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punk rock

  1. Matt Derrick

    Event Punk Rock Bowling 2020 - May 21st to 25th, Las Vegas, NV

    Unless something utterly stupid happens I'm going to this event for sure this year, and I'm looking for people to come with me. Its 160 for the weekend and there's a pretty decent lineup this year. Tickets are on sale now and will probably sell out quick, so if you're serious about going I...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Seeking Help StP HQ / Punk Rock RV Park

    So this thread is for discussing an idea I've had for many years now, that I would like to share with the community and get some input on. This thread is for discussing an extension of the Squat the Planet website into real life by starting a homebase/headquarters for the StP community in the...
  3. Jessie The Skuzz

    Leaving Philly 1st Time Traveler

    Hey guys, I'm from Philly, looking to get out this summer, make friends, do cool stuff, ya know, before I get too old. I'm 32, I've done the homebum gig a few times but never traveled. Looking for a road dog, a friend, no sex, you try it and I'll cut your tiny dick off, haha. Male or female...
  4. Skinzthehobo

    Howdy doodily, neighboreeno

    Hello everyone, im Skinz. Ive been out here for about 6 months, before that only a week or two at a time, small bouts of travel. I started in NY and made my way west. Now im traveling south for the winter (kinda like my grandparents used to, but without the rv and the vacation home). Ive hopped...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Event Punk Rock Bowling - Las Vegas, NV (May 25th - 28th 2018)

    just curious if anyone is going to punk rock bowling in vegas this year. i've always wanted to go, but i'd really like some folks to join me... pretty awesome line up this year! fuck all the extraneous shit (bar shows) the main even has all im interested in. it's $150, but damn the lineup has...
  6. BobbinGoblin

    Punk Possession - WNMC Radio

    I would seriously recommend that you stream this right now. The show is on for another hour and a half.4 Here's the playlist. So far.... 9:26pm Thee Headcoats “We're Gone” from Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats Already (Sub Pop) 9:24pm Negative Approach “Friend or Foe” from...
  7. Odin

    Video Punk Rock vs Sharia Law

    Just felt like looking up some music videos... was wondering what to search for, then I looked at my open tab to STP and said FUCK YEA TYPE IN SEARCH... PUNK ROCK >.> check out what I found.
  8. DonnyDerelict

    Punk Rock Flea Market! Tulsa, OK. 3/01/15

    Location: The American Legion Post 1 Tulsa 1120 E 8th St, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 March 1st 11am-5pm Sorry about the last minute post, guys! If anyone's in the area, though. I'll be there with a couple friends for Celtic Corgi Rescue, Jack Russell Rescue, and I've got a couple weird things to...
  9. Matt Derrick

    Punk Rock Bowling - Las Vegas, NV - May 23rd-25th 2015

    Who's going this year? Seems like this is starting to grow into one of the big events every year, and i've been hearing good things about it, so I might make it out there this year. StP meetup possibly? http://www.punkrockbowling.com/
  10. MolotovMocktail

    [October 11th, Seattle] Punk Rock, Mental Illness and Recovery

    This event seems like it could be interesting. Any folks in Seattle should think about going. Copied from Facebook: Saturday, October 11th @ Black Coffee in Seattle, WA 7pm $5-$10 suggested donation. Please pay what you can, Craig is on tour. "PUNK ROCK, MENTAL ILLNESS and RECOVERY" a reality...
  11. K

    News & Blogs Punk Rock Legend Tommy Ramone Dies

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-28275535 Ramones punks founder Tommy dies Russell Trott looks back at Tommy Ramone's life in music Tommy Ramone, the last surviving founding member of seminal US punk band The Ramones, has died aged 65 in New York, the group has announced. The...
  12. landpirate

    Library Punk Rock Finances

    landpirate submitted a new file to the downloads area: Punk Rock Finances - Deals with the boring issue of making money and how to save some. Click here to learn more about this file...
  13. liveinlonvenow

    punk rock bowling 2014

    who is going? does anyone wanna meet up?
  14. dprogram

    Memphis Punk Rock Fest

  15. Matt Derrick

    The Punk Rock Retirement Plan

    So if you've seen this thread in the forums, you know that I'm working on an StP book, and one of the chapters (probably the last one) is going to be (tentatively) called 'the punk rock retirement plan'. Basically it'll be a chapter about what we all do when we get older, and what we end up...
  16. Phil

    Anyone going to Punk Rock bowling May 23-26th, 2014.

    Curious to if anyone going to punk rock bowling this year? Anyone go to last years event, was pretty dope. COCK SPARRER DESCENDENTS NOFX Anti-Nowhere League The Adicts Angelic Upstarts SNFU Cerebral Ballzy so far i seen on the site (www.punkrockbowling.com)
  17. dprogram

    [Apr 19, 2013] Memphis Punk Rock Fest (Memphis, TN)

    Copied from the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/434696313262789/ Memphis Punk Rock Fest March 8, 2013 at 5:00pm until March 10, 2013 at 1:00am Get ready for March 2013... Here comes MEMPHIS PUNK ROCK FEST!!! COMBINING KICK ASS PUNK ROCK FROM MEMPHIS AND AROUND THE NATION...
  18. bryanpaul

    [Jun 3, 2012] Punk Rock Flea Market, Reading PA (Reading, PA)

  19. tree hopper

    punk rock pancakes

    this is easy if you have microwave access and want pancakes without having to really do anything...... what ya need: vegan pancake mix and like enuff water to mix into the amount of mix you are using so that it is not too liquidy and not super thick either. mix it real good with a spoon in some...
  20. H

    Gypsy Punk Rock And F**king Roll!

    Gogol Bordello is easily one o' my favorite bands, if not the most favoritest ever... Some folks say they're too pop sounding, to folk sounding or they're too "mainstream" But i like em, so i'll share there link, GOGOL BORDELLO on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads...