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new york city

  1. Waldorf

    Couch Offered Air mattress in fancy building offered (NYC) Brooklyn

    I'm a previous traveler, who's settled down quite a bit and has a career and a loving bird here in NYC (Brooklyn) and am offering to share my small apartment for a few nights to any weary travelers or people needing a night or two to crash and smoke some dank around a no stress individual...
  2. Waldorf

    Video Hello everyone again!!!!!! NYC -North East PA

    I traveled down to New Orleans, I had some amazing times hard times, and interesting....all with the help and even FINANCIAL help from people non STP, this is back in 2014? Anyway, I'm a successful cyber security specialist here in Manhattan, I have a home in Brooklyn and want to meetup and help...
  3. ElNayshon

    NYC Christmas Tree Farm work

    Tis the season. So I’m trying to make it to NYC by Xmas 🎄 Has anyone done it before? Can you point m to n the right direction)?
  4. Matt Derrick

    Video Heavy Metal Busking

    A random video I came across on Metal Suck's YT channel. Folks seemed pretty into it... never say it can't be done!
  5. coleslawcowboy

    damn dirty biker from NYC

    heyhey, I'm buddy! very bad with intros, I guess I'd best describe myself as a biker. I love working on and riding motorcycles. I currently have an '03 harley sportster that I'm tryna make a frisco chopper out of. love hiking, stealth camping, and trains as well. also pretty deep into eastern...
  6. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Where/How to squat in NYC? (+making money while disabled?)

    Recently I've been struggling with finding places to live or even squat. I've been sleeping on the benches of Tompkins Square Park (LES manhattan) and I'd really like to know how I can find places in NYC to squat or where I can find experienced people here who know about this stuff. Also im...
  7. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Staten Island's Abandoned Farm Colony?

    (This ones gonna be quick and messy but might post a better in-depth thread on this area with pics i dunno) One time a few months back one of my friends took me to this abandoned area with a lot of abandoned structures in the area. Its the Staten Island Abandoned Farm Colony. In NYC, ya take...
  8. Junwe

    nyc river/harbor rat

    Hello, i'm Jr and this is the first time i heard about the forum and am glad to join. Presently looking for a 27' Catalina. Used to have an o'day 25 which i lived on for 4yrs here in nyc waters. i didn't know anyone else living this way. Never paid for docking and wasn't ever approached by the...
  9. Glass Roads

    14th Virtual NYC Anarchist Bookfair September 25th, 26th, & 27th

    Looks like they really put together a lot of content despite not being able to gather. There's gonna be live talks for three days, international anarchist films streamed online, live art pieces. Starts at 11am Eastern time https://anarchistbookfair.net/events/ Wasn't sure if I should post this...
  10. superphoenix

    Some useful information for visiting New York City, NY

    America's largest city, population-wise, and possibly the most diverse in the world. We've had around 8 million residents for nearly the past century, with people constantly flowing in and out. Weather can be fairly cold in the winter, fairly hot and humid in the summer, rainy and windy in the...
  11. guavaberry

    Losing my mind in NYC

    Greetings! If you are taking the time to read this, thank you. I am writing to you all from a tiny studio apartment I am currently sharing with my dad in the Bronx, NY. I have been living here in NYC since February of 2017. It has been a whirlwind adventure with more lows than highs, but the...
  12. D

    Never Meet Your Heroes: 2010 Further Show Nightmare, NYC July Heat

    I had gotten a ride from some Rainbow Family People who said they were going to stay outside NYC in Jersey and there was place for my rucksack and sleeping bag. We get to the outskirts of the Boroughs, and I learn the plan had changed. They had a place in the Bowery that was an illegal hotel and...
  13. TheTimeEnder

    Let's leave Oregon and hop a train towards New York City? :)

    Would any other adventurous and free souls like to leave Oregon and go to hop the freight trains heading towards New York? I have money as well, if that matters and my own hiking bacpack. Platonic only. Thanks. :)
  14. Clem

    How to get a job selling Christmas trees in NYC?

    I saw a post on Reddit from a guy hiring people to sell trees, but he hasn't gotten back to me about it. Other than that, I see one person repeatedly posting on Craigslist and I'll be reaching out to them too, but if that doesn't work out, where else can I look?
  15. croc

    Safe-ish spots or ways to sleep in NYC

    Seen a couple other threads about this but no one seems to answer this question directly so here's another one :P Any recommended sleep spots in NYC? Been scared af to sleep there alone bc all the good, hidden spots have gotta be taken n sleeping in the parks seems sketchy.
  16. Clem

    Portland to NYC: to Chi or not to Chi

    I want to try riding from pdx to NYC but I'm still pretty green. I have only ridden 3 junk trains from Roseville -> Klamath Falls -> Eugene -> Portland. I don't have an in person mentor to ride with (anymore, I did for the first couple rides) but I have 3-4 experienced rider friends I can ask...
  17. cozmic

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Trying to hop from Atlanta ga to NYC'

    Post in thread 'Trying to hop from Atlanta ga to NYC' by SunnYt has been reported by cozmic. Reason given: Content being reported:
  18. SunnYt

    Trying to hop from Atlanta ga to NYC

    Hey! this is gonna be my first hop and I want to make sure I have all the details sorted. I've been told inman station is the place to hop on, but i dont have a lot of details besides that. ANY info is appreaciated!
  19. dumpsternavel

    Heya! Tryng to see some cool shit NYC

    Hey there! Headed to Astoria, NY to spend some important time in NYC. Gonna be spending about three days in the city before headed south. Mainly gonna be hangin' within the Brookelyn area. Anyone have any good suggestions for sweet punk bars to check out, open mics, or shows within the area...
  20. themoonisabuoy

    looking for Mario,CWE in STL and briefly in NYC on halloween 2018

    we met eachother in the central west end,i was working at the coffee cartel and you worked at the hookah lounge around the corner. i saw you in new york city randomly on halloween 2018 and we exchanged numbers but i lost my phone