1. Desert

    Ride Offered PHL too PDX ASAP

    What up y'all. Temporarily splitting off from my road dogs and am headed towards Portland from Philly. Got a few extra spots in my ride. Looking for folks who are down to jug, drive, and do what we need to to get there as fast as possible. Preferably other anarchists/anti-authoritarians and...
  2. strangeflora

    Seeking Ride Need ride from Florida to Rainbow Gathering

    Hiii I am on the Space Coast tryna make it home to the woods. Hoping if anyone with extra space & coming up through Brevard Country could help a sister out to get to Nationals!!
  3. DaleTomasch

    Need a ride to hunstville alabama asap

    Hello everybody this is my first time using something like this. But im a bit down on my luck and am trying to get back to huntsville alabama. I dont have much to offer you in exchange except some company and laughs. I literally have 15 dollars to my name. God bless and please get back to me...
  4. Darby Howard

    Seeking Ride Austin Texas to Helena Montana

    Departing from: Austin Texas Destination: Helena Montana Date range: just one way About me: I'm 20, I love music, I'm having a hard time with financial problems so a friend is letting me stay in montana so i can get a job and save up to get a RV. I can pitch in on gas money, i can buy some...
  5. R

    Seeking Ride Tucson, AZ to NOLA?

    I'm also looking at possibilities of meeting people in New Orleans within the next month. I have a place to rest for a bit now, but if you are coming through this area on your way there: hit me up!
  6. findfoot

    Seeking Ride HELP: Bay Area to LA 11/18

    Hello. This Foot here. I'm flying out of LAX TODAY (to see my baby sister who is turning 2). I NEED A RIDE TODAY ASAP FROM SANTA CRUZ/BAY AREA TO LA I've got gas pitch. Trying to be responsible and find a ride but might end up hitching. NEED YOUR HELP ROAD FAM. Help me find a ride south
  7. echoandtophat

    Seeking Ride In bristol tn trying to get to denver for my hubbys b day

    Been in bristol about a week been told wed be arrested for flying our signs (which say i love you and smile youre awesome) been trying to hitch with no luck tried the craigslist supposed to get a ride to st louis tomorrow but theyre not responding to our texts if anyway could just get us out of...
  8. ToadStuff

    Seeking Ride Anywhere South of Portland

    Hello, I'm headed South to California trying to get outta the rain and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can give me a ride outta Portland/Vancouver..
  9. Yerxes

    Seeking Ride NOLA to Total Solar Eclipse area

    Hey! My Girlfriend and I are hoping to see the eclipse in full, but are lacking in means of transportation. If anybody is leaving Nola to go see it, we be happy to pitch in some cash and bud!
  10. echoandtophat

    Seeking Ride got stuck in ga any ride is much appreciated

    my husband and i got stuck in port wentworth GA our goal is to get to Waynesboro Virginia by august any ride on the i95 is greatly appreciated we dont have gas money but i have foodstamps and can supply food i can also give you a wire wrap for your help we are a 15 minute drive from Hardeeville...
  11. echoandtophat

    Photos hello there !!!

    we are two travelers from so cal we are currently stuck in port wentworth ga trying to get to waynesboro virginia by august we are friendly peaceful people my husband and i are both flow artists i spin poi and he spins rope dart i also wire wrap and can wrap anything you would like were smart...
  12. JozieHighroller

    Headed from Minneapolis to Dallas, need fly spots/places to jug!

    My wife and I are trying to make it to Dallas by Monday by the skin of our teeth and were just wondering if anyone had advice on solid spot down the I35 or any other bits of advice, thanks!
  13. Kaila

    Seeking Ride Saskatchewan to Toronto for July 22/23rd

    Looking to get to Toronto for a minute and for the Dropkick/Rancid show on the 29th. I can meet you anywhere in SW Sask (Swift, Moose Jaw or Regina). My buddy has an extra ticket if you wanna sort that out with her. I can offer funny commentary, anecdotes and a few uke tunes. Possibly pitch for gas.
  14. SuneeShines

    Seeking Ride Rainbow Gathering Oregon

    Me and my close brother are coming out of White Salmon taking the 84 to Biggs junction and then south east towards John Day. For the Annual Rainbow Gathering. Or as far as you're going. We're friendly and very open conservationists. Send some Love our way. From Sunee Shines and Brad. Message me...
  15. JCooper

    Seeking Ride North AR to KCMO

    I'm taking my van down to BTS in Lead Hill, AR and will need a ride back to KCMO this week. It'll be later evening, but I can throw down for gas and toss in a six pack. Also gonna need a couch when I get back as I currently live in the van...hard to do when it's 4 hrs away! Peace!
  16. Laura

    Seeking Ride Need a ride from Utah to Los Angeles

    Hello, My name is Laura and I am 22 years old and seeking a ride from Salt Lake City Utah to Los Angeles. I have a couple suitcases of stuff and a small kitten (who would stay in her carrier, she loves traveling) Let me know if you'd be able to help
  17. Biz Chronta

    Seeking Ride Chimney mason moving to CO for work *ride needed

    Hello, Due to some recent life changes I am moving to Colorado for work. I need to be out there ASAP. Looking for someone headed that way willing to split gas and drive out there in a day or two. I smoke but am willing to do so at rest areas. I like good music and convo but am fine with reading...
  18. Wesley

    Hello Beautiful Beings :)

    So I'm not really new to this site, however; I've never formally introduced myself. I'm Wesley, dirty kidd to the core, currently rubber tramping with my best friend Christine, and our two pups, Karma and Sailor Moon. We're currently in Chattanooga trying to sell a Pathfinder. So our whole kick...
  19. G

    How to ride share my way across America?

    Hi, I traveled by my own car and the Greyhound (the horror, the horror). I was wondering how to use rideshare sites like Squat the Planet and Craiglist to get across the vast country?
  20. foxcommathe

    Seeking Ride Asheville, NC to Delaware/Philly

    Hey! Me and my backpack need to be in Delaware ASAP. Currently in Asheville, NC. Very small budget but offer amazing conversation!!! :) :) Also play a mean kazoo. ;)