1. idesvigg

    introduction of a queer punk kiddo

    hey! I'm Whitaker, a young photographer going to school in Minneapolis. I'm planning to rubber tramp around the west after I graduate, or just see where life takes me. I'm a bit of a lost soul at the moment, I've realized art school fucking sucks !! uber pretentious .... I just want to find a...
  2. rzbob

    Hello STP! Hope to find people for a new Adventure!

    Hello! or something like that.. Name's West, 17 yo' Male. Im living in Germany (Lower Saxony) Im pretty bored, of this place and would like to leave as soon as possible, over the past months i did some research. about Trainhopping, Hitchiking, the Vagabond lifestyle. Hobbies that could fit...
  3. vilikas55

    Greetings from Lithuania with smiles~!

    Hello! I'm from Lithuania, southernmost of the Baltic states in the center of Europe. Came here to begin my long long research about freight-hopping culture in Europe, with hopes to one day depart for such adventure myself. Always been fascinated with travelling on board of a train, and only...
  4. Pdog

    Hello STP pdog here! Looking to make new friends

    Hi! Whats up? Im Paul aka pdog. Im 28. I work as an EMT. College student. Just thought Id join the forum. Hopefully i can find a few road dogs/travel companions for my cross country trip next year? Ill be buying a 4x4 pickup truck and will be driving from Los Angeles to NYC and back. Along...
  5. Skinzthehobo

    Howdy doodily, neighboreeno

    Hello everyone, im Skinz. Ive been out here for about 6 months, before that only a week or two at a time, small bouts of travel. I started in NY and made my way west. Now im traveling south for the winter (kinda like my grandparents used to, but without the rv and the vacation home). Ive hopped...
  6. Kierat

    Hello!!! New to travel and felt the need to introduce myselfy

    Everyone on this website seems to be the sweetest people. My names kiera, I'm new to traveling and slightly nervous about it. im from michigan, I'm 17(but will be 18 by the time i hop on a train). I've never been into train travel until I stumbled upon this website. Originally I wanted to live...
  7. lawnchair

    College student battling restlessness.

    Heyo! I'm currently a college student but struggling with restlessness and wanting to be on the road. The initial plan was to graduate college (and become a citizen) and then travel but idk how much longer I can stay in one spot for. I have basically everything I need to leave so now it's just a...
  8. BDB

    l'm in the Med; want a cruiseship and...

    to fill it with people and motor it to Israel. l saw people running from their homes into the Mediterranean-- seeking refuge, if you will-- l have to provide them with decent accommodations. Freeze dried food on a cargo ship is not fit for people. Zion is the promised land, so let's go over...
  9. ErikBlak


    Aye I'm heading across 'murica. Mostly hiking the American discovery trail, but I've been getting hella rides from cool people's so I'm already on the Western border of Utah. (From Detroit) This site deff supplied me with some good tips when I was starting. Mostly "nut up and get out there"...
  10. shatterjob

    east midlands, uk based friendo

    I'm not great at introductions and stuff so I'll try my best. I'm Alex, a 21 year old guy from Nottingham with an intense sense of wanderlust that's been burning for at least 10 years now and I'm getting to the point where it's unbarable to stay in this one place. Although that probably stems...
  11. DiamondDog

    An Introduction

    Longtime reader of this site, finally created a profile. Not an avid traveler at the moment. Recently taken to exploring abandoned buildings and general wandering. All and all I'm a novice adventurer. Here to learn and contribute (Art, skills, resources, pdf books, stories, photos, diy projects...
  12. Hyena5

    hi everyone!

    hey i am hyena! i've been lurking here for a few months picking up tips since i started rubber tramping last fall. originally from the west coast. spent a lot of time in slab city this winter/spring, did some art for east jesus (nothing in the art garden though, maybe next time - i mapped out...
  13. shante

    Hey y'all

    I'm Ashley. I'm new here, just looking to meet some friendly folks to spend some more time on the road with this year. Got my eye on Florida then maybe something like Idaho's hot springs? Idk, y'all know how travel plans go. I'm one of those shy people with resting b*tch face, so sometimes...
  14. RalphMyers

    Hello from Ohio.

    Hello everyone. My name's Ralph. I've been lurking for a few weeks. The entire idea of becoming a sort of vagabond has always been kind of residing in my head since my father passed away in February. I have no real family or support group left that hasn't been actively or passively stabbing me...
  15. Stealy dann

    Tryin to go West from the Midwest of course

    Hey friends. My names Danny an I'm from Minnesota. I grew up on a rez just south of Duluth but that wasn't doing good for me an instilled a sense of not really ever feeling at home and I guess that's what I'm chasing. I've been lucky enough to have a place to stay and a group of friends for the...
  16. Tech

    How's it going?

    Hey nomads, tell me about your day. A brief history of me, I was born in Barstow, CA in '96. Parents separated when I was young, been living in California City since '98. Instilled with a love for nature when I was young via camping trips with the family. Went to school on a military base for...
  17. Tank42

    In Denver for now, new to StP

    Hey there fellow travellers! I'm 32, male college graduate. I just recently left a nice apartment behind in the upper Midwest after a bad breakup and am now roughing it in Denver for the time being. I'm not tied down here, been just working allot through a day labor place. I'm saving up to...
  18. T

    Heading out on my summer voyage soon.

    I made this profile a year or so ago, and I never actually ended up going anywhere. Now, I'm finally doing it. I've got the opportunity, I'm getting my car fixed up, and its summer. I'm here in the introduction section in order to hopefully build friendships with other dwellers and people who...
  19. Ramona Rose


    Hello! I am a bit confused about how the thread thing works so I hope I am doing this in the right place! Currently I am living thirty minutes south of Asheville, NC in the woods with spouse and critters, doing art, trying to launch an online business and packing my son and his bride off to...
  20. lunarfox

    Nice to meet you :)

    Hello, my name is Kayla, or lunarfox (thought it sounded cool), whichever you prefer. I've always had an interest in traveling and it never seemed like a reality to me until more & more people I knew started taking to the road. When I was younger I always went on road trips with my grandfather...
  21. Liras

    Greetings from an aspiring Hunter-Gatherer and anprim!

    Hello everyone! I'm Liras (my preffered name) from Szczyrk, Poland. I'm 18 and I've been through quite a bit of trouble in my life especially regarding the stupidity of school system... A prodigy programmer child betrayed and destroyed by the evil civilization. How romantic... :-) But you...
  22. CircleK

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

    Hey there all, I'm new to the site and wanted to extend a greeting to everyone. I'm a timeless woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and is thus empathic and in love with the world. I'm from southeastern Connecticut in New London county which is the Redneck Ghetto armpit part of CT. I grew up...
  23. adirise

    Hej, i am a new old dusty friends of you

    hello there humans (?!) Here i am , stuck with fever for a week next to biiig power plants and under the low flying airplanes over mexico city. Shiit my overheated body has a hard time with the big city at the moment! The overload of electricity doesn help i guess!! Any reducing fever tips...
  24. stephen morris

    Want to wander, an Introduction to me

    Hey y'all, I'm Stephen, I am from the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and was raised in the upcountry of South Carolina and western North Carolina. I have always been interested in living an unconventional but honest life. I'm a college dropout without any direction in life so I'm thinking...
  25. Autem Tua

    An introduction to me

    I'm just your regular punk. An anarcho-communist/syndicalist, too. I see no future for myself in regular society, with an office job, a car, a retirement plan, etc. I would very very much like to make friends and memories all over the country and maybe even the world. I guess my end goal would...
  26. White Rabbit

    Hey fam, lovely to meet.

    Back again in StP! Been a couple years. What'd I miss? My name is Rabbit. I hitch out of my pack year round. I write words. I have the best words. I ask a lot of questions like, "Are the years so cruel to all of us and those happy few with joy simply the best liars??" and also "Why can't I...
  27. eastendgirl

    So You Want To Know Me? Alright....

    My names Skylynn, but I almost only go by Crash unless you're related to me or close to my family. I'm a Southern Transplant, Born in Connecticut and thrown into the Heart of Georgia. I plan on hopping freight in the next few months, pretty heavily. I'm a huge fan of Urban Exploration and any...
  28. Scubasteve78

    Embracing freedom

    Hello, my name is Steve, I am a Marine Corps Veteran looking to travel the country side, take in the amazing scenery and live off the land. I have been out of the military for almost 20 years, had multiple jobs legal and illegal, been in multiple relationships(ending a 14 year relationship soon)...
  29. TravelingJimi

    My Introduction

    Well here's my intro. My name is Jimi. I've been tramping for about 4 or 5 years now. I was in the army for 6 years and got addicted to traveling. So once I got out I didn't want to stop. I've been to around 11 countries and roughly 35 states. Most of my time I've been a leather tramp. I didn't...
  30. SkiippyTheTriippyGyspy

    Hi, you look pretty handsome awkward

    its funny, petty words thrown onto the screen of your computer are supposed to describe who I am, what i stand for, and give you a biased opinion on whether I am the type of person you could even begin to comprehend or even make simple talk to. In a world where people hide behind their fake...
  31. fcknpoet


    Hey. New here. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm 28, traveled from the west coast to the east cost -where I'm currently residing. Proud owner of a crazy little awesome dog named Riot. Art, music, poetry, traveling, urban exploration, etc... = shit I fucking love. I struggle with...
  32. jackoffklll

    Hey I'm New

    My name's hannah, i live in new york city, want to start traveling sometime soon, i get sick staying in one place too long, looking for new friends to show me the way
  33. Domm

    Hi, I'm Dom.

    Hey, my name is dom. I'm an 18 year old kid from Florida looking to start traveling, possibly long term, next month. I'm currently in college studying sociology, possibly going to take off a year or at least a semester to get my head clear. I just want to get out and see the world and explore...
  34. Fred the German

    Greetings world. Before you is the infamous diabolical replicate but never duplicated Fred

    Greetings fellow travelers and unorthodox geniuses of the unconventional. My name is Fred (Frederick if you are mad at me) and I currently live in Parkland, Washington. I live with fellow unconventional outcasts in a tent community hidden from the public eye. I welcome anyone who stands with a...
  35. Richard174391

    New to this

    Hello! My name is Richard. Im very interested in travelling but dont know where to start (well i have ideas). I am currently only 17 years old but have graduated high school and really dont have anything to do except take a couple college courses. College however is not exactly what im looking...
  36. Lulu1980

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Hi my name is lulu. I'm a children's entertainer... Balloon animals, face painting etc. I have been traveling for 5 months. I just woke up one morning, packed my bags and took my car to the scrap yard. I walked out and started hitching. Got a ride not 5 minutes down the road. Made it all the way...
  37. Riliya


    Hey all, im a closeted transgender female (Closeted because my family isnt accepting at all). Im currently 17 but i plan on starting my travels as soon as possible. My first stop is going to be Cambridge mass, I plan on staying there for a while. Looking to go to Portland Oregon in the end...
  38. oneeyedwendigo

    Well hullo there!

    Hey all, Similar story to a lot of you, have lurked around on and off but finally decided to join in. I'm from the Bowling Green/Nashville area currently but have traveled my while life. My family is nomadic by nature. If I had to pick a place I'm from it would probably be the Ozarks/Branson...
  39. RileyOwl

    Info about me, and I'm looking for some fellow Vagabonds!

    Hey StP community! I'm Riley, and I'm super excited to be posting this cause it means I'm about to start my travels again. I'm leaving home and going on an "endless" adventure, to not have a plan is the plan, and I'm generally starting around the Olympic Peninsula and working my way down...

    new here, greenie

    hello, i just made this account and i guess i'll try and give a little description of where i am in life and stuff, maybe connect with some of you people. my name is phillip alaska vance. i am 19 years of age, i graduated high school in 2015. i rode my bicycle 5,000 miles coast to coast across...
  41. Bakica

    Proper intro

    Hey there community, I've been lurking around for quite a while so it's about time I say hi. There's nothing special about me nor there ever will be. I'm mostly wasting gods' time, but as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter much. I have no real idea about what to do with my life, so I keep...
  42. B

    Charlotte traveler headed south

    Hey there. I'm dropping out of school and headed south for the winter for GA. Once the country warms up again I hope to head west, creating as much art as I can while working a few months at a time to save for the following months of travel. I'd love to meet anyone traveling the same road, hit...
  43. NattyKiwi

    Photos Left home in April

    So, I thought id say hey to everybody and share some info on my journey so far. Iv wanted to leave for a very long time, and always talked about living a more free life of travels, meeting people, sharing, and just experiencing life in general. Good and Bad. Everyone who knew me would pretty...
  44. ike

    greetings from cascadia [couch/fouton offered]

    Hello all! I'm new here -- I stumbled across this site and instantly fell in love. I'm not a train-hopper, but a miscreant and vagabond trying to *not* live the cushy life after getting laid off from my tech job. I'm looking for new adventures, and excited to maybe meet some of you someday. If...
  45. Alena

    heyyy from home base

    Get this. 2 years. 2 years it took me to find this. In this day and age, it's taken me up until now to stumble upon this rad lil networking site. Resources on resources, I've been missing all of the fun. Anyway, I'm Lena, a not so tender 20 years old. Took off after graduating high school...
  46. raleighthecyborg

    Greetings from a mildly seasoned traveler

    Greetings! I'm Raleigh, or Ra. Whichever rolls off your tongue easier. This last summer I worked as a volunteer for a non-profit organization in Belgium, and I got to do a little bit of European travel (I got to tick off 5 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and England)...
  47. Lauren

    Alaskan Texan

    Hey, I'm Lauren. Decided about a week before my 18th birthday to ditch my home life in Fort Worth and haul ass to Alaska. Just got here on Friday. Already met so many great people. Planning on hitching around for a while. Any tips for an 18 year old girl hitchhiking? I like to believe i have...
  48. Knollin

    hi I'm Nolan

    Hey, just joined. Travel has always been my passion but my demons have subdued me for so long. For the first time in my life I am living and I'm turning my desires into reality. I have to. First my country, the USA, then eventually the world. I'm into dirty shit, eating garbage and hoppin and...
  49. Daman45

    The desire for travel

    Hi, I am new to the world of squatting. I've have no idea where to start, how to prepare, or even how to travel unconventionally. Can you guys give me an idea. Any suggestions will do.

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