1. D

    Say I want to squat in Philadelphia

    Where should I go? I'd love to meet other squatters and get a lay of the land, and help with any projects that need being done.
  2. paiche

    I'm new here, Howdy, hey, hola, greetings from Maine

    I was searching online for places for my good friend to hit up and I stumbled on this place. I'm a little shy with online community but I'm giving this a try cuz it looks so kewl and there is so much great info on here. Way to go Matt creator man! Anyway my buddy is walking across the country...
  3. skuzzlebutt

    everything sux

    hey guys! lame story time... ive been physically and mentally abused all of my life. my pops, all my mates, it's fucked, im fucked. im done with this life, and i need something more fulfilling. i did the homeless thing on and off for about 2 yrs when i was a teenager. always stayed in philly...
  4. Frostyfag

    Looking for a squat in Philly

    Hey yall, my bandmates and i have been housed up in Upper Darby trying to sell our van but we're looking for other places to go so we don't over stay our welcome. Does anyone know any squats that would be down to keep us for a few days? 4 kids, 4 packs, 3 well behaved doggos. If this has been...
  5. Gypsybones

    Has any one ridden the East Coast Greenway?

    About to leave Greensboro and head up to philly via the ECG. Has anyone done this or live near it or know anything I should do that is cool around it? Hell, anyone ridding it or want to and can get up and go asap? get at me nurds! check out my travel blog n shit...
  6. D

    Don't go hungry in Philly!

    This great resource map will help keep that tummy full! 1. Search for all needs in one place. There are many dedicated anti-hunger groups working to address these important issues in Philadelphia. This toolkit serves as a way to bring all of their resources together in one comprehensive...