1. victorian

    Hi, my name is Victoria

    I'm transgender and I live in a certified sober living house in south Florida which under state law is considered homeless because you have no tenant rights in transitional housing. I started being homeless 6/17/23 when I went to jail for a month for shoplifting. After that I was on the street...
  2. dallaskelly

    hi, i'm dallas (updated! and with a whole dang story to tell!)

    hi folks, i'm dallas! i've been around here for a couple years, mostly reading old threads and taking advantage of the massive library of resources. but the last i heard it was shutting down, so imagine my surprise when i thought about it again a couple days ago and looked it up to see it still...
  3. skypeace

    ecology-interested weird human seeking others

    hi everybody! I occasionally read stuff on here, mostly the free book PDFs and good life stories and stuff, everybody here seems really cool but I never really post much so just doing that so I have something on here. me: mixed-race, gender-queer, late-20s-aged human being on the east coast...
  4. made4travel

    Hey hey!

    I'm Bill, a dude from Plymouth MA. I'm planning on starting my travels this summer, and I'm lookin for anyone who has a similar departure schedule and might want to travel together. It's great to be here!
  5. J


    I am planing to move into Slab City, but it's hard finding resources, so I'm here for first hand accounts. I will probably eventually say something that sounds bad or ignorant, but I mean it from a place of genuine curiosity and admiration of the people who live there.
  6. 7izard

    introduction from PA

    Hello all! I am a 20 year old guy from Pennsylvania hoping to learn more from this community. I writing from Montreal where I'm working on a degree in environmental science, but my world is at home. I like canoeing on the Brandywine creek and playing music with my friends. Has anyone been...
  7. TruthNvke

    My Introduction - What I am looking for!: Midwest->LA

    Hello! I stubbled across this community on reddit and was encouraged to check it out! I've always been interested in Anarchism and squatting in general so I would absolutely love to learn more. I'm planning to squat in LA sometime during the fall and winter so I can have some place to be while...
  8. georgiabear name is Georgia and I'm located in the midwest name is Georgia and I'm located in the midwest. Still in high school (I'm 18) and graduating in late spring. Right now i've been working to save up so i can move out and head to NY after graduation. I plan to stay for a few months. Still not sure where I plan to go after that. I'd like...
  9. Toyoder

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Hey everyone.. Been lurking on here off and on for the past like 8 years, had a previous account that I can't remember now. Heard through the grapevine that StP was shutting down, and I was stoked to find that it's still going. Just saying hey and interested in getting involved in the...
  10. TheUberBitch

    Sup y’alll! Lyd from Boise here :)

    Hi! I’m introducing myself a lil late. Oops! My name is Lyd & I’m currently living in Boise, planning on rubber tramping in late March early April. I’ll probably do that for about 4 months, then who knows! Let’s link up :)
  11. NamelessExistence

    My introduction I guess

    Wuddup. Been living in my van for a few years doing seasonal jobs and I dig it but basically got down to pretty much living out my backpack. Thinking about leaving the van for a bit and traveling. Either freight or possibly bike touring and hitching. Kinda wanna just roam around and find work...