1. Matt Derrick

    An Unofficial List of Annual Rainbow Gatherings

    The following list was taken from a newsletter that was printed at the nationals in 2017. I can't remember the name of it, but the photos I took of it are attached to his post. Here's the translated version for easier reading: An Unofficial List of Annual Rainbow Gatherings: These traditions...
  2. Apple Core

    Police/Forest Service Presence at Rainbow Gatherings?

    Hey! It's been a bit since I've posted on here. So I've heard about rainbow gatherings in the past, seen many people talk about them, and then heard a lot about them while spending some time at The Garden in TN. I've also just recently finished reading People Of The Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia...
  3. Babo

    Rainbow gathering, South Island , New Zealand?

    Hey fam. Have heard so much about the gathering on South Island here, but can't find out where it is at all. Also heard the gathering on north island was amazing. Have met lots of rainbows at festivals and in Hippie havena never been to gathering and really want to try it. Any help is immensely...
  4. Cornelius Vango


    Hey folks, sorry it took me a few weeks of procrasturbation to finally get this thing put together and uploaded, but it's cool now because it's here! I certainly didn't get everything, but I got plenty of great footage of great people doing awesome things together out in the real life...
  5. spiritflowering

    Washington Regional September 2017

    West coast family! Two sisters one cat traveling through Washington right now hoping to find some info on washingtons regionals this september. My road dog said something about it being postponed and we cant find any current information online. Any help is appreciated I'm sure there are other...
  6. D

    My Birthday Gathering!

    My DAY of BIRTH is coming September 11th, and I'm having a gathering that I would love for the StP community to be apart of! :cool: I have my celebration as a CouchSurfing event!
  7. rhummer92

    Looking for Rainbow Gathering info Aug/Sep/Oct 2016

    In Florida , looking for information on event locations and ranges on dates, in Florida , US currently. Looking for family . Thanks
  8. christianarchy

    FOOD NOT BOMBS World Gathering - Tijuana/San Diego Border Oct. 7-11

    Yup that's right errrryone that likes trash more than cops is invited! it's a FOOD NOT BOMBS World Gathering, in motherfucking TIJUANA two weeks before the jamboree in slab! facebook event here: Formal Info Comida No Bombas Encuentro Mundial Food Not Bombs World Gathering Comida...