bike touring

  1. HitchBiker

    Bike Punky (Season 3 Thread)Photos 

    Howdy, y’all. Long time no post since I hit something like 10k miles in saddle during the last tour. I took time off in Tucson, the Slabs, and then started a job at a ski resort in the sierras these last 4 months. I’m down to four shifts at work and a little over a week housed up. I’ve been...
  2. superphoenix

    Single-Speed Tour Through New EnglandFeatured 

    While my back is currently fucked up and I can't move around too much, I thought I would take the time to talk about my little bike trip through New England from two years ago. After biking around the Greater New York City area a lot, I decided it was time to expand my horizons and see some...
  3. HitchBiker

    It Will Be Okay Again TourFeatured 

    Hey y'all. A couple weeks ago, I hit the road again after being evicted from my spot for quarantine. Figured I'd start a new picture/ story thread for this one. First road photo of the tour with the new smiley. My panniers just gain more character. Laying in the rain on the Natchez Trace on...
  4. supertramp5000

    Getting your bike on the train

    I’m really curious if it’s possible. How do you get it on without damaging it ? where do you stash it ? how do you get through the yard with it ?
  5. D

    Ebike touring anyone?

    Now most cyclist purists hate the idea of long distance bike touring via an ebike. Since this website is about stretching the possibilities of travel & enlightenment I doubt we will have too many who are against it. I personally do not have the budget for an ebike but am seriously considering...
  6. juno

    pedaling on the cheap

    how do you stretch your dollars when it's time to go the distance? let's say theoretically you have no musical talent, so busking is out the window. how long could you pedal on 3-4 grand? if you make sure you run into a lot of grocery outlets, work exchange gigs, and bicycle kitchens, i imagine...
  7. ResistMuchObeyLittle

    Budget gear for a bike tour

    So, after many failed attempts at finding a reliable road dawg, I'm saying fuck it and hitting the road on my lonesome. This is greatly inspired by Gypsybones. Reading about his trips gets my blood flowing. After doing extensive research I've put together a budget setup for those broke asses...
  8. Gypsybones


    alright y'all, I'm interested in hearing what podcasts you like. I'm on a bike most all of the time and that being the case, I listen to a lot (I mean a LOT) of auto books and podcast. So I really interested to learn what all y'all are into. I currently listen to the following...
  9. Gypsybones

    Oakland to slab city

    Hey folks, I'm gonna be hitting Oakland in a week or so and I'm planning on riding to slab city from there. Just wondering if any of y'all bike nurds, are just sitting around with nothing to do and would like to ride with. Open invite to all. I travel alone all the time, so having a...
  10. Dunedrifter

    Anyone can ride 1000 miles, anyoneNews & Blogs 

    This guy is keeping it real... July 13, 2017 Dirt Rag Contributor BLAST FROM THE PAST, FEATURES, How-To 3 By Nick Lubecki, photos by Brad Quartuccio Anyone can ride 1,000 miles. Anyone. -Nick Lubecki Nick Lubecki isn’t...
  11. Mark Allen

    Bike Tour through Montana

    Good morning! I've been conditioning myself for, and building my gear up for, a tour through Montana, ultimately heading down to Yellowstone through paradise valley. I've got a GIANT brand aluminum frame mtn bike with disk brakes, as well as rechargeable and battery powered lights (in case I...
  12. Matt Derrick

    The StP guide to Bike TouringFeatured 

    I'm posting this guide with the hopes that those reading it will give me input to make it better and point out flaws and gaps in the guide. Please see the first reply for more info! What is Bike Touring? Bike punk is just the clever name we’ve given to bike culture as it relates to the punk...
  13. Dunedrifter

    Pannier/backpack conversion

    I've been researching panniers to purchase and came across these high quality (and high priced) ones that convert into a backpack! They're made by in Colorado. I'm just trying to decide if I would ever need to quickly convert to backpack mode from bike touring mode.
  14. Dunedrifter

    What's in your panniers?

    I'm exploring the idea of bike touring, and curious what some of you experienced dawgs carry in your home on wheels. What's the one thing you can't live without on the road that you sacrifice space and/or weight for?
  15. Gypsybones

    Has any one ridden the East Coast Greenway?

    About to leave Greensboro and head up to philly via the ECG. Has anyone done this or live near it or know anything I should do that is cool around it? Hell, anyone ridding it or want to and can get up and go asap? get at me nurds! check out my travel blog n shit...
  16. J

    West Coast on two wheels

    Hi folks.. Have wanted to do a west coast trip on my bicycle for a while now and am now starting to plan and get ideas for around end of august, beginning of September this year. Wanting to first off get some ideas on rad places to stop along the way. Plan so far is Vancouver BC downwards to...
  17. awkwardshelby

    This guy has great commentary about travel and your mindVideo 

    The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon to Patagonia Jedidiah quit a job that he loved to ride his bicycle from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. Filmmaker Kenny Laubbacher joined him for his month-and-a-half long journey to find out why. I finally found a video to send to my family to...
  18. D

    From MN to West Coast?

    I'm considering bike-touring from Twin cities, MN to the west coast (most likely Seattle, WA.) I've never bike toured before, but I'm sick of GreyHound's bullshit. ::banghead:: Right now, I don't have any gear. I don't even have a bike, but I have a lot of time to gather what I need, if I decide...