1. Windwalker

    Craigslist, Homeless Shelters and below freezing temps

    Not long ago, on Dec. 30th 2019 I decided to bail out of the current living conditions I was under in south central ohio with no plan whatsoever except the experience of the past encoded in my bones. With all my trash packed tight in one bag, I hitched a ride from the sticks to a Microtel...
  2. D

    How much money do y'all need to live?

    hello people of stp, how much do you spend monthly on things like food, gear, shelter etc.? i'm really interested how high the expenses of different people, with different lifestyles are. on what do you spend most of your money? for me that would be food, depends on the location though. xoxo
  3. dubh

    Eating Trash (dumpstering phobias)

    So my background is a small town rural conservatism, where you don't get on welfare even if your starving, you resent handouts, etc. It took me forever to overcome my fear of eating out of the trash or dumpstering because of this cultural baggage. However, after I did overcome that fear it...
  4. EatMoreRoadKIll

    A place to lay low when the going gets tough.

    Hey didn't know where else to post this. There is a Buddhist retreat center in Red Feather Lakes called Shambhala Mountain Center, that takes volunteers during the spring to fall months. In exchange for volunteering you receive 3 meals a day, as much as you can eat, decent lodging, and 3...
  5. NapalmBreath

    Eugene Friday Food Not Bombs

    Every Friday from 3-5ish Food Not Bombs has a free vegan meal served at either Kesey Square (if it's sunny) or under cover at the park blocks if it's raining. Anyone interested in helping cook can email [email protected] for the address. we start around noon and usually head downtown...
  6. D

    Road Food, Healthier Eating

    So now, typically I carry mostly rice, sometimes a little flour to fatten up a meal and salt and pepper, may be a few different herbs and a few bouillon cubes. High sodium but they make a little stew a bit tastier and taste can play a big role in mentality. I wanted to say about how I acquired a...
  7. Will Wood

    EBT runs out. What do you do? What State is the easiest to get help?

    6 months and my EBT ran out. I'm in Arizona. I'm an arthritic man. Not very hirable. Good work ethic but the body is failing. Suggestions??
  8. Hoboculturalist

    Dumpster-divers or freegans in Wisconsin?

    Looking for comrades in the area. I know some good spots, if you want to partner up.
  9. K

    Ethics of getting Free Food from the Government!!!!!

    This thread is for the discussion of ethics in regards to seeking and obtaining food stamps. If you have thoughts on Government assistance with obtaining food, kindly share.
  10. Daman45

    Hello, need help getting across America alive.

    Hi, I am new to alternative traveling. I want to get to California for the sheer fun of it. However, I have no clue to get there without using a car or a airplane. Both of which are going to cost more than I am able to make. I need some tips and advice on how to travel, lodge, and even get my...
  11. Dylan Christopher

    Toronto to Halifax

    Hi all, Heading from Toronto to Halifax at the beginning of August, got seven days to kill and thinking of checking out Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, and Halifax. Looking for cool kitschy places, anarcho communities and squats, small cool towns, food, nature, etc. Any information is greatly appreciated!
  12. Brother X

    Italian court rules food theft 'not a crime' if hungryNews & Blogs Stealing small amounts of food to stave off hunger is not a crime, Italy's highest court of appeal has ruled. Judges overturned a theft conviction against Roman Ostriakov after he stole cheese and sausages worth €4.07 (£3; $4.50) from a...
  13. D

    Looking for fruit, nuts, and vitamins

    Hey all, I need food/ drink, fruit, nut, and vitamin suggestions on mood stuff (mostly depression), protein, dry skin and hair, menstrual stuff (ALL OF IT), and allergies/ congestion, and falling and staying asleep. I don't have access to herbs, and even if I did they would be costly. I know...
  14. D

    Handbook of the Streets! Don't go hungry or naked in Twin Cities!

    The handbook is printed for '14 - '15 but it's still very useful! ::joyful:: Day and night shelters, places to get clothes, food shelves and soup kitchens. Even legal support and advocacy. The website and The Handbook via PDF. Good luck and safe travels, family! ::drinkingbuddy::
  15. ShittyMike

    Growing Food and Other Cool Stuff

    Hopefully this is the right board, I figure the topics are similar enough though Anyone have experience with growing plants or raising animals? If so I'd really like to hear about your thoughts on it. But first, some of mine... I took up gardening last summer for the shiggles of it and found...
  16. Rolly Leonard

    Greetings From Georgia!

    hey guys my name is eli and currently i am in milledgeville georgia. i have been giving the vagabond lifestyle some very serious consideration (i have gone from georgia to cali and back earlier this year) and as of right now, the only thing holding me back is my girlfriend and lack of guidance...
  17. D

    Don't go hungry in Philly!

    This great resource map will help keep that tummy full! 1. Search for all needs in one place. There are many dedicated anti-hunger groups working to address these important issues in Philadelphia. This toolkit serves as a way to bring all of their resources together in one comprehensive...