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  1. Mrcharwe

    City Vacant and distressed property maps

    I saw another thread about signing up for a site to look for vacant properties and realized people must not know that a lot of major cities track vacant and distressed properties and publish the data for free on their sites. Before we start, I would like to make it clear that you use this very...
  2. wizardclare05

    Driving Philadelphia to San Diego or SF

    heyo driving from Philadelphia to west coast around december 1st. Would love to help anyone out who would want to come any part of the trip. Would love to meet some other travel lurker ladies/nb peoples !
  3. Badly Drawn Girl

    Safe places to camp or squat in Philly

    This is a long shot but I'm really up against it. Philly residents or folks who are familiar with the city...are there any good spots you know of either in squats or bandos where I could possibly find a little shelter from the elements without exposing myself to too many other people? I've been...
  4. D

    squatting/finding shit hole to fix up in filthy philly

    Looking for comrades to squat with or find cheap shit house in Philly. Currently staying in Brooklyn but can catch the bus any day. Will be searching for an ideally long term house or building to fix up... set up rain water collection, plant a garden, maybe even invest in a welding set up...
  5. D

    Say I want to squat in Philadelphia

    Where should I go? I'd love to meet other squatters and get a lay of the land, and help with any projects that need being done.
  6. wizardclare05

    New to philly looking for some chillers

    hellos just moved to philly from oakland am looking for some chillers to hangout with people who like to walk/explore draw etc. hum
  7. mostlyharmless

    hi from Philly! looking to camp somewhere in the general area

    longtime lurker firsttime poster : ) i'm originally from Philadelphia born and raised, but i've spent about 15 years in various cities around the world including 4 consecutive years backpacking and working abroad on a WHV in New Zealand, France, England and Wales when i was in my mid-20s. i went...
  8. Short

    Video Riding the Atlantic Coast Line from Philly to Richmond

    Was planning on riding straight to Jax, but with limited time and a water malfunction outside of Alexandria, i ended my journey in Richmond. Great ride
  9. Jessie The Skuzz

    Leaving Philly 1st Time Traveler

    Hey guys, I'm from Philly, looking to get out this summer, make friends, do cool stuff, ya know, before I get too old. I'm 32, I've done the homebum gig a few times but never traveled. Looking for a road dog, a friend, no sex, you try it and I'll cut your tiny dick off, haha. Male or female...
  10. distortedminds

    DPUs on the philly sub(csx)

    Just a heads up... New rules allow DPU on any train now on Philly sub if it meets guidelines. I've been seeing them over the past two months but were restricted to 031,032,372 and 371...
  11. Short

    Anybody in philly right now?

    Here for the day. Going to see if there’s any travelers around south street to hang + wanna check out the catch out. Hmu!
  12. dumpsternavel

    reccomendtion on where to kick it in Philly, PA

    Heya, Folks. Anyone got some specific locations in Philly worth checkin' out?? I.e. books shops, coffee shops, bars Anything cool.. Headin' there soon, if anyone's around and wants to jam or somethin'
  13. Tuco616

    New, from almost philly

    im from right outside of philly. tryin to meet some people and maybe go somewhere else!
  14. outskirts

    Philly cracking down on squatters.

    I just saw on the Philly evening news, wanted to give heads up to anyone squatting in Philly. http://6abc.com/squatter-crackdown-after-action-news-investigation/2774292/ Squatter crackdown after Action News Investigation Action News Investigation: Squatter crackdown: Wendy Saltzman reports...
  15. buckeye

    Philly juice hop out

    I hate asking for this info on here. I usually have enough luck asking around town. But I met a bud in cambridge near the drop in. Asked for info on the juice train in philly. He said grays ferry in south philly and that all I got before he nodded out. Anyone have more specific ibfo?
  16. paiche

    I'm new here, Howdy, hey, hola, greetings from Maine

    I was searching online for places for my good friend to hit up and I stumbled on this place. I'm a little shy with online community but I'm giving this a try cuz it looks so kewl and there is so much great info on here. Way to go Matt creator man! Anyway my buddy is walking across the country...
  17. queerarchy

    Looking for a place in Philly

    I'm familiar with West Philly but don't personally know any squatters. I can't afford rent though I have a job.
  18. skuzzlebutt

    everything sux

    hey guys! lame story time... ive been physically and mentally abused all of my life. my pops, all my mates, it's fucked, im fucked. im done with this life, and i need something more fulfilling. i did the homeless thing on and off for about 2 yrs when i was a teenager. always stayed in philly...
  19. OverMyCadaver

    Heading to Philly

    Hey everyone, I'll be in Philly tomorrow but I've never really been out of the north-east. Anyone have some info about the place? What I should be expecting. I'm just backpacking it right now so tent spots or squats would be good. Ways to make money and places to buy beer, etc. All input would...