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  1. khonjin

    C-PAP in a van?

    I have severe sleep apnea and want to live out of a van. Is there any relatively cheap solution to using a C-PAP machine in a van that doesn't involve draining my gas/battery or am I screwed?
  2. Jerrell

    Van Rear A/C Removal

    I'm working on a build. It's a '97 Ford Club Wagon van. We've run into an issue capping the rear A/C lines under the van. I don't know how to pull the ends off the to cap them. Any advice would be much appreciated. I can pull of the brackets that look like they're keeping the line ends...
  3. Matt Derrick

    Photos Earl Grey, my 2010 Ford Transit Connect Van Conversion

    Hey everyone, while I haven't had time to make a video about the van build I've been working on for the past few months, I figured I could at least write about it here and share a few photos as I finish it over the next few months. I chose the 2010 Ford Transit connect on a bit of a whim; I...
  4. Cornellius Mcgillicuddy

    Photos Heading cross country in the old postal van

    I bought this 1999 GMC Utilimaster van at auction because the odometer said it only had 43K miles on a V8 diesel engine. On the initial drive, somewhere between Barstow and Reno the odometer stopped working.......I've had no engine trouble, but on occasion it'll blast out some white exhaust. I...
  5. Driveby

    Photos Cross country via Stuart the astro van

    First trip sense I got the van. South Florida to Oakland California. Freecampsites.net was my best friend. Tried to camp off grid in the woods/mountains every night, but if I was not looking for camp by like 6-7pm I'd usually say fug it get some drink an park it in front some apartments. No cops...
  6. ZoGeist

    farm jobs - down south or out west?

    hey folks ~ Does anyone know of any good farm spots to work at / park at in the southern states? Or out west? (Areas like Virginia, the carolinas, new orleans, texas, arizona, new mexico, colorado... Time frame is this upcoming November to March. Traveling by van. Temp work in exchange for van...
  7. Spazz

    Former Fed Ex van or Prius?

    So I'm waiting to see if I can get a part for my 1989 Honda Accord. I've lived out of it for three months and that kind of sucks. So I'm exploring two very different options, one of which is a 2008 Ford E150 that is a former Fed Ex van and the other is a 2004 Prius. I'm in SoHum and need to...
  8. RACC00NHands

    Van spots in Spokane?

    I’ve been living in my van for about 3 months, and got to Spokane about a week ago, planning to spend a couple months because I know a couple people up here and I got a job offer. I have never had a harder time finding spots than here. The Walmart’s don’t let you park, and there’s no BLM land...
  9. Gori

    Buying used van from postal services/police/schools/hospitals?

    Hey Guys, Ive been looking into vans and was wondering if any of you knew of good deals to buy used van/mini buses from services that dont need them anymore? I'm thinking postal services, police vans, ambulances, mini school buses etc. Have you ever heard of any everything-must-go type of sale...
  10. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    frozen doors

    tips, tricks, advice for preventing vehicle doors from freezing and/or successfully opening once they've frozen, please? (in particular, sliding doors)
  11. Zachswonderland

    Best ways to find a cheap van?

    Hey y'all, I'm trying to purchase a van to live out of, any chance yall could point me in a good direction to find cheap vans? I'm already aware of Craigslist and Facebook marketplace, but I'm looking for less mainstream options
  12. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Video How some older Americans are monetizing their Van Life

    With large parts of the economy still sputtering under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are having to scale back. But some older Americans were already living a minimalist lifestyle on the road -- and some of them have leveraged their nomadic approach into income. Economics...
  13. Seph Reed

    What to do with a built out van that will never run again?

    I'm in a serious emotional dilemma! I have a van-home that I love very, very dearly. It's been through a flood and the electrical started getting wonky, but it kept running. Then it got to the point where... it didn't have a chance. Now I'm moving. The best option I have so far is to sell it...
  14. Swimsushi

    supplies not to forget for van living

    Hey yall! I'm getting all my supplies ready for my van and I wrote a list. I'm wondering what are some little things people usually forget or might not come to mind until later that's needed/essential for van living. I almost forgot a can opener so I'd definitely love some input on other things...
  15. Tengu91

    Awesome MINI van conversion!

    I don't know either of these people, but this is a beautiful conversion! Plus I don't think I've ever seen this much thought put into a minivan before. Does anyone here have anything similar? I'd love to do something like this.
  16. D

    Queer freaks van escape!

    Hi there. I'm LovingKindness. I'm 21. A new friend and I are preparing to get a van/camper and head off to somewhere on the west coast. We're both trying to get away from unwelcoming or straight up abusive home situations. We're kind of figuring it out as we go, so anyone who can recount their...
  17. existnchill

    What's the best van for offroading? Needs to fit a bed

    I'm going to be selling my sedan to get a van or truck! I'm going to start with camping and make the transition into van life. Currently, I'm looking for a 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, with automatic transmission*. Needs to be able to handle (mild) offroading in the desert. >* (Edit: These are...
  18. lordnose

    Van build

    Yo, I'm building a van right now and thought if there was any interest I could share it with you guys. It's a beat up old Renault Master, and the plan is to travel Europe in once covid is done with. Part of my grand plan to ditch work and spend a while bumming around. I'd get right to effort...
  19. Crazy Hobo Johnny

    Living the Van Life a Cheaper Way to Travel by the Backwoodsman Magazine

    HI All! I read the magazine named; The Backwoodsman magazine I pick up at Sh*T Mart ( Walmart). The May/June 2020 Issue has an article called, Living the Van Life a Cheaper Way to Travel By Kristen Cooke. I am sure you have to subscribe online to read it. Otherwise, your local Walmart, Barnes...

    Rubber Tramp. Been creeping STP for years. Looking to build a van.

    In Colorado. Can be wherever. Just need to build this van. Crashing in a Chrysler 200. It's 17 degrees right now. Just really need a job to start this van build. Have money saved. Definitely trading this little ass car.
  21. Matt Derrick

    Any mechanics out there? Looking for some advice on this van!

    Hey folks! Some of you know I've been in the market for a short bus, but due to lack of reasonably-priced options, I'm also considering doing a custom camper van; either a cargo or passenger van (post 2002 GMC savanah or Chevy express preferred) and completely gutting the insides to do a custom...
  22. L

    88 dodge ram van, b250 power steering pressure line

    Does anyone know where to find 1988 dodge ram b250 power steering pressure line? Oreily, autozone, bumber to bumper, and other places dont carry? Has anyone had to use a generic line, or know how to jerry rig one, a hose shop will charge 100 dollars to make one because they know you cant find...
  23. Adventures in Vamping

    Mom and kid are holiday van dwellers.

    Hi there, I just wanted to introduce myself. I outfitted my minivan like a teensy motorhome with foldout sofabed, indoor/ outdoor cooking and storage. It's super stealthy and I've taken it on the road with my kiddo a couple of times for 2- 3 weeks at a time. It's been a fantastic way to holiday...
  24. Kentucky walker

    Converted van for sale San Diego

    So I have a friend who is coming out of van life and have a converted working can for sale in San Diego. If anyone is interested please hit me up. it's 3500$...
  25. L

    Van curtains

    Hey people, looking on advice on van curtains, iv got some print fabric and access to a sewing machine, when making printed curtains that are one sided, should the print be visible from the outside or inside, i was thinking outside. Fabric ls tiny ghosts its pretty cool.
  26. PatchTwist

    Chevy Astro Conversion Van

    So after my Odyssey, Goldmember, bit the dust a year ago, it has been a bumpy ride. But a week ago, I finally got something a bit better suited to me. 1996 Chevy Astro Starcraft. By far, the best and most comfortable vehicle I have driven and the interior has so much potential for modifying. It...
  27. Jerrell

    Photos Remodelling Inside My Van

    I finally got rid of the platform over lots of storage space in my van. I should have taken a pic if it before taking it out, but forgot. Here's where I am so far with the redesign of my home.
  28. Spazz

    Willem Van Spronsen's music

    Since Bandcamp took down Will's music, I thought some of you might appreciate this: http://syndicatetxz7cj5.onion/audiomanifesto.7z You need the Tor browser but they're all high quality Flacs. Here's a link to his daughter's reflections on his life and death, just in case you haven't already...
  29. Oddy

    Photos Van conversion before and after

    Today I found this old picture of my van when I first got it: And I just want to share because I'm so proud and in love with the little home I've created. It's a world away from the soulless shell it used to be.
  30. Coywolf

    Video Thinking of building a van similar to this.....

    I had to share this van tour. This guy has got it FIGURED OUT. I want to attempt something similar. Anyone care to comment on the pros and cons of some of this equipment and setup?
  31. D

    Spent almost a whole year living in a van

    Hi, my names Sophie im a 31 years old transgender woman (mtf) who recently traveled from Las Vegas NV to Oregon in a van over the course of a year. Now I'm in Salem Oregon and yes out of the van it was kinda weird to be driving all the time and having to drive immediately after waking. I began...
  32. MeterOYE

    2005 Astro cargo van. Work I did this month.

    Figured this might be useful to someone I’ve yet to really post it anywhere. This is the work I did this month on my 2005 Chevy Astro cargo van.
  33. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Lofoten by Campervan: Watching the Northern Lights on Haukland Beach

    Lofoten by Campervan: Watching the Northern Lights on Haukland Beach NOVEMBER 28, 2018 BY MIKE I glanced out the van window and noticed a faint green coloured mist in the sky. So I took a walk with my camera and came back 3 hours later with these photos… In this post I’ll share with you my...
  34. Rusty Nails

    Hey ya'll!...Trading my Jeep for a sweet van, and blowing this popsicle stick.

    Lived in my van in the oilfield when i was roughneckin North Dakota, for about 5 years. Residence in Montana on my days off. Time to explore Oregon coast/Nor Cal! Spearfisherman. Mountainbiker...looking forward to running into ya'll crazies.
  35. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Living in a Van Down by the Instagram

    Living in a Van Down by the Instagram By The Grouch February 12, 2018 It’s necessary above all to maintain the reign of the economy beyond the extinction of the wage system. This has to do with the fact that if there is less and less work, everything is all the more mediated by money, be it in...
  36. NotSoSchwillyWilly

    What are some relatively safe spots to stay the night in New Orleans? Whether a place to sleep in the van or free camping spots near the city

    I want to have a general idea of guaranteed spots we can stay, that aren't far from the safe spots of New Orleans.
  37. BigVanLittleFootprint

    Newbie from Malibu Ca, (Grumman Olsen build) big van little footprint

    Hey everyone I’m David. I just recently acquired a Grumman Olsen Step van. I’m looking to make it my tiny home on wheels. Currently I’m in Malibu Ca, where I’ll be working on the van as money permits. Look forward to meeting new people. Good vibes
  38. Matt Derrick

    Video Home Made Camper Van Build - Start to Finish DIY

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-F-h8zMcJE A pretty extensive video showing how this guy built out his G20 van into a livable camper van. Some good stuff here if you're looking to create some basic amenities in your van.
  39. Matt Derrick

    #03 - Andy Travels in a Van

    This week we'll be talking with Andy, a queer traveler about their experiences wandering around the USA living in a van. *************** -- Show Notes -- Here's the link to Andy's book mentioned in the show: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1544942192/ *************** Join the 1# online...
  40. Q

    Van = BORING .... Please Help!

    Hi I am reaching out for help from fellow travelers... When I was hitch hiking I always thought how cool it would be to travel in a van that I could sleep in. Now I have the van and am finding it’s pretty lame. Maybe it’s because I was stuffed in cars on stupid trips with my abusive relatives...
  41. snoot

    I am thinking of buying a van have a small car right now

    should I wait and buy the van in or around the slabs in ca. Where I live in arkansas people want them for hunting etc so they go for lots of money. Would I be better off to wait and drive my little car there or get the van here? I also am on disability and was wondering if any of you can let me...
  42. Zigali

    Found a job traveling in a van

    I have found a job traveling and living in a sprinter type van for as long as I want with a day or two off after each delivery and after every 4-8 weeks I can take time off to go home or do whatever. The company president said if I pass insurance requirements I have the job without a question! I...
  43. D

    Setting up a van to homebum instead of traveling

    Hello hello! I previously was a stp member but took time off from the internet, eventually i returned once a week to read articles, figured id give it another go, after time away i missed the hub bub of stp. Im not new to van life, i took a break last year after traveling the last few. Van...
  44. PinkLore

    Van, bus or trailer?

    Ive been thinking a lot about my next set of wheels. I used have a ford econoline (even had the business logo from the people I got if off of). It was a sweet van! But some things I want to do different... -be able to stand up. I'm not really into a topper idea, since I would like to be able to...
  45. Smudge

    Van lesbian seeking adventure

    Hey mob, I'm gonna be travelling around Australia for a few years, I'm in coffs staying with family for a few weeks until my van gets fixed but after that throw me a line and I'll make you a curry and read your tarot. :)
  46. Pervert Pirate

    Sailin the Land in Me Van

    A bit of a Pirate & Perv mixed together this single sailor be! Stems from me privateer nature and lust for the lovely winches who seek the adventurous sort like me. Not lookin fer the white cottage & picket fence nor the Polly Purebred's to settle down with. An anarchist pure and simple me...
  47. blu beard

    van camping in eugene

    we’ve been floating around Eugene and Oregon in general for the last few weeks but finally decided to stick around Eugene for a few weeks or months while I get a job (veggie cook by trade). we’ve found spots to sleep every night, some better than others, but none that felt safe, as in safe from...
  48. B

    freaking the fuck out

    I'm new to the site but been reading some of the stuff on here to help me out. So I'm married but my husband just randomly up n leaves me says he goin to get ciggs n be right back. Well he never came back n doesn't have a phone so I can't find him anywhere. As Im not already freaking out about...
  49. Billy Cougar White

    well, my life went to shit....Time to give van life a go

    The day after Valentines, my wife cheated on me in very malicious ways. So that ended our 6.5 year marriage. Now, unsure of what direction to take my life or what my plans are, I have decided it is time to do one of the ideas have always had....time to give van life a go. It will take me a few...