1. echoandtophat

    hello there !!!Photos 

    we are two travelers from so cal we are currently stuck in port wentworth ga trying to get to waynesboro virginia by august we are friendly peaceful people my husband and i are both flow artists i spin poi and he spins rope dart i also wire wrap and can wrap anything you would like were smart...
  2. JozieHighroller

    Headed from Minneapolis to Dallas, need fly spots/places to jug!

    My wife and I are trying to make it to Dallas by Monday by the skin of our teeth and were just wondering if anyone had advice on solid spot down the I35 or any other bits of advice, thanks!
  3. Wesley

    Hello Beautiful Beings :)

    So I'm not really new to this site, however; I've never formally introduced myself. I'm Wesley, dirty kidd to the core, currently rubber tramping with my best friend Christine, and our two pups, Karma and Sailor Moon. We're currently in Chattanooga trying to sell a Pathfinder. So our whole kick...
  4. Van Mads

    How to get to Slab City during the heart of Summer

    I'll explain my situation. I don't have vehicle. I don't have anyone to rely on for transportation. I have funds; enough to at least buy bus and train tickets to get near the Salton Sea and for necessary supplies to last awhile. I want to get to get to Slab City and set up before the fall...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    Since we're all going to the same destination, I figured it would be a good idea to put all the ride share / road dog requests for the jamboree here in this one thread for easy reference. Make sure to post where you're coming from, your mode of transportation, where you're headed afterwards...