1. Lobostonto


    Lost contact with her last night Oct 2 at 5pm, last seen at her camping spot at 10pm. Was propositioned to camp at a presumed illegal site, Im worried she got nabbed into trafficking. If you see her, or Maya if you see this please let me know you're safe. I found your old spot and I’m waiting...
  2. pokchop

    Missing in Los Angeles:Cory Cox

    Hey everyone, PÖKCHØP here. Just trying to boost this signal! This young man went missing in Los Angeles earlier this month, just after landing in LAX. His name is Cory Cox. He's a 30 yr old white male. Approximately 5'7", 190lbs. He was picked up from the airport by an unknown female, and was...
  3. sorel

    MISSING Elanor from Calgary

    Elanor Preston from Calgary has been missing for two years Most likely around Calgary, Montreal, or Vancouver but could be anywhere.. Please share and keep eyes out for her
  4. HemlockSaoirse

    Missing: Meg and JohnnyPhotos 

    Helping a friend by boosting this. Johnny and Meg are trainhoppers that were last seen in Seattle. They usually check in with family and friends but nobody has heard from them in over two months. They're travelling with a German Shepard mix. Nobody knows the direction they may have been heading...
  5. mariahmadness


    Please keep an eye out if you're anywhere near the area!! Spread this around too if ya can!! Thanks!!
  6. R

    Possible Serial Killer Christian Older Couple Shooting Street Kids

    I know this sounds way crazy. It is! I promise it is also very REAL!!!! I-25 from Trinidad Colorado to Las Vegas New Mexico I was traveling through with my boyfriend when a fight broke is up. It was four days later when he contacted me to get his gear. He went with this elderly Christian...