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    Teqh Zem

  2. Jessie The Skuzz

    Leaving Philly 1st Time Traveler

    Hey guys, I'm from Philly, looking to get out this summer, make friends, do cool stuff, ya know, before I get too old. I'm 32, I've done the homebum gig a few times but never traveled. Looking for a road dog, a friend, no sex, you try it and I'll cut your tiny dick off, haha. Male or female...
  3. Skinzthehobo

    Howdy doodily, neighboreeno

    Hello everyone, im Skinz. Ive been out here for about 6 months, before that only a week or two at a time, small bouts of travel. I started in NY and made my way west. Now im traveling south for the winter (kinda like my grandparents used to, but without the rv and the vacation home). Ive hopped...
  4. BobbinGoblin

    Punk Possession - WNMC Radio

    I would seriously recommend that you stream this right now. The show is on for another hour and a half.4 Here's the playlist. So far.... 9:26pm Thee Headcoats “We're Gone” from Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats Already (Sub Pop) 9:24pm Negative Approach “Friend or Foe” from...