HitchBiker

    Photos Bike Punky (Season 3 Thread)

    Howdy, y’all. Long time no post since I hit something like 10k miles in saddle during the last tour. I took time off in Tucson, the Slabs, and then started a job at a ski resort in the sierras these last 4 months. I’m down to four shifts at work and a little over a week housed up. I’ve been...
  9. MetalBryan

    Question Bike Tour & Camping during Covid - SE US

    Covid got my old cycling & mechanic skill set back into action. I'm in a good place to prepare for a bike tour, so this isn't so much about the HOW or the WHERE, but the WHY. I'm in Miami and I have a place to stay until late January or early February. I've been giving serious consideration to...
  10. identity

    Introduction to identity: currently starting an adverse possession adventure

    Hi folks, I'll go by identity here. I'm currently working on improving a rural property in California with the prospect of eventually filing for quiet title of the property in five years through adverse possession. I have experience squatting both short and long term and have worked with Homes...
  11. superphoenix

    Featured Single-Speed Tour Through New England

    While my back is currently fucked up and I can't move around too much, I thought I would take the time to talk about my little bike trip through New England from two years ago. After biking around the Greater New York City area a lot, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and see some...
  12. coyotecure

    Just starting out bike touring and looking for advice.

    (hii i don't use forums much, so please forgive me if it isn't done right. admins feel free to delete) So a friend just gifted me a Miyata 610. I'm helping another friend get down to NOLA from Portland at the end of next month and I want to ride my bike back home I think. Currently I don't...
  13. HitchBiker

    Featured It Will Be Okay Again Tour

    Hey y'all. A couple weeks ago, I hit the road again after being evicted from my spot for quarantine. Figured I'd start a new picture/ story thread for this one. First road photo of the tour with the new smiley. My panniers just gain more character. Laying in the rain on the Natchez Trace on...
  14. wormfood

    Getting your bike on the train

    I’m really curious if it’s possible. How do you get it on without damaging it ? where do you stash it ? how do you get through the yard with it ?
  15. D

    Ebike touring anyone?

    Now most cyclist purists hate the idea of long distance bike touring via an ebike. Since this website is about stretching the possibilities of travel & enlightenment I doubt we will have too many who are against it. I personally do not have the budget for an ebike but am seriously considering...
  16. Tommythecat

    Bike touring as a beginer

    So i have no experiance bike touring but im look into it.. Im looking into building a decent roadbike and saving up for some decent gear.. Ive hitch hiked alittle bit and rubber tramped but i really want to bike tour.. Im currently in denver colorado but have been thinking about biking back to...
  17. ResistMuchObeyLittle

    Bike touring Mexico

    I've been researching bike touring in Mexico and I'm looking for any info from people that have toured down there. I came across this which is pretty helpful. I know a few members have spent quite a bit of time south of the border. I'd actually consider staying down there for quite awhile if the...
  18. HitchBiker


    I've gone about 500 miles total on the California coast so far on an old rigid steel mountain bike I converted for touring. Here's some pictures. I need to start remembering to take more. The nonprofit in Tacoma I converted my bike for less than $100 with used parts. I got used top of the line...
  19. D

    2019 Bike tour ideas

    Does anyone have any big plans for 2019 bike touring? How hard is it to find a touring partner or small group to ride with? Ill tell you what happenned last year. First of all, I took off and decided to live off my motorcycle. I ended up in California and I had my old Honda Motorcycle, a small...

    Bicycle touring as a spiritual practice

    It's been a good little while since I've been on here. Mostly because I have an iPhone 4 and this website doesn't work well with this my phone I use or wifi. Anyways, I've got 5,000+ miles in. I don't use money usually. The clothes I got I either got out of thrift store dumpsters or thrift...