1. OriginalAlaskan

    Alaskan just North of FoCo

    What's going on Ramblers, Gamblers and Nomadic Squatters alike. Found this whilst looking for an alternative to locking myself into my topper while boondocking. Been camping, traveling, fixing, adding and as of this year hitting up the Rambler 500 and Gambler 500 shoulda been the Gambler 250...
  2. Blackbirds

    Boondocking in the Sapphire Mountains

    Hello! My boyfriend and I are currently camping in the Sapphire Mountains outside Missoula, Montana. We pull noxious weeds, install native plants, build raised beds, retaining walls and fences or whatever people will pay us to do if we can do it- wallpapering ceilings to washing a months worth...
  3. freegander

    solar panels: where to buy

    So I'm in the market for a cheap 100W solar panel to put aboard my van. i've been looking at the Renogy kits, which are around $160 for 100W mono. then i found this cheap 100W semi-bendable panel with a 10a charge controller for $120...