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  1. Stacyrobby2316

    Looking for people to travel with. Calling all dirty kids

    In looking for a road dog in Nv. Any kids close by hit me up please
  2. franchicky

    News & Blogs Man walks for kids with AIDS, Says he was inspired by Forrest Gump

    This is an article from 1996 I randomly came across today. Walking a long journey has been something I've wanted to do for years. This is old new, but the way this guy says "if a 43-year-old guy who's out of shape, a smoker and 20 pounds overweight can do it, then damn it, anyone can" made me...
  3. snailormoon

    Ogden homebum stabbed two train riding kids

    https://www.abc4.com/news/ogden-man-charged-with-murder-in-fatal-stabbing-in-riverdale/?fbclid=IwAR3gzdoekevX2xvP7gdOMkYamDlZxNUlH-Ame74jTw8Kb05B9dRjv3udbUA Long story short, shit is cray in Ogden. A homebum stabbed two train riders...one kid died and the other was gravely injured with multiple...
  4. D

    So, what ya'll think about having kids?

    I want kids. I know some of you are fathers, mothers? I'm part of a social scene that in general-discourages breeding, and I've heard the same ideological rhetoric about it for years from most of my friends, and ideologically speaking, I usually agree. But sometime's I wonder if living your...
  5. Amoebamoeba

    Rubber tramping with my 8yr old

    Hey guys! I’m new to this site, but not new to traveling. I am going to take my 8 year old son on the road pretty soon. I haven’t done too much traveling with him other than short road trips and airplane flights... we are about to head out this summer going from the southwest to the Pacific...
  6. rando

    Howdy Kids! Happy New Year!

    Lurked on StP for quite a while before making an account but when I got tired of not being able to access parts of the site I decided I have nothing to lose! Throughout my late teens and now my early twenties I've hitchhiked through nearly every state in the lower 48. The traveling bug has...
  7. Benji91

    So, some kids are making a documentary about our band

    So, my silly little band had a good run - solid gigging from 2009 to earlier this year. We played a mix of grunge, punk and whatever else we were feeling on the day...was all for a laugh, some fun and a some personal therapy for the lot of us. We announced our final show and had some university...
  8. nobrains

    Dirty kids are basically Pokemon trainers

    PKMN trainer RED wants to FUCK YOU UP!! They leave home to travel around training crazy animals and sometimes fight each other. Their animals don't listen. They rely on people giving them money as a prize. They spend all their dollars on potions and strange trinkets. They run away from/fight...
  9. crowboy

    To the two guitar playing punk kids in VT, you left your backpack on my porch.

    Not sure if this is the right place for posts like this, but last night in Vermont two punk kids left a backpack on my porch. No names, but you probably know who you are. If the owner/s of the backpack want to step forward we can meet in a neutral location. Do not come to the house, the...
  10. Kerri K

    Thinking of moving to slab city with our kids

    So our family lost everything... Any advice for traveling with kids? We hope to try Slab City, yes we know most say it isn't suitable for kids but we don't have many options. TIA
  11. P

    Kids , Tramps , Misfits , Vagabonds

    Here is the deal I see allot of post about dirty kids ? Im myself not a dirty kid but a hopper/tramper with a notorious but quiet group . With this said I know personly of 2-5 friends I have are members here that read allot . I was asked last night by my boy is that just a dirty kid site ...
  12. paiche

    I'm new here, Howdy, hey, hola, greetings from Maine

    I was searching online for places for my good friend to hit up and I stumbled on this place. I'm a little shy with online community but I'm giving this a try cuz it looks so kewl and there is so much great info on here. Way to go Matt creator man! Anyway my buddy is walking across the country...
  13. Shwhiskey Gumimaci

    In Cleveland, looking for travelers and kids

    Me and my road dog are currently in Cleveland Ohio trying to find travelers and other kids for information on the best way to leave. Heading south towards Austin Texas. Any areas we should look or suggestions on leaving? Hitching or hopping it doesn't matter. Let me know.
  14. alonzo

    Hey cool kids

    Great site. Just wanted to say whats up.
  15. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Raw portraits of the transient kids who travel america’s trains

    so some of these pictures folks on here might have seen before, but there's some new ones, so i figured it was still worth sharing. http://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/raw-portraits-of-the-transient-kids-who-travel-americas-trains?utm_source=vicefbus raw portraits of the transient kids who...
  16. bystander

    News & Blogs Hopping Freight Trains With the Dirty Kids

    Link: https://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/03/08/emily-kask-hopping-freight-trains/?_r=0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit Emily Kask Hopping Freight Trains With the Dirty...
  17. BobbinGoblin

    Photos Ever Travel With Kids?

    By kids, I mean children. We have a 2.5year old and a 4.5month old... have been settled for a while and have acquired many other beings to take care of including goats, chickens, dogs, and a cat. We love our homestead, projects, and being mostly self-reliant, but feel trapped. The most...
  18. Frodo

    Anyone else remember the kids' picture book "freight trains" by donald crews?

    Looking at random freight train stuff, and ran across this childrens book which looked oddly familiar. looked at some inside pages, and nostalgia hit me across the face like a heavy bag a wet dicks. totally forgot it existed, but remember it being a childhood favourite. here is some pics that...
  19. Natalie Catherine

    NO FIXED ADDRESS: A dark comedy web-series about crusty kids

    If you ever told me that my time spend living under bridges, hopping freight and criss-crossing the continent would directly lead me to a career in writing and filmmaking I (likely) wouldn't have believed you, but here we are... NO FIXED ADDRESS is a new dark comedy web-series that follows a...
  20. creature

    News & Blogs once in a while something really good happens... kids reading to shelter dogs

    http://mashable.com/2016/02/25/kids-read-shelter-dogs/ <edit - added text - wanted to add there's an adorable vid at the link, Tude> The Humane Society of Missouri is rolling out a new program, which not only acquaints shy dogs with friendly humans, but also helps young kids with their reading...