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A viking funeral for my cat

All felt calm and quiet as we pulled into the empty parking lot behind the racetrack. We gathered supplies, and slowly made our way to the shore, if it could be called that. Clouds blanketed the entire sky, but the light pollution from this megatropolis made up for the lack of reflected starlight.


Picking our way across rocks, scrub-like shrubs stunted by the unremitting wash of salt-laden air, and decades old concrete from this special place’s previous iteration as a dump. We used lights sparingly, knowing that we would soon attract enough attention our way.


Eventually we made our way to a suitable spot at the edge of the rocks. A cold finger of wasted concrete pointing north and sloping into the bay. We set down our burden on the too-square rocks, bracing against the wind. I pulled out the bottle of whiskey procured on the way. I wet my whistle, matching the water welling in my eyes, and passed it along after my call of “marco?” was met with a chorus of “polo!”


Soon, the time had come. I loaded and straw wood into the wooden, cardboard, and wax craft. And then the precious cargo. So very precious, and so very dead. My feline companion of almost 12 years, the little snuggly rescue moocat. Looking as if he was just normally comfortable sleeping, just like I found him 2 days before.


Sprinkling his most favorite treats around him, and we all took turns showering him with offerings of catnip he so loved, a flower, an amulet full of magical intent. And some lighter fluid.

Few words were said, and we lowered the tiny boat into the water. Immediately the sail filled, and the vessel started off. As quickly as I could, with vision blurred with tears and hands rendered clumsy with grief, I managed to light the roman candle. The boat practically exploded once i landed a shot, flames catching quickly as the craft continued to ride the wind and waves.



Out of my hands now I thought, as we silently watched my cat recede into the night, in a blaze of glory. minutes later, the fire seemed to subside slowly, and silently water overtook the craft that had been destined for this one short journey.


Only 2 spots of light left now, like two little glowing cat eyes, telling us we were being watched.


We had successfully sent the little guy into the next plane of his existence, feeling like he’s once again on a new adventure, knowing he’ll keep being great at taking care of himself. He will be missed dearly. RIP Munchi. 4/15/2004 - 3/27/2016
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Dec 25, 2008
outside omaha
sorry you lost your furry friend. How long did it take to build the cat headed viking boat ? the cardboard cat head was nicely done. was it a mask? or did you make it yourself?


Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Awesome - never heard of anyone actually doing that. RIP kitty cat.

Matt Derrick

Permanent Wanderer
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
great post, sorry for your loss though.

i changed the title a bit, added the photos tag, and moved it to furry nomads.


Apr 5, 2012
Thanks everyone for the feedback and well wishes. I was lucky enough to have friends helping me out and stuff.
@dmac66 - the boat took a whole day, and the cat head mask took 2 or 3 hours. I actually downloaded the plans off the internet, they were made for a full-head mask but I just scaled it down.

@Matt Derrick Yeah, I wasn't sure where to post this since I didn't think it really relates to travel. =P Thanks!

Deleted member 2626

I closed my account
Well done. You found him comfortably dead. Beauty. Animals do it right.no regrets or sorrow or wanting pity. Just to be alone for the big black.


I closed my account
This was an amazingly beautiful story. Sorry for your loss, glad you went to such effort for a farewell


Make America Freight Again
Staff member
Dec 12, 2014
Holy shit that is epic! I can't think of a greater farewell for your feline friend. RIP. God, I hope my friends are awesome enough to do this for me when I die.

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