1. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    frozen doors

    tips, tricks, advice for preventing vehicle doors from freezing and/or successfully opening once they've frozen, please? (in particular, sliding doors)
  2. existnchill

    What's the best van for offroading? Needs to fit a bed

    I'm going to be selling my sedan to get a van or truck! I'm going to start with camping and make the transition into van life. Currently, I'm looking for a 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, with automatic transmission*. Needs to be able to handle (mild) offroading in the desert. >* (Edit: These are...
  3. Matt Derrick

    Any mechanics out there? Looking for some advice on this van!

    Hey folks! Some of you know I've been in the market for a short bus, but due to lack of reasonably-priced options, I'm also considering doing a custom camper van; either a cargo or passenger van (post 2002 GMC savanah or Chevy express preferred) and completely gutting the insides to do a custom...
  4. Matt Derrick

    Lofoten by Campervan: Watching the Northern Lights on Haukland BeachNews & Blogs 

    Lofoten by Campervan: Watching the Northern Lights on Haukland Beach NOVEMBER 28, 2018 BY MIKE I glanced out the van window and noticed a faint green coloured mist in the sky. So I took a walk with my camera and came back 3 hours later with these photos… In this post I’ll share with you my...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Home Made Camper Van Build - Start to Finish DIYVideo 

    Link: A pretty extensive video showing how this guy built out his G20 van into a livable camper van. Some good stuff here if you're looking to create some basic amenities in your van.
  6. Smudge

    Van lesbian seeking adventure

    Hey mob, I'm gonna be travelling around Australia for a few years, I'm in coffs staying with family for a few weeks until my van gets fixed but after that throw me a line and I'll make you a curry and read your tarot. :)
  7. B

    freaking the fuck out

    I'm new to the site but been reading some of the stuff on here to help me out. So I'm married but my husband just randomly up n leaves me says he goin to get ciggs n be right back. Well he never came back n doesn't have a phone so I can't find him anywhere. As Im not already freaking out about...
  8. tobepxt

    Getting my van back on the road after two years.Video 

    Im going to post updates from my attempt to get my van back on the road after sticking around in tennessee for a couple years while trying to straighten out address stuff and working a shit job. ill try to do videos for each update and possibly some photographs as well. [update 1] (last week)...
  9. anyiki

    Van roof top storage ??

    Seeking advice about the best roof top storage options for van livin ! (ford e150 early 2000s) looking for something or a system to store bulkier tool and equipment type stuff in a waterproof / secure / somewhat aerodynamic / relatively easily accessible thingy to attach to a roof rack or other...
  10. germanbini

    New Jersey illegal van search caught on tapeVideo 

    So this guy (unsure if a van dweller or just owns a van) is eating at a restaurant in New Jersey, when he notices someone rummaging around inside of the hatch of his van. Turns out it was a plainclothes policeman who was searching the vehicle without a warrant! :mad: Here is a link to the...
  11. Will Wood

    Found a great deal..

    Have you found a good deal on kit, or have a good link for finding the stuff we can use?? I'll start. I found a down sleeping bag for 20 bucks, and a Kelty Yukon backpack for 10 bucks. The backpack is a bit small at 48 liters, but I'm going to make it work.. I'd upload pics, but the camera...
  12. VanScribed Goat

    Moving up or changing plans? Sell me your van!

    I'm not sure if this is allowed...couldn't find a rule on "asking for tips on finding a van" ;D I'm in Texas and not having much luck acquiring my new home on wheels. I'd love something converted already with a 6 cylinder engine (or that pretty 5 in a Eurovan if I get lucky price wise). I'd...
  13. meatcomputer

    Farther down the road to getting on the road. (quick update and some questions)

    Crazy past year and a half. After coming back to the states after wandering around in Spain for a while. I landed a very low stakes high paying parttime job programming for a company of ethical ambiguity. I only worked two days a week but it was still soul sucking in many ways. My plan was to...
  14. Matt Derrick

    Couple Transforms Old Campervan Into Cozy Home on WheelsVideo 

    Another good video from the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel, check em out, lots of good stuff there. This video is a tour of a couple's van and how they converted it from scratch, so basically more vandweller porn to drool over if you're looking for ideas to convert your vehicle.
  15. D

    Anybody going threw louisiana wanna grab a van?

    Figured id try getting this more attention with its own thread. I have a van here in hammond that would be awesome to smash for a demo derby for the jambo. Only problem is i have no way to move it. I'm willing to pay gas money and buy whatever hitch equipment is needed to get it out there. If...
  16. Matt Derrick

    A tour of TheRoadAbode's VanVideo 

    I thought this was a pretty good video tour of a really nice van. Definitely gives me that van dwelling itch :)
  17. MormonWanders

    Finally got a Van!

    About a week ago I bought a 1985 Chevy G20 Tahoe on Craigslist for about 1600. It's got 113k on the odometer, but the engine and tranny only has 15k, not in the best condition otherwise, but I bought something that needs work so I can gain the mechanical experience. Things I need to fix are...
  18. BigChase

    Another week of work.......

    Yuck. Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, cause nobody's gonna fix my van up for free, thats why. Fuck. I figure by fall or next spring I should be all set. I wanna travel without having to worry about shit. So That means getting the van tip top and getting stupid things like insurance and cell...
  19. BuiltForComfortNotSpeed

    New Here and Ready to Go. Any Takers?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in NW Ohio and leaving within the next two weeks. Don't know where I'm going yet so I'm up for ideas for a warmer area and prefer being able to work. My ultimate goal would be to get back to rubber tramping. I don't have a vehicle since I haven't needed one in the...
  20. Matt Derrick

    Having a Shower in Your VanNews & Blogs 

    i decided to repost this since it might be useful to some folks. if you've never heard of cheaprvliving check out his blog, he posts useful stuff like this all the time. Having a Shower in Your Van Posted on October 28, 2015 by Bob...