van dwelling

  1. Lobostonto

    Janky $10CAD bug netPhotos 

    Pit stop at the papitos house to put these bug nets on. Yes, they're very fucking janky but if it works it works, amirite? $6CAD exterior window netting from Canadian Tire and Gorilla tape $4CAD
  2. Driveby

    Cross country via Stuart the astro vanPhotos 

    First trip sense I got the van. South Florida to Oakland California. was my best friend. Tried to camp off grid in the woods/mountains every night, but if I was not looking for camp by like 6-7pm I'd usually say fug it get some drink an park it in front some apartments. No cops...
  3. ZoGeist

    farm jobs - down south or out west?

    hey folks ~ Does anyone know of any good farm spots to work at / park at in the southern states? Or out west? (Areas like Virginia, the carolinas, new orleans, texas, arizona, new mexico, colorado... Time frame is this upcoming November to March. Traveling by van. Temp work in exchange for van...
  4. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    frozen doors

    tips, tricks, advice for preventing vehicle doors from freezing and/or successfully opening once they've frozen, please? (in particular, sliding doors)
  5. thegrapsman

    Anywhere to city camp in Covina area?

    Hey guys I'm in Covina (LA/SGV area) for the night and I can't find a spot to park overnight anywhere out here, I have to line up at the DMV at 5am so I really dont want to have to travel outside of Covina/West Covina. Anyone know about this area?
  6. existnchill

    What's the best van for offroading? Needs to fit a bed

    I'm going to be selling my sedan to get a van or truck! I'm going to start with camping and make the transition into van life. Currently, I'm looking for a 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, with automatic transmission*. Needs to be able to handle (mild) offroading in the desert. >* (Edit: These are...
  7. Vis

    General Question(s) For Rubbertrampers That Drive or Ride in Wheelchair Accesible Vans

    If you never traveled with someonw who is or you aren't wheelchair bound, how did it impact travel, both before taking off and while driving? If you did have passengers who were or you yourself are wheechair bound, was there any impact during travel, both before taking off and while driving...
  8. Coywolf

    Olympic Peninsula VanLife...?

    I may be taking a job up in Quilcene/Sequim Washington here soon, and wanted to know if anyone had any info on what it is like to be a Van-dweller up on the Olympic pen. Good spots to set up? Cops? Night life? Stuff to do? Other van dwellers? Is the weather REALLY that bad? My plan here is to...
  9. zeevanlife

    Any websites that specialize in listing used converted vans?

    Is there any website that specializes in the sale of used converted vans for #vanlife/#rubbertramping? I'd travel to any state in the union for the right used van. Also any tips on buying used fleet vans? I hear those are really good deals as they are usually maintained really well. Thanks!
  10. germanbini

    New Jersey illegal van search caught on tapeVideo 

    So this guy (unsure if a van dweller or just owns a van) is eating at a restaurant in New Jersey, when he notices someone rummaging around inside of the hatch of his van. Turns out it was a plainclothes policeman who was searching the vehicle without a warrant! :mad: Here is a link to the...
  11. Levi Hunter

    Tips on Gasjugging?

    Hey folks. So I'm currently rubber tramping around the southeast playing music, seeing the sights, meeting folks, etc. Well, "currently" is not quite right. I'm currently housed up at my sister's in Jacksonville, FL. The kitchen and bathroom and Wifi are pretty sweet, and I have been needing to...
  12. PatchTwist

    Meet Goldmember.Photos 

    Lords and Ladies, Wenches and Scallywags. Allow me to introduce my new ship: Goldmember. I discovered her on the coast of the wild lands of Craigslist after months of fruitless exploration, mosquitoes, and shitting seagulls. Worn yet still full of life and potential, I called for a parlay with...
  13. EphemeralStick

    Los Angeles Parking Spots

    As some of you know I've been spending the last few months bouncing between Los Angeles and Slab City. The reason being that I've been working in LA as a Postmate bike messenger. (More on that in a separate thread, eventually.) As such I've been trying out various areas of the city and with each...