1. MentalDisaster85

    Modern day nomad looking to jump some trains.

    I'm 34, just don't care about being responsible anymore. As far as I'm concerned I'm not too old go on crazy vacations. I have traveled many a mile of track on Union Pacific and BNSF. I've done freight riding in the snow, during winter through mountains and the mid West. I've done train trips...
  2. ThatBitch

    19 y/o artist in search of freedom

    hello! i have never gone camping, killed and prepared an animal, backpacked, hitchhiked, or traveled outside of the US. but i am painfully tired of this society and i'm ready to take the plunge and reconnect with the earth in the way our ancestors once did. return to our roots with me :) looking...
  3. Valdice

    Nomad of Ohio

    Where to begin? I'm an immature, but kind person. I have difficulty owning up to my mistakes, and I don't deal with stress as well as others. I've never been able to hold a job for more than 3 months, and my anxiety attacks make me feel like I just got done running 3 miles. I'm hoping that I...
  4. stonedagain

    just a zen punk looking to meet new and interesting people

    hey everyone, I'm Zach (short for Zachariah). I'm just gonna copy some of this from my profile that I just wrote.. so I've lived in this tiny rural town in Wisconsin (population of about 400) all my life and am planning to finally leave in the spring or summer. I visited and stayed with my pen...
  5. shea

    This reckless spirit of mine

    I want to dive head first into the volcano that is my fucked up head. Im on the 2 months work 2 months play life style. I think im addicted to it. Part of me wants to be a contributing, decent member of society, but eventually greed takes control. My desire for freedom consumes me. I can blame...
  6. Rebeccah

    Not My First Rodeo!

    Hi, my name is Becky! I am 23 years old, and I've been traveling since I was 19. (: I am currently stuck in Las Vegas, NV but we're trying to get to Madison, WI where we would be off the streets! Feel free to ask any questions you like, I will answer honestly and sincerely. (:
  7. BuiltForComfortNotSpeed

    New Here and Ready to Go. Any Takers?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in NW Ohio and leaving within the next two weeks. Don't know where I'm going yet so I'm up for ideas for a warmer area and prefer being able to work. My ultimate goal would be to get back to rubber tramping. I don't have a vehicle since I haven't needed one in the...