1. Benji91

    Just dropped a new track, sludgy grooves from Oz

    Yo, my band Whiskey & Speed just dropped our first new track in years. Sweetness. I'm really goddamn proud of this one and how it turned out. It's the first track of our upcoming EP "Better Than Expected". A little less punk, a little more grunge. I guess? Idk, I'm stoked on it. Check it out if...
  2. D

    Photos Uluru aka Ayers Rock from the air

    Repost due to my old account carking it and not displaying any of my old threads. Pics from ground level will be in another thread soon. Hope you enjoy
  3. D

    News & Blogs Wothahellizat? Australia's largest 6x6 RV

    Thought this would be interesting to everybody here. Rob Gray (a fellow aussie) a nature photographer, grey nomad, and also the owner/builder of WOTHEHELLIZAT (Australias largest offroad motorhome) Wothehellizat mk1...
  4. Smudge

    Featured Masterpost on UTIs and Yeast Infections

    Hey folks! If you're reading this you probably know that having a vagina makes you vulnerable to some diseases and other issues that people without them don't have to deal with. I'm going to go through the two most annoying and teach you how to deal with and cure them. 1. Urinary Tract...
  5. Smudge

    Van lesbian seeking adventure

    Hey mob, I'm gonna be travelling around Australia for a few years, I'm in coffs staying with family for a few weeks until my van gets fixed but after that throw me a line and I'll make you a curry and read your tarot. :)
  6. Benji91

    Photos Featured Up and Down the Coast (Good Time With Good Mates)

    I love sharing photos, and there is never much going on in the Oceania section of StP so I thought I'd share some more! Ended up going up and down the East Coast of Australia (between Brisbane and Sydney) a couple of weeks back. The main aim was catching up with mates and sorting our some visa...
  7. Benji91

    Event Better Than Expected (One last time with feeling - BNE, AU)

    Another punk show Down Under, if anyone's around Brissy. My band is calling it a day after almost a decade, we're kickin' at as we should and partying at a rad little DIY space called Common House with some of our favourite locals. This band has been a massive part of my life and it's a bit...
  8. Benji91

    Photos Mountain Paradise

    A couple of weeks ago I headed up to Mt. Glorious with a mate and our furry bud. We've been up there exploring a hell of a lot of times and found some great spots, but this was the best. Our general plan is to find somewhere to park where the scrub isn't too thick and the drop isn't too steep...
  9. Benji91

    Event Pig City Folk Punk at Sabo - Feb 11 (BNE, AU)

    To anyone else out there in Brisbane, Australia... My rad little crew Pig City Folk Punk are getting out of the parks and into the pub - a few of us are taking over Sabotage in Fortitude Valley on Sunday Feb 11 from 3:30pm. Entry is free, beers aren't crazy pricey and the music'll be good...
  10. D

    IM DOING IT!!! On my way to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs!!!

  11. Benji91

    Photos The nights that count

    Over the past year or two a like minded mate and I have have seemingly (accidentally) created a little scene within a scene here in Pig City (Brisbane, Australia). After a few two many drinks and billies the other night (pic below) we got talking and realised the beautiful group of people we'd...
  12. Benji91

    Video Pig City Folk Punk - July 1st 2017

    Me and a mate decided to try and start a little folk punk collective in Brisbane, Australia. It's mainly drinking, sharing songs and jamming (on originals and covers)....essentially we get park drunk in this shitty town with acoustic guitars and noise happens. The vid is on my shitty go-pro...
  13. Benji91

    Byron Bay/Northern Rivers

    Any of you lovely creature from or around the Northern Rivers in NSW? I need a quick little escape from homebase in Brisbane and am thinking of heading down for a few days soon (maybe next week 13th-16th July). Either camping, or given the weather, finding a cheap hostel and just vegging out...
  14. Benji91

    Pig City Folk Punk

    Yo, Meet up for Pig City Folk Punk (Brisbane, Australia) happening on July 1 at People's Park in West End. We'll be jammin' from around 2pm! Bring acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, drums, booze (FYR - the law is always murky with drinking in parks/where you can drink in public - so know...
  15. Koala

    Photos Hitchventures & East coast exploring

    Here's some photos from the hitching trips I've done over the past few months, and some photos from a bush walk I did when I met up with @Benji91 :) they're all from the coast between Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane, to just north of Brisbane. The old rail tunnel is in Dularcha National Park.
  16. Benji91

    Event Crusty Park Jams! (BNE, AU)

    While I'm yet to find any others on here from or travelling thorough Brisbane, Australia I thought I'd share this regardless (just in case!). This Friday (14/04) is a public holiday, so me and my mate Chris (from rad folk punk act Hang) think that calls for acoustic crusty park jams! Come...
  17. Benji91

    Well we're not here to fuck spiders, mate.

    Hearing about some fellow Aussie's holidaying in America using that phrase to fuck with locals have me a good giggle (hey, it's a national pastime to take the piss out of ourselves and see what we can get away with saying!). It reminded me of this photo, just to confirm cliches. Had this...
  18. Benji91

    Photos On the other side of the fence - Brisbane, AU.

    Just going through some old photos and found some from around my city - Brisbane, Australia - that I thought I'd share. Most of these were just being on the "wrong" side of a council fence or up in old buildings. Forgive the shitty filters, these are all from a couple of years ago and I was...
  19. Koala

    Event Such Is Life DIY Festival - Melbourne, AUS

    I found out about this festie kind of last minute, it's in the bush a few hours outside of Melbourne and I'll be heading over with some friends tomorrow! It's the last year it'll be put on so figured I'd better check it out. It's a camping festie and something like $40 to go for the whole...
  20. Benji91

    Photos Hell Tunnel and Sunshine Coast Exploring

    Just a few things I've stumbled upon on wandering around the back end of the Sunshine Coast (Qld, Australia). Started on an old trail, closer to suburbia than it looks Wandering through the scrub... Stumbled on an old rail tunnel, did a bit of research - it was built in the 1890's and been...
  21. Benji91

    Photos Exploring Mt Tibrogargan

    Just thought I'd share a few photos from my wanderings around Mt Tibrogargan (Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia) back around 2014 with my mate Peta and her pup Aura. It's a gorgeous place - a lot of disused 4x4 tracks, plenty of wildlife (birds, kangeroos, snakes etc) and some fairly...
  22. Benji91

    G'day all! ;)

    Hey lovely people, I'm Benji. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia - moved up north to Brisbane when I was a teenager. I love travelling more than most things in life, I've seen a lot of Oz and a fair bit of the world (USA, UK, Thailand, Tanzania, Malaysia, Netherlands...wherever there's a...
  23. Benji91


  24. Koala

    Featured Photos 5 months in the land down under

    In July 2016, I set off to Melbourne, Australia to study at one of the uni's there for a semester. And man, lemme tell you, it's been one heck of a ride. I was a little bit bummed out that I'd be stationary in Melbourne studying for most of my time there, but I had a pretty small course load and...
  25. Koala

    Photos Featured Hitchhiking the Great Ocean Road

    3 days and 1000 kilometers What's up my dudes, so me and @Caro here from StP have been unknowingly co-occupying Melbourne. We met up at Lentils the other day and it didn't take us more than a brief introduction to decide to hitchhike the Great Ocean Road together. By the time we had finished...
  26. Koala

    Photos Featured Croajingolong Nat'l Park in Australia

    So this weekend I joined a group to go beach camping and exploring up north a bit from Melbourne. Croajingolong Nat'l Park is just about halfway between Melbourne and Sydney (about 6 hours drive from each) aka literally in the middle of nowhere. We set up on the beach, started a fire and broke...
  27. D

    Photos Wallaby in my backyard

  28. Koala

    Photos Yarra Ranges National Park in Australia

    Hey y'all, so I've been in the land down under for about a week now! Yesterday I went out into the mountains, a few hours outside of Melbourne, to Yarra Ranges National Park with another StP member, @Aussie Timm ! The rainforest! The cars around here have bull bars in case a kangaroo...
  29. Matt Derrick

    Video One Man One Bike One World (website)

    If you're looking for some inspiration for crazy bike adventures, checkout this website: he's also got an hour long movie on vimeo:
  30. D

    Photos Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia!

  31. D

    Little red toyota panelvan