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Featured Photos Video Guns, Car Fires, and Chocolate Martinis
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If the last month of my life is any sign of the year to come, it’s going to be one hell of a year. I really had no idea what to expect when I got back to Slab City. It started on my last night in Austin, Texas. After having a few goodbye beers with my friends, my now ex-girlfriend Tapley walked me to the bus stop that I would be taking to the greyhound station. We held each other tightly and shared some of the best goodbye kisses I’ve ever had. She was one of the most beautiful and awesome women I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life, and to say I would be missing her would be just a bit of an understatement.
Featured Tips for Busking From a Full Time Busker
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Personally, I hate spanging. It does no good for keeping my broke-ass spirit alive, and let's face it, when you've slowly squandered your spirit until it's gasping for air, no amount of psychoactive substance will help, until you've done something to change your circumstances. Rather than bum it, I find whoever gives me money while busking usually has a smile on their face; busking gives the community the beauty of music, it brightens the streets, and is easier to swallow in a conservative area than straight spanging.
Featured Alcohol and it's role in our culture
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This thread is to discuss the reasons that alcohol is so prevalent in the traveling culture, and how some of our scenes are even alcohol/drug-centric. I know alot of us are from shitty situations where drinking at a young age is seen as necessary to escape. Also some of us were just born predisposed to addiction. There is also the whole 'punk' image, where punks are supposed to drink and fight and be stupid. I figure the majority of us either are or used to be punks, and still have that rebel without a cause attitude. Then I guess there are times where you are bored and alcohol seems like a good idea to pass the time. Peer pressure is an obvious reason to, and can be combined with the others.
Featured How to Cure a Staph Infection
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WARNING: This treatment is for mild to medium cases of staph. If you fear you have a bad case, go to a physician and get on antibiotics immediately. In my experience, this particular remedy, which was shown to me a long time ago, has worked every time. IT IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WITH COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS (HIV, FINAL STAGE HEPATITIS, ETC).
Featured Stupid things you had the cops say to you?
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ok so I work at a gas station and a few weeks ago when it was getting really hot out this cop came in to buy soem coffee and whiel i'm ringing him up he looks out the window and sees a person topping off their coolant or wiper fluid or whatever.. he gets this really concerned look on his face and says "I keep seeing a lot of people working on their cars in the WaWa parking lots lately. I find that a bit strange." (this is all said in a very serious tone like people are out there doing something very sketchy in our parking lot). um... it's a gas station. we sell oil, coolant, tranmision fluid, ect. all this stuff is on the shelf right next to him... and he thinks its odd people are working on their cars in our parking lot??
Featured favorite spange lines
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i always get tired of saying 'can you spare any change'. i,ve made up some spange lines to mix things up, and they seem to be more lucrative. i'm sure people get burnt out on hearing the same old lines and it gets tiresome repeating your self. i'm going to give you the story behind the first.: can you spare any change for a chainsaw and a half gallon of vodka? this comes from being in ashland oregon last year. a friend told me about a hardware store outside of town. after going sure enough at the ace hardware store you can walk out with a chain saw in one hand and a handle of vodka in the other. not all of these get the best of reactions,but i don't have much to lose. another: spare any change for a bicycle helmet,i don't have a bike i just fall down alot. this one i got from a friend ,its for the ladies: could you spare any change so i can buy you some flowers? for the hip hop crew: i know you don't know me homie, but could you spare a little change fo' me? cause a pimp with a...
Featured Wilderness Squatting 101
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For establishing camp, choose wooded higher ground at least 50ft from streams or lakes or human trails. It should not be visible from established trails, shores, banks, sidewalks, or roads. The best woods are those without much human traffic. Make sure there are no hanging broken branch or rotted tree hazards- find another place or take them down, because it isn't fun getting squished/impaled.